"Meredith. I want you to look at me." Meredith continued to look at nothing. More fiercely, he said, "Look at me." Meredith did; she looked right at Dylan Young, the leader of the bomb squad. "I know this is bad and I know I'm this ass that's been yelling at you all day. So you pretend I'm not. You pretend I'm someone you like; whoever you need. But you need to listen to me."

Meredith bowed her head, closing her eyes tightly. This didn't seem real. With a deep breath, Meredith looked up, right back at Dylan. Derek didn't appear, as wonderful as that was. Dylan stood there, waiting for her to feel ready. She pretended to see Derek as she said, "I'm scared."

Dylan smiled slightly, nodding. "I know," he replied softly. "But you can do this. It'll be over in a second." His smile sobered and he nodded. "You can do this, Meredith."

Fear struck her body, but Meredith nodded. "Okay," she said so very softly.

Dylan nodded again. "Okay." And he gave her another small smile.

It seemed as though all of reality had faded away, but now it was returning. With a deep breath, Meredith tightened her grip on the ammo. She could do this. "Gently," Dylan reminded her softly.

Meredith glanced up at him, and with one last hesitation, she began to pull the ammo out of the body, tears in her eyes. Slowly, very slowly Meredith began to remove the ammo. She hesitated as it began to emerge, but she continued to pull it out. As the flab of skin fell over as the last of the ammo was pulled out, she looked up at Dylan again.

A single tear fell down her face as she began to lift up the ammo, and she carefully placed the ammo into Dylan's hands. She looked up at him once more. "You did good," he said gently, a smile seeming to be on his face, yet there wasn't. Meredith couldn't reply; she took a step back, never taking her eyes off of him or the bomb.

Something was wrong though. As Dylan carefully turned around and began to walk the dangerous weapon out of the OR, she had to follow. There was just something…

Something seemed to move her body. She began to run forward without thinking. She grabbed the back of Dylan's jacket and pulled him back with as much force as she could as the ammo exploded.

Then everything turned black.

~Author's Note~

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