Welcome to Across the Fandom. As you may have gathered from the title, we are writing one-shots for many of the Zelda fandom pairings.

Each chapter will be a one-shot featuring a different pairing. The one-shots are over one thousand words, but under five thousand and feature no M-rated content.

If you would like to contribute a chapter, visit our forum, the certifiably insane LoZ pairings project, Dannondorf moderator. There we have a list of pairings that have been claimed and that need to be written. Every author can claim one and is assigned one via random number generator.

I'll put the disclaimer here, and the author's name at the top of their chapter.

We do not, under any circumstances, own the Legend of Zelda.

Here are all the pairings, a few of them are unusual, but we're going to try.

Anju X Kafei

Aryll X Komali

Ashei X Shad

Aveil X Link

Beth X Collin

Cremia X Link

Din X Link

Farore X Link

Fierce Deity X Link

Great Fairy X Link

Hena X Link

Ilia X Link

Ilia X Ralis

Lulu X Mikau

Maggie X Link

Malon X Dark

Malon X Link

Malon X Sheik (separate person from Zelda)

Marin X Link

Medli X Komali

Medli X Link

Midna X Link

Midna X Zant

Nabooru X Ganondorf

Nabooru X Link

Nayru X Link

Navi X Link

Navi X Tael

Queen of Fairies X Link

Romani X Link

Ruto X Link

Saria X Dark

Saria X Link

Saria X Mido

Sheik(same person as Zelda) X Link

Tatl X Link

Tetra X Link

Zelda X Dark

Zelda X Ganondorf

Zelda X Link

With that finished, on to the stories. Hang on to your seatbelts, it's going to be a wild ride.