Still making attempts at humor.


The dark haired beauty awoke to a throbbing pain in her head, and a dull, aching numbness running throughout her petite body. She swallowed several times, her throat dry from thirst. Licking the inner walls of her mouth, as well as her small, pale lips, she planned to call out his name. Taking a shaky breath, she forced the lids of her eyes to slowly rise, and her unique mix of dark brown and crimson red eyes clashed with the color of the ceiling she stared at. She winced slightly, having to adjust to the sudden brightness engulfing, what seemed to be, her chambers. His presence filled the room, and she calmed, knowing that he was near. Most likely, he was by her side, but her body was laced with sleepiness, and she couldn't bring herself to cock her head to the side, to look at his ever ethereal visage.

She didn't even know what side of the bed he was on.

He seemed unfazed by her awakening, and though she didn't know how long she'd slept, she could tell that it was perhaps late morning, by the blinding, unstoppable light that traveled through the windows, despite the dark blinds that covered the glass.

His name came to her lips, and it rolled down her tongue like a tennis ball rolling down sandpaper.


She felt him stir at once, relief washing over his every feature as he hovered over her, his hands running across her body, inspecting her physical state, all while his mouth pressed against her forehead. One hand reached her temple, and his fingers caressed the area in soothing motions.

"Yuuki," he finally said, and butterflies fluttered in her newly acquired stomach.

As her senses came back to her, she caught onto the little things, those that came with her position as a vampire. The door was secured by her Guardians, who were standing at the sides of the entry, blocking off unwanted visitors.

Or perhaps, blocking off all visitors in general.

Yuuki noted a third presence – her visitor – merely standing at the door, doing no more and no less. She heard no noises behind the entrance, and could only assume that they kept themselves quiet for her sake. (Yuuki admitted to herself that if she had woken up to noise, she would have castrated someone.) For once, though, she had noticed that her 'guest' was serene, not at the tip of insanity, or impatient by the presence of others.


At her side, Kaname moved, and her attention was to him in a second. His arms crawled under her head and back, and he steadily helped her rise up. Gathering the mountain of pillows, he pushed them together, resting them against the headboard, and she fell against the cluster for comfort and support, still quite weak. Groaning in approval, her gaze moved to him again, and she scrutinized his careful expressions.

"You and Kiryuu need to speak, I assume," he stated simply, and tears almost swelled in her eyes, because it was finally clear to her that he understood.

In a flash, Zero strode in, and Kaname rose to give them some privacy. Their steps were in sync as they marched passed each other, giving brief nods of acknowledgment to the other. The door closed with a soft 'woof' just as Zero pulled a chair up to the side of her mattress, sitting down with an air of indifference.

"I've been named President of the Hunters Association," he muttered.

"I guess we'll always be enemies," she commented with fake cheeriness.

He parted his lips in an attempt to say something, but was further interrupted.

"No, Zero-kun. I'm truly happy for you; you deserve the position, being a great hunter and all." She grinned cheekily at him, though with the barely visible wince that followed, he could tell it was still difficult for her to do much in her predicament. "I just hope you won't go on a killing spree once all the official documents are signed and processed."

"Yuuki," he started, and she bit back the sudden shock that came from hearing him call her by name. "I came here... as the future President of Hunters..."

"You suck at formality, Zero-kun," she cut him off, and he gave her one of his piercing glares, to which she giggled at.

"Do you want a strong treaty between our two races or no?" he sneered.

"My brother is the heir to the throne, Kiryuu-kun, I think this is best to discuss with him," she replied lightly, almost laughing at his irritation.

He snorted. "Still not overly happy with the idea of looking at him and not being able to break his neck."

At that, she truly laughed. "You're a good man, Zero-kun. I'll take you up on the offer. And who knows? While we're drawing up the treaty, we could even become good friends."

He silenced, before his reply came, nigh above a whisper. "I'd like that," he mumbled honestly, and Yuuki mildly wondered how absolutely alone Zero must have felt, both as a kid, a teen, and now a man.

"I'd like that, too." And it was true; as long as Kiryuu Zero kept his PMS-y attitude in concerns with vampires at bay (or mostly at bay), she knew he would be a good, loyal friend.

Yori and Aidou barged in the room, followed closely by Ruka, Kain, Kaname, and the rest. They filled the space, babying her, joking around, even conversing with Zero (who, in return, 'kindly' grunted).

Zero flipped Aidou off after a rather peculiar conversation, and Yuuki laughed along side everyone else.

The room, filled with all of her friends, had a relieved, cheerful atmosphere.

And that's when she realized, she would never again feel alone.


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