Summary: This is my enturpritation of what happends after the opening of La Ratatouille ( the restaurant that Remmy, Linguini, and Colette opened with Anton Ego).

Note: All right, this is my first time doing this so please write a review. Also this is kind of a choose your own ending story so please give me some ideas, should some one die (maby a main character or secondary character?) Thanks in advance

La Ratatouille had only been open for two weeks and Anton Ego had all ready came to dinner every night. And every night he had ordered La Ratatouille's 'Special Order', and as always he had memories from when he was a child and when his mother would make it for him. Anton had seen ex-chef Skinner spying on the restaurant multiple times still trying to find flaws to tell the health inspector. After dinner Anton decided he would have desert and wait till everyone had left so he could go talk to Remmy, Linguini, and Colette. When he got there the dinner rush was over and Anton said "Hello Remmy, Linguini, and Colette, I must say dinner tonight was exceptional!" Anton received a simultaneous "Thank you." from all the cooks.

"We should get some more security around here, I have seen Skinner three times this week." said Anton.

"I will get on it, I could get some of the ripped rates to do security around here." said Remmy

"I'd rather we hire a professional so we don't get the health inspectors stirring" said Linguini

"Ok that sounds good" said Remmy

"What do you think Anton?" asked Linguini

"I think it's a great idea." said Anton

"I will start looking in the paper." said Colette

"Ok well Remmy and I are doing to start going home now." said Linguini

"See you in the morning" said Colette

"All right, bye everyone!" said Linguini

Later that night when he was cooking dinner with Remmy he herd a call and went to answer it.

"Hello" said Linguini

All he herd was crying.

"It's Colette, I have some bad news" said Colette

"What is it." said Linguini

"The restaurant has, the restaurant has been robed." Said Colette