And without further ado, the exciting conclusion to Chuck vs the Disnerd!

"CHUCK! NO! No, Chuck! No, no, no…" Her voice grew hoarse as she continued to yell.

She eventually fell silently. Sarah still grasped his hand, stroking his hair. Silent tears fell down her face as she pressed her forehead against his. She had no idea what to do, so she did what came naturally.

"Flower gleam and glow…"

Sarah continued to sing as a tear fell on Chuck's cheek. She closed her eyes as she finished the song, unable to say anything else.

But, suddenly, a flash of golden light forced her to open her eyes. From the tear that fell on Chuck's face came a sun-like flare. Light started pouring from his wound, and then from all over him. The room was filling with light. Sarah could feel the warmth emanating from the light.

And then, just as suddenly, it passed. Chuck's eyes opened.

"Sarah? Sar—!" She grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips.

"Chuck, you're okay! I thought that, I thought you…"

"I know. But I'm fine. Perfectly healthy. Though, I really should apologize, I forgot about the whole magical healing, phoenix-like tear thing—"

"Let's go, Chuck. We've got to get out of here," said Sarah desperately.

They chained Orlan and left him in the tower. Soon, they were on Maximus, speeding towards the castle of Corona. Through the forest, down the shore, and over the bridge, Maximus ran at a blazing speed.

"Chuck, how are we going to get to the King and Queen? You're still wanted a wanted thief and without my blonde hair I don't exactly look the way Rapunzel's parents remember her," inquired a concerned Sarah. They were now approaching the main entrance to the castle.

"Don't worry about it. This is the easy part. Besides, I remembered the crown. You just slide that on and we'll be sippin' tea with the royals in no time."

"You stole that crown. Who's to say that I'm not an imposter?"

"Whoa, Sarah. Re-lax. It's a Disney movie. There isn't enough time in the movie to develop that kind of a plot twist. Trust me. The mission is as good as complete. Well, this part, anyway."

Sarah began to give Chuck a questioning look, but noticed that the guards at the gate froze when they saw her. One of them nearly tripped over himself as he turned and ran into the castle.

The other one began stuttering as he bowed, "Y-y-your ma-majesty."

Just as Chuck had predicted, they were welcomed almost immediately. The couple was quickly ushered to a balcony where they were told to wait. Time seemed to stand still as they looked out over the streets of Corona. Sarah kept looking around impatiently, until—

The doors opened and the royal couple stepped out. No one said a word.

The Queen stepped down first, followed by her husband. Chuck could tell that they were both fighting back years of emotion. But as they walked towards Chuck and Sarah, Chuck suddenly felt dizzy. The balcony began to swirl as he felt his head grow faint. All he saw were the warm smiles of the King and Queen before blacking out.


"C'mon, Grimes. You're a nerd. Turn this thing off."

"I'm trying, Casey. Oh, forget it. I'm just going to hit the big red button."

"Be careful—"

The monitors of running data above them suddenly stopped. Casey noticed that a cartoon that had been running on one of the monitors had paused.

Chuck and Sarah began to stir in their chairs, as did Orlan. Casey ran into the room, his gun trained on Orlan.

"Don't even think about getting up, Doc."

"Hey, Casey! I just got a signal from Castle. Backup just arrived!"

"Thanks, Grimes. How are you two doing?" Casey asked Chuck and Sarah as they regained consciousness.

"Casey? You made it. Whew. I think everything is all right, now. We likely won't ever be able to watch Disney movies again, but other than that, I think we're okay. I'm just glad Orlan didn't choose the extended Blu-Ray version. That could've been really bad."

"Yeah, we're fine. Thanks for getting us, Casey."

"No problem. Tell you what. How about you two head on out. I'm sure me and the boys can handle things here."

"Thanks, buddy," said Chuck, slapping Casey on the shoulder. "We'll take Orlan with us on the way out."

Chuck and Sarah grabbed the crazed doctor by his arms and escorted him to the transport van waiting outside.

"Wait! My research! My work! The experiment! I succeeded! Don't you understand? I'm a genius!"

"Yeah, and you can tell all your evil genius buddies about it. Behind bars. Let's go home, Sarah."

"Yes, please."

Casey was now standing alone, looking at the generator below. Though the machine had stopped making noise, he was still unable to tell if it was completely off or not.

"Hey, Grimes! Let's make sure this is all shut down. Grimes?"

"What's that, Casey?"

"I said, let's get everything shut down so we can roll out."

"Oh, sorry. I got a little distracted. I just found Tangled in Orlan's DVD tray so I pressed 'play.' Thought it wouldn't hurt to have a little background noise while we worked. Plus, it's one of Chuck and mine's new favorite Dis—"

Morgan was interrupted by a loud mechanical noise coming from the center of the room.


The room went black.


Morgan woke up with a splitting headache. He opened his eyes. He was lying down, face first, in grass. He got up and reached his hand out—

It was green. His hand was green! Not only that, but he only had two fingers! Morgan jumped up and looked down at himself. All of him was green, including his tail.

"TAIL?" exclaimed a high-pitched, barely audible voice from Morgan's reptilian throat.

A large shadow passed over him. He looked up.

Huge eyes stared down at him, only inches from his face. The eyes belonged to a seemingly enraged white horse that was now glaring at him in a familiar manner, lip slightly curled. Morgan was sure he could hear "Grimes" in between heavy, breathy huffs.


~The End~

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