Title: Gabriel. Part one of the Rescue Me Series

Characters: Sylar, Peter, Rebel

Rating: T for violence and nudity

Genre: AU, action, slash, romance, hurt/comfort

Summary: AU version of season 3.5, volume 4, Fugitives. Takes place after Shades of Gray. This series will evolve into an ensemble cast piece. This part begins with Sylar, having recently left his father's. But instead of joining Danko, he chooses a different path.

Disclaimer: The show Heroes and its characters are the property of NBC. No rights infringement intended.

A/N: About Sylar's powers...unlike canon, in this universe, Sylar regained all his powers after being cured from the Shanti virus. Also, Peter didn't take Nathan's power at the end of Exposed so he still has Matt's telepathy. Computer writing is shown in italics with full quotation marks. Beta by adahleida


Sylar, Pennsylvania

Sylar was sitting on his bed in a crummy motel room playing with the military laptop. He had left his dad's the day before and was still in a foul mood. Frustrated beyond belief. He hadn't liked what his father's condition implied about his own future, but a part of him wanted to prove him wrong. Prove that being a killer... a collector of abilities did have a point. Could be fulfilling. He was better, smarter, immortal. If that didn't change the equation, what did?

There was another part of him though...

Suddenly, the laptop's screen went black, for no apparent reason. Just as Sylar was about to see if he had accidently unplugged it or something, words appeared on the screen.

Words that he wasn't typing.

"We need your help. Will you help us? Rebel."

"Who is this?" Sylar typed the question and pressed enter.


"What do you want?"

"Your help to fight back. To save us all."


"You know how."

"Do you think I'm stupid? This is a trick. You're the army finding my location."

"You know it's not a trick. This is destiny, Sylar."