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First Night: Let Him In

The wind blew harshly, slicing like a blade at the upcoming winter. The snow had fallen in pure white flakes, innocent as they collapsed on the ground in heaps of microscopic art. The season was but a few days ahead, and many were merry.

The group of many did not include the President of the Night Class.

She sat still behind her beautifully carved wooden desk, in her personal office, doing paperwork and looking through files and documents that were, according to both the school and the Council, in need of her attention.

A long evening spent reading and writing and handling affairs with others. She was not even slightly enlightened by the approach of her most favorite season, too absorbed in making everything perfect.

The Princess knew that the man stood poised and dignified at the other side of the door. She would let him in when she wished.

It was not a long wait. "Come in, Akatsuki." Her voice was even; emotionless, yet somehow pure even as power rolled down her tongue.

She was, of course, a Pureblood. She was filled with undying superiority.

The man – Akatsuki – strode in, long legs elegant as they walked across the carpet floor to their owner's mistress. He was a gorgeous creature with short wavy hair colored a light orange, and deep amber eyes. He possessed inhumane beauty - graceful, somewhat articulated cheekbones, slightly tanned skin, and eyes that seemed to glow in sadness - something that made girls swoon. He had a muscular build and was the tallest of the 'gang'. He was loyal, and for that he was often trusted the most.

Akatsuki bowed and extended his occupied hand. "The Chairman has a letter for you, Yuuki-sama."

She grabbed the letter with her manicured fingers, slowly, as if unsure about the contents which her 'uncle' placed inside. She opened the envelope in which it was placed, and carefully unfolded several papers.

The clock ticked ferociously, every turn of the arrows beating at her head, making her pulse rise.

Her eyes widened as she read the letter. She fought for control with her seething hatred, knowing fully well what would happen if she was to loose her tranquility. "Call for Hanabusa."

Akatsuki Kain left to inform his cousin that their leader wanted him. Barely five minutes passed as Hanabusa Aidou knocked on the door to the Princess' door. "Come in" was heard, along with a barely audible sigh, showing clearly that the Kuran was displeased.

The outgoing eighteen-year-old walked in, his golden blond hair messy, his sky blue eyes for once serious. He was exquisite, as his cousin, although not quite as tall.

His mere presence put her at temporary ease.

"You needed me, Yuuki-sama?" One could hear the curiosity that etched itself into his words.

She asked for him out of impulse, needing some sort of distraction and a remedy for her anger. "Come here, Aidou." She waved for him to come close to her. Close enough for them to feel each others' warmth. He caressed her cheek.

"Come, come." She basked into his touch, needy for his comfort.

"You're... frustrated." He noticed this and began to take off her white jacket. "Please sit backwards on the chair." He changed the direction the chair faced and gently pushed her into the seat. He began with a soothing massage, tenderly ridding her back of the knots that had formed from days of overwork.

She'd kill him if anyone found out just how much she truly needed his tenderness. He'd kill himself if he was ever replaced.

The Kuran sighed in fulfillment before picking up the letter.

Dearest Yuuki,

I write this to you not as a dad or uncle that has raised you for the past twelve years. I write this as your Headmaster, or as everyone seems to call me now, your Chairman.

This letter is quite short. I have attached a copy of the record of a new student that will transfer into the Night Class tomorrow. I have a feeling you should know of his change in schools first. It would be unfair if you were ignorant tomorrow when this student sets foot in Cross Academy.

I must inform you of two things:

I know you will not want him in your class. At all. You have the full right to accept this student. You also have the right to deny entrance to this student. You are, after all, the one who controls the Night Class. Please, Yuuki, please seriously think about it. I know you sometimes make rash decisions based upon your feelings.

I also wish for you to know that he will not be a regular student in the Night Class. He will replace you as the President of your Class. You will be his Vice. I suppose that leaves Ichijou with nothing? You guys figure it out in a way that makes you comfortable.

Please look at the transfer student's papers. If you accept him, I do hope you two get along... accommodatingly.

Sincerely, the Headmaster.

P.S. Please call me 'daddy'!

She laughed bitterly at the Chairman's sense of humor and looked through the transfer papers a second time. Kaname Kuran, they read at the top.

She did not want this man to step a foot near her.

He, Kaname Kuran, was going to attend Cross Academy as the President of the Night Class. She shuddered.

He, after 12 years, was coming back. Her brother.

The man that left her all alone with but a single rose.


She looked outside through the window.

The Pureblood Princess remained vexed as sakura petals danced with the wind.

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"Chairman? Let him in."

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