Bugs And Daffy Get It On

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Probably the laziest title ever. But whatever, the sexy hot action will make up for it. Enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen! Especially you, /co/.

It was a quiet Tuesday night. After having outsmarted Yosemite Sam and forcing him to blow his stack earlier, Bugs and Daffy were eager for some rest. At least Bugs was. Daffy, though, had other ideas, having planning to give Bugs a little something special tonight.

"Pssst. Bugs. Oh Bugs. Bugsy." Daffy stated as he chuckled, clapping his hands several times. "Busgy pal. Wake up. Wake up, Busgy."

Bugs groaned as he turned in his bed. "Not now, Daffy. I'm trying to get some sleep."

"Yeah, but you gotta wake up. I found something quite extraordinary." Daffy exclaimed as he jumped up and down with joy.

Bugs got up, hitting several things on the bed desk next to him as he fell out of bed, landing on the floor. "Daffy, this better be good..."

As Daffy led the way, he shut off all the lights, as well as locking the doors tight and shut. Bugs rubbed his eyes as he looked around, practically everything in the dark. He then came into the living room, to see the curtains over each other. Daffy was on a red sofa he placed in the middle, the living room lit up with candles.

"Daffy..." Bugs said in disbelief as his jaw dropped, his arms drooping to their sides. "Where did you find this... piece of beauty?"

Daffy chuckled as he held Bugs' credit card. "Oh, I just used your credit card last Tuesday. It was no problem, really."

Bugs' eyes twitched as he screamed, pulling down his ears. "You what!"

Daffy ran straight to Bugs, silencing him as he welcomed the rabbit on the bed. "Shh... how about I give you a wittle bit of gwiwwed cheebs..."

Bugs raised his right eyebrow, his confused facial expression turning into a sly smirk. "Ohohoho, Daffy, you card..."

Bugs bent over as Daffy grunted, his feathery penis sticking out like a baseball bat. Bugs placed his hands on the end corners of the bed as Daffy slowly went in, holding Bugs' delicious purple rear end. Bugs' eyes popped up in excitement, as Daffy went in as far as he could.

"Now, don't make me regret this," Daffy stated as he slowly pulled his cock in and out, "Or you'll forever be despicable."

Bugs chuckled in pleasure, turning around and raising his eyebrows several times. "I am a wascully wabbit, after all."

Speedy Gonzales zipped out from the refrigerator, peering into the living room to see Bugs and Daffy about to get it on. He dropped his jaw in disbelief as he watched what was happening.