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Crossover Idea: The Man in Red

By Nathan Huss

"Das material ist aus Silber und Eisen. Der Grundstoin ist aus Stein und der Groβ horzog des Vertrag."

Tohsaka Rin had prepared for this. Years of study and practice. Books, scrolls, artifacts, hearsay, and other sources, all guiding her to be able to complete this ritual.

"Der Ahn ist meiner grӧβer Meister Schweinorg."

For the success of the Tohasaka line, she would summon Saber, fight, and win the Holy Grain War.

"Schutz gegen einen hcftiger Wind. Schlieβ alles Tor, Geh aus der Krone. Zirkulier die Gabelung nachdem Kӧnig."

Yes, it was for the Tohsaka that she was doing this. She herself had no actual desires that she wanted to use the Grail to fulfill. Just succeeding would be enough for her… though she could probably wish for unlimited jewels for her magic or something, since she'd end up with a wish anyway.

"Anfang. Füll, füll, füll, füll, füll. Es wird fünfmal wiederholt. Nur ist es die volle Zeit gebrochen. Satz. Du überläβt alles mir, mein Schicksal überläβt alles deinem Schwert. Das basiert auf dem Gral, antwort wenn du diesem Wille und diesem Vernunftgrung folgt."

All she needed now was the Servant. She was, of course, aiming for Saber. The Knight class warrior was considered the best one to control, and worked well with mage support from the back. Rin was no slouch in up-close fighting, but getting close to an enemy Servant like that was just suicide for a human.

"Lieg des Gelübde hier. Ich bin die Güte der ganze Welt. Ich bin das Bӧse der ganze Welt. Du bist der Himmel mit drei Wortseelen."

It all came down to this. She would succeed in the place of her father, claiming the Grail. She would summon the strongest Servant. She would show the world just what it meant to be Tohsaka Rin.

"Komm, aus dem Kreis der Unterdrückung, der Schutzgeist, der Balkenwaage!"

The ritual circle flared, power erupting in a brilliant display. She could feel her magic reach out to call her Servant, and take hold. She held her breath, trying not to shout happily. It wouldn't do to act like that in front of her Servant.

Who hadn't appeared yet.

W-well, the ritual just wasn't done, yet. It wasn't as if she'd ever done this before, so it wasn't as if she knew exactly how the exact timing and look was supposed to be. The runes and circle were still lit up, so it was still…

The glow of magic died down, leaving only the faint glow of the lines she had drawn onto the floor.

"Why is nothing happening?" she nearly cried. "It can't be I failed… No! The ritual was perfect!"

Rin tried to figure out just what was going on. Looking over the circle, she couldn't see any smudged or broken lines. All the runes were written correctly. All the reagents had been fresh, and gathered in the proper manner. So why…?

A loud crash from the main body of the house broke the young mage out of her panic. "The living room? What the hell is going on!"

She rushed out of the basement, heading for the source of the noise. Had someone tried to sabotage her summoning? That was unthinkable! She hadn't told anyone when she was planning to do it, not even Kotomine. She had set up protective wards, in addition to those already in place around the Tohsaka house. That someone or something could have broken through those, without her even feeling the wards crack…

"Ow ow ow ow…" came a muffled voice from the living room. "That could have been better."

She flung open the doors, only to pause in shock. The room was a complete mess, furniture turned over and scattered. In the middle of it all, semi-sprawled over the largest pile, was a spikey-haired man in a long red jacket, rubbing his head carefully. He looked up as she entered. "Huh…"

Okay… Okay. She could feel that this wasn't a human. It was a Servant. Hers… probably.

"So…" she said cautiously. "You're my Servant, right?"

"It would look like it," he replied. "Though if you're not too sure, I'm not either."

Rin nodded slowly. She pulled up her sleeve, revealing the glowing marks put there by the summoning. "These are my Command Seals. Any complaints?" This was fine. So her aim had been a bit off (though she had no idea how that was even possible with something like this). She had her Servant.

"Yeah, those are definitely them. I suppose I am, then, little miss."

She twitched for a moment at the 'little miss' comment, but shook it off quickly. A smile spread over her face. "I am Tohsaka Rin, heir to the Tohsaka family, possessor of their Thaumaturgical Crest. And you?"

"Ah." He ducked his head in a small bow. "Servant Archer."

That gave her pause. He was Archer… damn. While he was still one of the Knight classes, she had been aiming, and planning, for Saber's overwhelming melee skills.

"Are you alright?" he asked, standing up from the pile of overturned furniture and dusting himself off… Wow he was tall. Thin, too, but due to his class muscle wasn't quite as important due to fighting at range.

"Just… thinking. I hadn't been planning for Archer, so I'll have to revise my tactics. It's fine." Rin shook her head to clear it. "Yes, I can work with this. Don't worry about it." She looked him over. Nothing she could see that would really peg him as a particular Heroic Spirit she knew of. That could work in her favor, as it was unlikely anyone else would be able to guess his identity from appearance alone. "So, who are you, then?"

"Just like I said, little miss. Archer."

The twitch came back, stronger this time. "Your name. I need to know what you can do."

He sighed, running a gloved hand through his hair. "Do I have to?"


"Alright, alright!" he yelped, cringing. Since when did Heroic Spirits do that? He took a deep breath and… posed?

"I am Valetinez Alkalanela Zeehok Sushira Boheres Gombigonela Blue Stradavari Tralentent Pierre Andre Charlatenhemost I'vanovitchi Baldos George Doitzel Kaiser. The Third!"

She stared at him, as he kept the pose up.

That… was…

"What the hell! ?"

Author's Notes:

That's right. Fate/Stay Night's Rin summons the Humanoid Typhoon, the Walking Act of God, Trigun's Vash the Stampede. I ended up getting this idea by, well, the fact that it seemed like everyone else was coming up with Fate crossovers. It ended up going through several lineups (the earlier ones being much more obviously comical) until it sort of settled into what begins here with Vash.

He seems like a very powerful person to bring in, I'll admit. Putting aside the Angel Arms, his guns are fairly powerful compared to what would probably be 'normal' Archer projectiles (aka, not EMIYA's Traced Noble Phantasms) considering the skill and trick shots he can pull off. Fighting other Heroic Spirits is also something to consider, as technically he wouldn't be killing his opponents, just dispersing their prana-constructed forms and sending them back to the Throne. Whether he'd actually see it that way…

Anyways, as can be inferred, I have plans for each of the Servant roles. No, not giving any hints yet, other than that they're from both anime and games.

C&C is welcomed. Flames will be dumped into the Holy Grail. It's not like that thing can get any more messed up than it already is…