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Shinobi, tools of their village used to eradicate any and all dangers that may pose a threat to their homeland. That was the case until an incident simply known as 'Meteor G Outbreak' occurred 200 years ago. A meteor the size of a small country crashed into the planet, sending a out a pulse of Electromagnetic waves or EM waves all across the world. All living creatures that possess chakra, has its chakra converted to a new type of energy that seem the resonate well with the body better than chakra had. This new energy was named Noizu(Noise). No one knows how or even why but since that event two species began to rise, one were called Uirusu(Virus) and they only lived for pure destruction. Humans seeing this new threat stop their petty fight with each other and teamed up to take out the Uirusu. The other were called Senkai(Wizards roughly), unlike Uirusu these being didn't live for anarchy and sought to help the humans with the Uirusu but even with the Senkai, the humans could barely hold back the outbreak of Uirusu which was estimated to be triple their forces and growing rapidly. The war between the Uirusu was going bad for the humans and Senkai because they were loosing too many soldiers, But one day a process was discover by the humans and Senkai. This process allows humans to temporarily synchronize with a Senkai that shares their own distinct Hachou(Wavelength)and be bestowed with unimaginable power. With this new power dubbed Denpa Henkan( Electromagnetic Wave Change) the war with the Uirusu went into the human's favor until finally the outbreak was contained, but still every now again Uirusu outbreaks occur, far smaller than original, so the humans alongside the Senkai joined together in pursuit of complete peace, this began the era of Shinryou(Data Fighter).

A blonde boy with blues eyes is seen, he's wearing a white T-shirt with a navy blue jacket on top of it, he is also wearing blank pants with white and blue shoes on, a pouch is seen connecting to his form, a electronic device as per the glow. On his face were three whiskered-like marks on each cheek.

Beside the blonde boy is a robotic looking lion, with ethereal energy flowing from where his mane and legs should be, his piercing black stare at the numerous weak Uirusu in front of them in all shapes and sizes.

A smile appeared on its face,"Hey Naruto, you ready to his kick some ass?" the said boy in questioned also smiled and reached for the device strapped to his leg, "You know it Mega." Grabbing and bringing it to his face, the screen begins to glow in a luminous light as the boy shouted to the heavens, "Denpa Henkan!...Uzumaki Naruto...On Air!" Naruto shouted as he was encompassed in light, The robotic looking lion known as Mega rushed over to Naruto and proceeded to merge with his body.

The light begins down and only one figure is seen, standing up straight was a humanoid looking person wearing blue skinned tight suit with yellow streaks running down the side, a visor propped over his face connected to a helmet like mask. On his hands, thick robotic metal gloves are seen and mettalic boots on his feet.

Holding up his right hand and pointing at his enemy, he pulses his energy through and suddenly it is transformed into a cannon-like weapon, charging it with energy a ball of begins to grow in front of it, steadily getting bigger till it was the size of a basketball, The Uirusu watched in curiosity wandering what this strange creature was doing. Was it friend or foe?

"My name's is Sora Kaien no Youkoman(Blazing Sky Youkoman)! but you can call me your deleter!" said the blonde boy before he begin unleashing hell on the Uirusu.

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