It had been a long time since I'd talked to anyone besides what I had to say to survive. I wasn't even a quiet person, but life sometimes forces you into silence. My family and I had been living in the forest of Quirk forever when my whole world was rocked to the point of collapsing. I had never been called beautiful, or even pretty before. I'm positive I wasn't even sure what the phrase 'self esteem' meant, but that seemed to all change when I took a walk to get out of the hectic house I had been left in.

It was a balmy summer evening. I stepped over even stick, twig, leaf, and patch of moss as I only focused on my feet, trying to just relax myself. It was in no way windy. But suddenly the tall trees parted and in came a magnificent beam of light, breaking the night time calmness. I had heard stories of aliens and UFOs but that wasn't what I saw, assuming these were even aliens. Three males came through the tree tops on, what looked like, floating jet skis.

I heard one say something unintelligible. And after that, a life I could never escape me began, not that I had a better one before that. Before I registered what was happening, the one closest to me swooped down and pulled me onto the back of his hovering mystery and hit a gear to move into full speed.

Space never interested me, but it was so dark, but extremely luminescent at the same time. I couldn't breathe at all, almost as if there was a barricade at the opening of my mouth. I didn't panic, or take a deep breath. I just relaxed and waited for the severe pain to come.