A.N: As I was figuring names for Eugene and Rapunzel's children- which I have given them three -I couldn't help but think of ways for Gene and Punzie to come up with the names themselves. As I formulated each new name, the story of how it came about for Gene and Punzie came along with it. Yay, for nagging plot bunnies!

So, I give you a three chaptered story about their children and the origin of their names. I will be using these OC's for future Tangled family fics, so this story also serves as an introduction for them, at least slightly.

~If you'd like to use these names for their children, be my guest! They are free for anyone to use! You can even reference this story if you'd like, just remember to tell you're readers where you got it from, please. : )

~And I know it might look like I chose the names only for their meaning, but I swear that is not the case. It's meaning only helped to formulate a story origin and enhances the name itself.

Hope you enjoy!

Eugene sat by Rapunzel on their king sized four poster bed. He smiled down at the squirming bundle in his wife's arms, an infant swaddled in soft pink. Besides Rapunzel, he thought she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. Her eyes were closed in rest, hiding their blue color. They were hoping they'd eventually turn green. Her dark brown hair was very soft and thick, like brushing your hand across rabbit's fur. Her mouth opened in a tiny yawn, lips forming a small O.

Eugene sighed. God, she was gorgeous. He looked up at Rapunzel, meeting her light green eyes with his dark brown. She gave him a small smile before sighing tiredly and settling herself more comfortably against the pillowed headboard.

He kissed her forehead tenderly, his lips coming away slightly moistened from the sweat that still graced her brow. "She's so beautiful," he murmured softly.

"Yeah," Rapunzel sniffed as tears glistened in her eyes. "I just can't believe she's finally here." She sighed once more, gazing down at the infant. Then she suddenly looked back up thoughtfully.

Eugene's gaze shifted down to his daughter as the same thought ran through his mind, She still needs a name.

They had argued back and forth over the past nine months on a name, never able to agree on one for either a boy or a girl. There had been many, many options. Some one loved while the other hated. Rapunzel stood firm on having Marie for a girls middle name, and Eugene for a boy's middle name. And Eugene was honestly fine with all that, although using his name had taken a bit of convincing on Rapunzel's part.

It was just the first names they couldn't agree on. It had been frustrating and tiring as the last three months of Rapunzel's pregnancy had really pressured them to hurry up and pick a name as her due date drew steadily closer. But still, their child remained nameless and that weighed kind of heavy upon Eugene. They couldn't just call their child "It" all of her life.

The nursemaids and midwife had left and the King and Queen followed shortly after them, giving the new parents time alone with, well, "It."

"Hey, Rapunzel . . ."

Whatever Eugene was about to say next died on his lips. Rapunzel's head was turned away from him, gazing out at the big window on the opposite wall. She seemed to be staring at the rising sun with intensity, as the bright yellow sun beams washed over them in bed, gracing their daughter's face with its warmth. The sun seemed to be bestowing it's blessings upon her, wishing the newborn Princess of Corona a long and happy life. Rapunzel turned back to Eugene, a bright smile lighting up her face, the rising sun highlighting her short brown locks and framing her face. She looked as if she was literally glowing. "I know what to name her!" she exclaimed excitedly.


Rapunzel looked down at their litte one, "Evelyn," she whispered. "It's perfect."

Evelyn? Eugene hadn't heard that one before, Hmmm . . .

"I just remembered. It means light, and since she was born at sunrise. I mean, look, it's like the sun is blessing her or something. It's shining right on her."

Eugene looked from the window back to the infant; he'd been thinking the same exact thing. "You're right, Rapunzel! It's a perfect name."

She gave him another shining smile before gazing back down at their still sleeping newborn, "Evelyn Marie Fitzherbert." Rapunzel brought her up to her cheek, nuzzling the baby lovingly. She kissed her forehead and both of her chubby cheeks. "My little Marie," she finally whispered.

Eugene drew his arm around Rapunzel's shoulders, drawing his wife and daughter close, "Hey there, Evelyn."

A.N: And there ya have it, Evelyn Marie Fitzherbert!

I figured Rapunzel would rather use her middle name more often than not. She'd be one who enjoys nicknames. Hence, why she uses, "Marie" there at the end. And trying to decide on a name for nine months? You think it's crazy, right? But, it is believable. Maybe it's just me, but if you're a writer and you're trying to come up with a good OC name, GOSH, it can be hard!

I also made families for the Winx Club and only just now settled on names for all of their children. Eleven kids in all and I did their middle names as well. It took me a good year to come up with all the names. I wanted them all to stay in character with their parents and not sound like I just picked a bunch of random names out a baby name book, which is what most Second Generation Winx Club fics sound like.

*If you're unfamiliar with Winx Club, it's an Italian cartoon show about these six faires(just look it up on Google if you're really that curious) that also each fall in love throughout the course of the series. Which equals up to six families and eleven children in all*

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