So basically pulled an all nighter and felt like writing. This be the result. Not very good, but I like it.

"So what happened with Jeff?"

Imogen glanced up from her Charms notes with a confused expression. "What do you mean Islay?" She pushed herself away from the desk she had claimed in the back section of the Library and relaxed into her chair.

"You two didn't last long." Islay moved in closer to the studying Slytherin and leaned against the desk, fingers flittering over the now abandoned notes that scattered the desk.

Imogen glanced down at Islay's fingers before jumping back to her face. She shrugged, "It was always meant to be a fling." She dropped her head back and stared at the ceiling. "It's taken you a while to ask about it."Imogen rolled her head around to glance sideways at her friend.

Islay tapped her fingers on the desk and dropped them to a stop by Imogen's Advanced Charms book. "Didn't interest me until now."

Imogen laughed. "It's not interesting Islay." She pulled herself forward and started gathering her books. "We have study now anyway, come on, we'll be late." She hastily shoved everything into her bag and pushed Islay up and towards the door.

Islay looked at her weirdly as they came closer to the door. "Since when did you care if we were on time or not?" She didn't answer and didn't say anything until they entered the room the group had set aside for their study sessions.

"Hi guys, girls!" She shoved Islay towards Dwight and Lilly and moved to sit near Mari.

"Imogen!" Islay seemed annoyed. "Shove much?" She huffed and took a seat between Dwight and Lilly.

The others in the room glanced between the two girls confused. "What's going on?" A small Hufflepuff asked curiously.

But by then the door to the room had already reopened and the Head of their little study group had joined the room, along with a new face. He smiled down at the short Gryffindor girl and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Mari frowned at the girl beside her who had started shifting in her seat slightly. Islay had turned in her seat to welcome the newcomer and froze, spotting the extra person she spoke.

"Laina? What are you doing here?" The girl bounced up and down on the tips of her toes and looked pointedly at the boy standing next to her.

Justin smiled again and glanced around at the room, taking in who was there and who was not. "Where's Jeff?" He looked to the other side of Mari where her girlfriend Jessica sat, Jess was also Jeff's sister and so, according to Justin's logic, she would know where he was.

She shrugged and looked back down at her notes. "He's sleeping." Sam answered for her.

Justin rolled his eyes and pulled Laina further into the room. "So this is Laina and she'll be joining us for a while to study." He looked at the two empty seats left and frowned. "Laina, you can sit by Imogen, she's the dark haired Slytherin that we treat like a Princess." Laina looked over at Imogen and a smile lit her face.

"Hi!" She took her seat by Imogen and pulled out an essay. "You take Advanced Charms right?"

Imogen nodded. "Yeah, why? Do you need help?" Laina nodded and they shifted closer together to help each other out with the class work.

Islay glanced between the two girls and a smile settled on her face. She glanced over at Justin who had sat beside Dwight. "Meddle much?" He smiled and winked at her.

Dwight looked between them confused. "What am I missing here? Do I need my crossbow?" Mari laughed quietly and leaned against her girlfriend.

"I think it's sweet. How did you know?"

Justin nudged his nose and smirked. The rest of the circle frowned at him.

"You're a fucking tease Bancroft." Islay snapped at him. He only chuckled and pulled out his work for the day.

The ones left that wanted to talk about the new development of the group decided against talking and instead used a scrap of parchment to pass notes.

How did the self obsessed one see that? –I

You're too hard on him Islay –C

I think they're sweet, never mind how Justin figured it out –M

Imogen's being weird... do you think she's under a spell or something? –D

Sweetie, it's called having a crush. –L

It's called being freaking adorable is what it is! –M

But Justin! –I

You need to give him more credit sometimes... –L

I think I know how Justin knows. –C

"Tell me!" Islay burst out loudly. The whole table stopped and looked at her oddly.

"Tell you what Islay?" Laina asked. She glanced back at Imogen who shrugged and looked back at the notes that Laina and her were combining. Laina glanced back at Islay quickly before leaning back over and making a note with her quill, which resulted in a warm smile from Imogen. The whole table watched the exchange between the two and fell silent.

Justin smiled and turned back to his own work.

Oh wow –I

Imogen's smile though... –L

She really likes Laina huh? –D

No duh Dwight, as soon as the girl entered the room Imogen was fidgeting. –M

Did you want to know how Justin knew? –C

... –I

I think that was a yes Colin –M

Well, Imogen's been in the Library a whole lot lately. –C

That doesn't mean anything to us Colin... –L

It does, Laina loves the Library –I

Exactly, and I noticed Justin came back to the Common Room the other day with a thinking face and a Library book, so I just kinda figured then, that's probably what he was thinking about. –C

"What are you guys writing about?" Imogen asked, eye brow raised.

The group looked between each other and gulped. "Nothing." Colin said.