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Story start!

::Chaimune's POV::

The next day, I woke up like I usually would. Get up at six o'clock
sharp, take a quick bath, get dressed in my "battle" clothes, put on a
light blue "robe," slip on my boots, and headed out my door. Knowing Aria, she'd already gotten the Queen's permission and already on her horse. Not wasting a moment, I took the "back door" of the castle, which was through the kitchen. On the way, I got a few greetings and bows, which I happily returned; though having to do that every day was getting really annoying. I had gotten to the stables in no time, and just like predicted, Aria was already on her horse.

"It's about time you got here," Aria said with a teasing smile.

"Sorry. I don't get up earlier than six," I replied, "Lets hurry up and go. I'm already getting nervous just thinking about Harmonia." I hopped on my horse and we both headed out.

"Oh, chill out, Chai," assured Aria, "What's the worst that could happen?"

"We get caught by the Harmonian Knights, and possibly killed, and then the whole cycle starts again because Xena would destroy everything that got in her way?"

Aria gave her a look. "Be realistic, Chai."

"But I AM being realistic. It CAN happen, and you asked for the worst, so I gave it to you."

Aria sighed and shook her head. "Must you be so serious?"

"When it's dealing with our lives, yes, I will."

By the time it was eight, we had already arrived at the gates. Unfortunately, it looked like why weren't going to get passed unless they were deemed "safe" by the gate keepers. Good grief. This wasn't going to be easy. My identity could be easily figured out by my summoner's sword. I knew I shouldn't have participated in the Summoner's Tournament. I sighed to myself. Will they let us pass? I highly doubted it. As if they'll let Valkriyan Knights into Harmonian Borders. Well, besides the fact we actually got to the gates, I looked at the castle that could that could be seen over the towering walls. Were they thinking? I could easily summon Bahaumut and-

"Chai, quit daydreaming! Let's go!" Aria called, snapping me out of my thoughts. I quickly followed her past the guards, not bothering to ask how she had managed to let us pass through the gates. I was surprised by the...radiance of the place. Valkriya was beautiful, yes, but here in Harmonia, everything seemed to glow. Xena would disapprove of this, of course. She would say something like:

"It's like that old Legend*. There was a castle so beautiful and glorious. I won't bore you to death, so I'll just tell you the end. The castle was destoryed because of its beauty. I mean, what evil could resist ruining something so magnificent?"
I have to admit, she was right. If you really think about it, Harmonia was the same in some ways. But I don't think it will be destroyed...yet.

"Chai, look!" Aria whispered to me. She pointed forwards, and I saw the most magnificent looking staff. It was so tempting, but I shook my head to wash that thought away.

"We're here to buy Lexi (Nalexra) a present! Not shop!" I reminded her, whispering back. Aria's shoulders slumped as she frowned in disappointment.


I smiled in victory, and we rode around town. Aria was thinking of buying her a new black dress, and I tried to find Lexi a halberd. Or poleax as we called it in Valkriya. Unknown to us, we were being followed. And let me tell you now, I HATE the feeling of being followed.

-With Zidane, Bartz, and Tidus-

"So which one is it?" asked Zidane as he peeked at the girls again.

"The girl with the silvery-blue hair," answered Bartz, "Pretty, eh?"

Zidane nodded and smiled like an idiot.

"Yuna is going to be PRETTY mad," mumbled Tidus. Bartz looked at Tidus, confused.

"What do you mean, Tidus?" Bartz and Zidane asked at the same time, probably the two had the same confusion in their head.

"The girl we're supposed to...take, she's the summoner. The best summoner in all of Triterra (made up). Ya know the one that beat Yuna in the last Tournament?" answered Tidus. Bartz and Zidane nodded, though barely remembering that day.

"Ah! They're moving! C'mon guys!" exclaimed Zidane as he darted after the two girls.

-back to Aria and Chaimune and 3rd person-

"Uwaaaaah!" exclaimed Aria in awe, "I haven't seen so much staffs in so long! Woooooow!" Chaimune sighed at her friend, smiling even though they were supposed to leave minutes ago.

"Aria, we have to leave, it's sunset already. We already got what we needed, and monsters will appear soon if we don't hurry," Chaimune sighed, and Aria frowned.

"Okay Chai, I kinda don't wanna run into monsters on the way back either." agreed Aria, "Even though I like it here." They galloped back to the gates, which they had no problem leaving. The air was crisp as bread, and fragrant as a wild rose. The night was perfect...too perfect.

"Aria, I have a baaaad feeling," said Chaimune, looking around the empty fields that surrounded them. The only thing visible was the dirt path they rode on, and even that seemed to disappear in the distance.

"Then why do I get the feeling your not kidding this time?" answered Aria, looking around as well. That's when Chaimune heard breathing. Followed by a pant, then movement in the grass. Chaimune turned around, not exactly expecting to be behind her when she looked back. When she faced forward again, she could see the shadows move. She froze in fear.

"Aria..." she said in a shaking voice, "Please tell me you saw that."

"I least I think I did..." Aria answered. Within moments,Chaimune was bucked off by her own horse, which fled in the direction of the Kingdom. Aria had managed to stay on her horse, but it started heading to the Kingdom in a frightened gallop.

"Chaimune!" yelled Aria. She couldn't seem to get her robe from where it was snagged. Her horse never stopped, and that made Chaimune alone in the middle of the road.
Then the breathing came back, and then that's when Chaimune saw red glowing eyes in the distance. Night had come quickly. Chaimune's instincts kicked in and she drew out her sword, which was glowing blue. She closed her eyes, listening for the beast that was going to attack her. She heard were the sounds of a Devil Dog coming closer...and closer...Chaimune's eyes snapped back open and she yelled, "Bahaumut!" the winged monster appeared with a flash and Chaimune immediately hopped on him. They soared into the sky just as the Devil Dog pounced at them, missing them by a hair.

"Bahaumut!" Chaimune yelled again, and Bahaumut understood as it breathed fire in the direction of the Dog. It seemed to hit, and Bahaumut returned. Chaimune was freefalling for a moment before she yelled another summon.

"Ifrit!" the large beast was so large, only his upper half appeared as the rest was still in the summon circle. There happened to be another Dog, and Ifrit, using his large arms, swung it's arms at it and with no effort at all, it killed it. Chaimune had landed on Ifrit's shoulder, and then jumped to the ground again, panting. Ifrit returned to the summoned world, but Chaimune didn't notice a third Dog until it was too late. The wound wasn't fatal, but the Devil dog had managed to damage her side pretty darn good. She flew twenty feet, landing on her back with a thud. She struggled to stand up, but it was difficult to do so. The monster pounces again and Chaimune just lay there, unable to move from the pain that blossomed on her side. She felt herself slipping into unconsciousness. The last thing she saw was someone jumping in front of the monster, slaying it easily, and two blurry faces hovered over her, their voices muffled.

When Chaimune woke up, the sounds of birds and the warmth of sunshine
greeted her senses. She inhaled the air, expecting to smell the fresh scent of pine and the sounds of Xena yelling at the squires. But she didn't smell that. Instead, she smelled the scent of freshly made food, and the sounds of laughter. Her eyes snapped open and she shielded her eyes from the sun. The pain on her side wasn't as severe as she remembered. She scanned the room, knowing it wasn't her own room or the Castle infirmary. Well, the Valkriyan castle infirmary. The room was simple, holding only the bed which she currently resided, a mirror, a desk/table, and a window. Then it hit her. The people that saved her weren't Valkriyan, but Harmonian. Oh crap. Frantically, she opened the window, finding herself in a tower, not as tall as her own, but tall enough for a regular person to be scared. As the wind blew by, it seemed to calm her down a bit. She leaned out far enough to stick her head outside, enjoying the breeze while it lasted.

"Hey! You're up!" exclaimed a voice. She was startled by the sudden voice and almost fell out the window, until a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her back in. She recoiled from the touch.

When she faced the person who spoke, she was surprised by how young he was. He had blond, jaw-length hair, blue eyes and a...tail? Her heart was racing from fear, even though the guy looked easy-going and harmless.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said, "I just came to make sure you're okay." I relaxed the teeniest bit. He sighed.

"I hate to break it to you soon, but there are a lot of knights in this castle who want to kill you, and believe me when I say that. There are only two other people you can trust besides me," he told me. Great, that makes me feel so much better, she thought sarcastically. Since I recoiled back to the wall again, he took a careful step towards me. When he noticed she didn't move, then took another step. Still no bad signs. He walked carefully until he reached the bed, and then sat on it.

"What's your name?" he asked in a cheerful, yet gentle voice.

"...Chaimune..." Chaimune whispered quietly, curling into a ball.

"Chaimune, huh?" he repeated, "I like it. It suits you."

Chaimune blushed a light pink. "...What's yours...?"

"My name is Zidane." he smiled a bright smile and held out his hand, "Nice to meet you, Chaimune!" Slowly, she took his hand and shook it lightly.

"…N-nice to meet you too…Zidane…" she replied. For some reason, she didn't let go of his hand, and it wasn't like he didn't mind. He let their intertwined hands rest on the bed, and let the conversation go into a comfortable silence. Then the door burst open, and for the second time that day, Chaimune recoiled into the "bed corner" in surprise and fear. Zidane had also jumped up from the bed, letting go of her hand when the door was burst open as well. That's when a boy with brown hair and pale blue-ish, purple-ish armor came in. He wore a circlet as well. And behind him was a boy with golden blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and a bright smile.

"Getting friendly, Zidane?" teased the brown-haired boy, ruffling Zidane's hair as he relaxed.

"Shut up, Bartz," Zidane replied, "You would be doing the same thing!"

"Now, now, don't fight. You'll scare her." said the golden haired boy. Zidane shut up and Bartz had an amused look on his face.

"Getting defensive, are we?" teased Bartz again and Zidane reached for something to hit him with. The golden haired boy got in between Zidane and Bartz, putting a hand on their chests to stop them from getting violent with one another.

"Guys, I'm serious. Stop. She's shaking like a leaf." he said. And he was right. Zidane had looked at Chaimune, and she was visibly shaking, hiding her face in her hands as she curled into a ball again. Zidane seemed to forget about Bartz and Tidus as he quickly made his way to Chaimune, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey…" he said, shaking her lightly, "Chai…it's okay." She looked up from her hands and stopped shaking. Her eyes went from Zidane to Bartz to the still unnamed golden-haired boy. She relaxed and so did Zidane, who had got up to join his friends.

"Before I kill him, this is Bartz," said Zidane, pointing to Bartz, who waved at her, "and this is Tidus."

"Nice to meet you…Chai was it?" asked Tidus and Chaimune shook her head.

"Chaimune…" she answered quietly. She placed a hand on where her sword usually was, but was scared to find the sword and the sheath missing. She froze as her eyes widened, and Tidus seemed to get the message.

"Um…yeah…Since you were from the Valkriyan Kingdom and all…we had to take away your weapon…" said Tidus sheepishly. If it was possible at that moment, her eyes widened even more.

"You did WHAT?" Chaimune screeched, and that made the three Harmonians jump. Chaimune leapt from the bed and then closed her eyes. It had always been like this, if Chaimune's weapon was every lost, she could easily find it by the glow it emitted. Call it magic or psychic powers but it was something Chaimune could always do. When she searched the whole castle, she had found it. But other soldiers were playing with it. No, not like swinging it, like they were testing it out. They were playing around with it like it was a toy. A replaceable toy. The heat of anger surged through Chaimune's veins, and in an instant, she bolted past Zidane, Bartz and Tidus, heading to where her sword was, hoping it hadn't been broken by the fools who were playing with it.

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