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Morgana was stood looking around at all the people that attended the feast. More often than not, Morgana's eyes always ended back on Arthur. After about the fourteenth time of Morgana looking at Arthur and shaking her head at him, Arthur spotted her and made his way over to her.

"Morgana. Will you stop staring at me and shaking your head."

"Will you admit that you love Merlin and would like him to be more than just a friend?"

"No. Because I don't."

"Then no." Arthur growled low in his throat and stormed away. Stupid Morgana. Arthur thought as he picked up another goblet of mead. He looked over at Morgana to make sure she wasn't watching him before looking over at Merlin who was laughing along with Gwen and Lancelot. Arthur watched as Gwen gasped before taking Merlin's hand to rest on her swollen belly. She was six months pregnant with her and Lancelot's second child. The second thing Arthur did once he became King was make Lancelot a knight and Gwen a lady of the court. The first thing he did was lift the ban of magic.

The day after Arthur was crowned King, Merlin told him about his magic. He ordered Merlin to leave his sight and didn't speak to him for three days, even though Morgana told him about her magic, he talked to her, but couldn't talk to Merlin because of him lying to him, when Morgana pointed out to him that she had been lying to him longer than Merlin had, she might as well have been telling the wall with the response she got out of Arthur.

On the fourth day of not talking to Merlin, Morgana came to him to inform him that Merlin couldn't take the cold shoulder anymore and the hurtful looks so decided to leave Camelot for good. Arthur couldn't remember the last time he had ran so fast, not caring that the people were staring at their King in such a state, to get to Merlin's quarters. After apologising and convincing him to stay (which Merlin would only do if Arthur admitted that he was what Merlin always knew he was. A dollop-head.) He reluctantly did and got Merlin his own chambers before announcing the ban on magic.

A week after the ban was lifted it was like the silence between them never happened.


Merlin was stood in front of Arthur looking nervous. Arthur had been crowned King the day before and Merlin decided now was best to tell Arthur that he was a sorcerer. After five minutes of silence, Merlin couldn't take it anymore. "Arthur say something please?"

"Get out of my sight."


"GET OUT MERLIN. NOW." Merlin turned and fled the room.

Morgana and Gwen were walking the corridors laughing amongst themselves when Gaius walked up to them. "I wondered if you knew what's the matter with Merlin?" he asked.


"He came running into the quarters about an hour ago, tears streaming down his face and shut himself in his room. He won't answer me, I've tried unlocking the door but he has used his magic to barricade himself in."

"I bet he has told Arthur about his magic. He told me and Gwen this morning that he was going to tell him today. I'll go and see if I can find Arthur, Gwen, try and get Merlin out of his room."

Morgana walked in to the throne room and saw Arthur sat on his throne, staring at nothing. "Arthur Pendragon what have you said to Merlin."

Arthur looked up at Morgana. "I told him to get out of my sight. He has magic Morgana. He lied to me, after everything we have been through."

"What about all the shit he went through just to keep you alive? But oh no, your not interested in that. All you're bothered about is a little lie."

"Little lie? Not telling me he has magic is a big lie Morgana."

"So because Merlin didn't tell you about his magic you won't talk to him?"


"Then don't bother talking to me Arthur. I am a seer and Merlin has been teaching me and helping me to improve my magic skills. You can't be mad at someone for having something that they were born with. Merlin didn't choose magic. He was born with it."

"Of course I will still talk to you." Arthur said, ignoring everything she had said after confessing that she was a seer. "You're my sister."

"And Merlin is your friend."


Morgana growled. "You know what? Don't bother talking to me until you've grown up." she said before storming from the room.

Morgana was on her way to Merlin's quarters when she saw Gwen. "I thought you was going to talk to Merlin."

"I was. I did. But he never answered."

"We need to get him out of that room. I know this is going to sound awful, but go back in there and talk to him, after five minutes I want you to scream bloody murder. Make it sound as though you are really in pain, cry out for anyone, not Merlin, and make it sound as though you are losing your baby."

Gwen gasped. "I can't do that."

"Gwen you have to. Merlin thinks of you as a sister. He cares deeply for you, if he thinks that you are in risk of losing your child he will leave his room to help you."

"And when he finds out that I was faking he will go straight back into his room."

"No he won't because the minute he leaves it I will blow the door off it hinges. You can't lock yourself in a room that has no door can you. And I will sound proof the room so the only people who can hear you scream is me and Merlin."

Gwen sighed. "Alright. But only because I don't think it will do him any good being cooped up in that room."

"Good. Lets go."

Morgana's idea worked as well as she planned. As soon as Gwen was crying out in pain and crying for anyone to help her, Merlin came rushing out of his room, he was that focused on getting to Gwen, he didn't notice a smiling Morgana when he walked past her. When Gwen stood up claiming that she was fine and nothing wrong with her, Merlin jumped and turned when he heard a loud crash, finding pieces of his door all over the floor. "You faked it. You wasn't really in pain." he said, rounding on Gwen.

"Of course we did Merlin. Me and Gwen wanted you out of that room. I've spoken to Arthur. He has said nothing about arresting you or banishing you. He can't do that anyway, I've told him that I have magic. You can't punish one and not the other. You can't shut yourself away Merlin. You need to carry on as usual. If Arthur won't talk to you, then don't be his servant anymore, help and assist Gaius." Merlin sighed and looked at Gwen who smiled. "Alright."

Morgana smiled. "Good. You shouldn't let someone like Arthur get you thinking that you should shut yourself away." Morgana smiled and walked towards the door to leave.

"Morgana. Before you go, can you at least fix my door."

"You're more powerful than me. You fix it." she said and left Merlin stood next to Gwen.

At the end of three days Morgana lost her patience. She went to Merlin and told him to start packing up all of his stuff and not to be surprised if he gets a visitor in the shape of Arthur. When Morgana told him what she had planned and what he was to do when Arthur came, he refused to do it, but when Morgana threatened him within an inch of his life, he quickly changed his mind and started packing his things up.

Morgana smiled at Merlin who started to pack up his belongings before making her way to Arthur's chambers.

Arthur jumped when Morgana stormed into his chambers. He cursed under his breath when his ink pot fell onto it's side, when Arthur nudged it when Morgana made him jump, spilling ink all over his documents. "Morgana!" Arthur scolded. "These were important documents that have just been ruined thanks to you storming in here. Don't you know how to knock. Honestly, you're as bad as-" Arthur stopped himself from saying any more."

"As bad as Merlin? That's who I have come to talk about."

"I'm not interested."

"You will be. Do you know that I have just spent the morning trying to change Merlin's mind and after failing miserably I have just had a very tearful goodbye with him asking him to keep in touch." Arthur who was trying to sort out the mess on his table, only half listening to Morgana, looked up quickly. "He's leaving?"

"Yes. For good. He said that he couldn't stay here anymore knowing that he couldn't be with you like he used to. He misses your company Arthur and he can't stand being here knowing that day after day you will be giving him dirty looks, ignoring him when he tries to talk to you, walking down a corridor and feeling hurt seeing who was once his best friend, turn and go the other way just so you didn't walk past him. I hope you can live with yourself Arthur. I hope you're proud."

"No!" Arthur said, dropping the documents and forgetting about the mess on his table as he ran from his chambers.

Arthur went running through the corridors, not caring who was staring, not caring that people were probably thinking that this was no way for a King to behave. He had to get to Merlin before he left. He had to catch him. He couldn't let Merlin leave because he was being stupid. Morgana was right, how can he be the same with her and not with Merlin. Merlin didn't ask to be born with his powers, he didn't choose to have these powers.

Arthur burst into Gaius and Merlin's quarters, making Merlin jump as he slammed the door open, making it bang against the wall. "Merlin."

Merlin bowed his head. "My lord."

"Stand up straight. And it's Arthur to you. Never 'my lord' or 'sire' understood?"

"Well I think from now on it doesn't matter." Merlin said as he continued to pack his rucksack.

"It does Merlin because you are not going anywhere Merlin."

"I am. I can't stand the looks the ignores, the silent treatments. I'm going."

"You're not Merlin. You are staying here. I am going to lift the ban on magic this afternoon. You are to become my top royal advisor, court sorcerer and in charge of any punishment that relates to any crime that is related to magic in Camelot."


"Yes Merlin. You. I am sorry for these last few days Merlin. I was being stupid. I don't want you to go. I want to be where you belong."

"And where's that?"

"Right by my side."

"I will do it on one condition."

"Name it."

"You admit out loud that for your actions these past few days have shown that you are indeed what I have called you all along."

Arthur sighed. "Merlin." he moaned, making Merlin smile. "Fine. ThewayI'-." Arthur muttered quickly and quietly, trailing off making it impossible for Merlin to hear him.

"Sorry? What was that?"

Arthur sighed again. "The way I've been acting these last few days prove that I am indeed a dollop head."

Merlin gave Arthur a bright smile that made Arthur's stomach flutter. "I'll just unpack my things."

"You will not. With your new job you will be have new chambers next to mine."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome." Arthur smiled and pulled Merlin into a hug, keeping him there longer than necessary.


Morgana caught Arthur staring at Merlin with a small smile on his face. She knew that Arthur was in love with Merlin just as much as Merlin was in love with Arthur. Since Arthur had 'stopped' Merlin from 'leaving' that day they had grown more closer than they ever were before. She told Arthur again and again that she knew he was in love with Merlin but he wouldn't admit it. Merlin admitted it straight away. But Arthur. If she could just get him to not only admit his feelings to himself, but to Merlin as well, then they could be happy together instead of being miserable together.

Raucous laughter caught her attention and she looked across from Arthur to see Gwaine laughing and joking with Leon. An evil smirk appeared on her face as a plan came to mind.

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