Chapter Five

A week went by in a flurry. Meredith's last surgery was scheduled for that night. Dylan's last surgery was right then. Over the week, not much had happened. It wasn't usual that a man and woman patient were in the same room, but there weren't any free rooms to move Meredith or Dylan, so they were stuck together. Maylin came in often too. She didn't always bring her son, Aaron, but when she did, Maylin offered the boy to Meredith. It wasn't long before Meredith really liked the boy. He seemed intrigued by Meredith also. He looked like Dylan, with his eyes and nose. Aaron's face was much like Maylin and Dylan both.

There was only one unfortunate thing about Maylin talking with Meredith so much; she was talking with Dylan too. Meredith tried to avoid talking to him, but she found it more and more difficult. He was curious about Meredith, as least as much as Meredith was curious about him too. He was learning more about Meredith, much more than she was comfortable with him knowing. The only good thing; she was learning more about Dylan too. He seemed just as uncomfortable.

The doctors just started physical therapy too, along with making the two walk as much as possible. The doctors wouldn't, however, allow them to walk to therapy. So the therapist came to their room. There were no private sessions the first two times. Neither Dylan nor Meredith talked much. So the therapist was forced to meet with them individually the third time she came. Cristina or a nurse would take either Meredith or Dylan out of the room until the end of the session. Cristina made sure she was there for Meredith. She couldn't have cared less about Dylan.

Meredith was in her room, waiting for Dylan's return. He should be back within five hours. She was busy sketching out more procedures. Meredith didn't think she had much of a talent for drawing until now. She hoped the process of drawing everything out and writing down everything would help her remember everything better for her intern exams.

So she was surprised when someone knocked on the door frame. Meredith looked up; it was Maylin. She gave Meredith a nervous smile. "Would it be all right for me to come in?" she asked softly.

Meredith nodded. Maylin walked in, Aaron on her hip. "Where's Helaku?" Meredith asked. She'd met the Native American man once. He seemed polite enough.

"His clan required his medical service tonight," Maylin explained, sitting in the chair between Dylan and Meredith's bed. Meredith nodded. The two were silent for several seconds. Aaron cooed and started reaching for Meredith. Maylin giggled. Meredith smiled too. "Aaron really likes you," she sighed. "You're like a best buddy to him."

"I can take him for a moment," Meredith offered. Maylin smiled and handed her Aaron. Aaron instantly went for Meredith's ponytail. Meredith reached for the shiny keys she had stored and shook them in front of Aaron's face. He grabbed for them instantly. Meredith held them just out of reach of the child's small hands. Aaron loved the teasing game.

While Meredith amused the smile toddler, who was already sitting up for such a young age, she watched Maylin. Sure, Maylin smiled, but Meredith could already read the woman well. She wasn't doing well.

"What's bothering you?" Meredith asked. After a moment, Maylin's shoulder dropped, as if there were tons of weight placed over them. She sighed.

"It's Dylan. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. And I'm terrified of what could happen. I don't like him working on bombs all the time. I really hate when he works every day and all I'm worried about is the day he's going to blow up. I'm tired of it."

Meredith nodded. "I understand." To a point, she could. Maylin nodded, looking down at her hands.

After a moment, Maylin looked up. "Dylan's intrigued by you," she commented, fiddling with her ring on her finger. "He wants to get to know you." Maylin looked at Meredith closely, for a reaction probably.

Meredith shrugged. "I'm interested in him also."

"I don't think you understand what I'm saying," she sighed. After a moment, Maylin stood up. "I need to use the bathroom. Could you watch Aaron?" Meredith nodded, finally allowing Aaron to grasp hold of the keys. Happily, the boy began to shake the keys himself. After a moment, he spied Meredith's ponytail again and yanked at her hair before she had a chance to stop him. It didn't hurt, just stung a little, but she removed Aaron's hand and scolded him.

He looked at her with wide, innocent eyes, but Meredith told him, "The baby eyes don't work on me."

After a moment, he started to tear up. Meredith shook her head. "If you start crying, you won't get your surprise." Aaron looked at her curiously. "You want the prize?"

Aaron finally decided to pretend he couldn't hear her and started crawling towards the keys again. Meredith let him take the keys. She leaned her head back against the headboard and closed her eyes for a moment. Her hands were around Aaron loosely, to make sure he didn't crawl off.

Just as she was beginning to relax, she heard the door open and Izzy and George walked in. Instantly, Meredith's eyes opened and she made a shushing sound. Aaron didn't like a ton of noise and wasn't much of a fan of Izzy for how loud she could be, but he was growing fond of her. He absolutely adored George though.

When they walked in, Aaron's interest in the keys disappeared altogether. He looked over at George and Izzy before he started crawling towards them. George reached for him instantly. While he cooed over him, Izzy sat beside Meredith.

"How are you holding up?" she asked. Meredith shrugged.

"Everything's fine, I guess. My note-taking is going well."

Izzy nodded, biting into an apple. "So where is Maylin anyway?" Maylin came in at that instant. She smiled at the two surgeons and walked over to kiss Aaron's head. He reached right for her, his interest in George momentarily forgotten.

"How are your days going?" Maylin asked both George and Izzy. They were all starting to get to know each other and Maylin was so sweet, George and Izzy both grew fond of her instantly. While those three started talking, Meredith closed her eyes again. She felt exhausted.

Izzy noticed this and pointed them all outside of the room to let Meredith rest.

Within minutes, Meredith was asleep.



Meredith woke up by Cristina, who was shaking her awake. Meredith mumbled and peeked at Cristina through slit eyes. "What do you need?" she grumbled, trying to get as comfortable as possible in the hospital bed. She was still half asleep and hoped she could get back to her dream. It was the first lust-filled dream in a long time that wasn't about McDreamy...

"I need to talk to you, Mere," Cristina said, "It's about Dylan's surgery."

Instantly, Meredith was alert and sitting up. "What happened?"

"It went well. I just wanted to see you squirm." Meredith glared at her friend.

"That's what you woke me up for? To tell me that Dylan's surgery went well?"

Cristina nodded. "You do care. I can see it in your expression."

"It doesn't matter to me."

"Suuure. Last time you tried to deny things was about McDreamy. Obviously, you're liking this guy now."

Meredith rolled her eyes and lay back down. Resting her arm above her head, she told Cristina, "Describe the surgery."

Cristina nodded and started explaining. It was a basic procedure, to remove the last of the shrapnel and double check for any injuries that could have been overlooked. Scarring seemed to be a problem for Dylan, but otherwise his injuries were healing well. The skin grafts were still holding nicely and there wasn't too much damage from the remaining shrapnel. The shrapnel was a little more excessive than they originally thought, so it took longer to remove everything, but overall the procedure went well.

Just as Cristina finished describing, Dylan was being wheeled in. Meredith peeked over at him. He stilled seemed out of it, but otherwise he was awake. Cristina met Meredith's gaze and grinned. Meredith glared at her. "Why don't you go grab me a cupcake with blue frosting?" Meredith asked.

Cristina shook her head. "You know there's no food until after the surgery," she said, patting Meredith's hand. "I promise you, the moment you can, I'll bring you all the cupcakes you'd like-" Cristina's pager went off. She looked at it instantly and jumped to her feet. "I have to go. Bye bomb leader!" Cristina threw over her shoulder as she dashed out of the room. Meredith sighed and reached for her notebook. She started writing out Dylan's procedure and sketching out what could have been happening. She'd ask for the tape later to double check.

Suddenly, Dylan spoke out. "'ey, Mere-dith," he managed out, pausing in-between her name. Meredith looked over at him. He was on morphine again. The pain must have been really bad. She rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you talk after you're not drugged up?" she suggested.

"...Why are you so... suicid..." Suddenly he fell silent, staring at Meredith. "You... just throw yourself in the middle of danger," he continued, blinking and watching Meredith's reaction. "... w-why?"

Meredith looked over at him, looking him over. "Is that what you've wanted to ask this whole time?" she asked. He nodded. She paused and then started scribbling in her notebook. "... I have this feeling to," she said. "I just feel like I need to throw myself into the danger, save others no matter the cost. It's this urge to just... do that and.-" She was quiet again and looked at him. "Why do you put yourself in danger all the time?"

Dylan opened his mouth to say so, but then he waved his hand. "...I-I think it's time to sleep," he said, mumbling and turning over. Meredith looked at Dylan's form a moment longer, before George came in for her pre-op.

At Dylan's bed, a non-morphined patient lay there, thinking over what she had said.



Maylin was in Dylan's room as soon as she was allowed to. Meredith had just gone into surgery a while ago. The siblings talked for a while, until Maylin brought up, "Why are you so interested in Meredith Grey?"

Dylan looked at his sister, eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"

Maylin smiled. "I've never seen you this interested in any woman before. Why?"

"She's a curious person by nature and she has a curious mind in which I'm intrigued to figure out," Dylan told his sister.

Maylin smiled. "I still wish you would have become the psychologist. You would have been so much safer then."

Dylan shook his head. "This was my calling. Besides, psychology isn't my passion and you know that, Maylin."

"No, psychology was your passion," Maylin argued. "But then that man came into your life-"

"That's enough, Maylin," Dylan interrupted. His gaze was cold and his expression blank, but Maylin could tell he was angry. She just shook her head.

"You'll have to face it eventually, Dylan," Maylin told him and stood up. "Well, Helaku will be waiting for me for dinner. I'll be back tomorrow. Tell Meredith I hope her surgery went well." Dylan nodded, staring out the window in the hospital room. Maylin sighed and walked out.

His past was something Dylan wished to avoid. He didn't want to think about it; the smoke or the bodies or the blood that covered his face...

He clenched his fists together and pushed down the thought. He would never bring up that day to memory again. Ever.

Thankfully for him, he managed to doze off to sleep until Meredith returned. When she did, Meredith just closed her eyes and fell asleep. Dylan watched her quietly, studying her in a way he had learned when he studied to be a psychologist. She was exhausted, physically, but mentally was the worst of the two. He wondered what baggage lay buried beneath her exterior. He wanted to figure out.


Sorry for such a short chapter, but this chapter had to be like this. Soon we'll get to some light fluff. Hopefully. I'm trying to plot it out. Thank you for your patients in waiting for this chapter. I hope I didn't disappoint you.