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"Stormy is all that matters right now." I blushed slightly at Edward's words. I've never been use to be cared for or taken care of. I would always have to take care of myself. I was accustomed to that. So, having Carlisle bandage me up felt more than weird. What felt even weirder is that I just realized I was in a house full of vampires. Though, it was reassuring that they feed off of animals and not humans.

Oddly, I didn't feel overwhelmed by the information they gave me. Any other person would be thinking they have gone insane and maybe I have, but it seemed liked all the pieces were put together. Well, maybe not all the pieces, but most were. The fact that the bullet bounced off of Emmett made sense now and I figured out what exposure meant without even having to ask. They couldn't be exposed to the people. It's common sense really.

You don't have to take me with you. I thought clearly for Edward to hear, because they really didn't. They could live their immortal lives without me. I would be dead in a matter of sixty, fifty years. The one thing holding me back from going with them though was the fear of being safe. No matter how much I didn't want to go back to that house, to that life, being safe just didn't feel comfortable. I know it sounds crazy, but being in despair felt comfortable to me because it was something I knew all too well. Being actually safe though, is like going to Mars. It's foreign, unfamiliar, and scary. I guess that's what happens when pain is all you know.

Edward stopped talking to Carlisle and looked at me, reading my thoughts. I tucked a strand of brown hair behind my ear. His black eyes met my grey ones. "Emmett won't leave without you and honestly after what I saw, I can't leave you here either. I've never been subjected to thoughts like yours. It's maddening. I can't have you on my conscience. Neither can Emmett."

"Neither can I." Carlisle said as he finished cleaning up the visible wounds that weren't hidden by clothing. He felt my stomach with his hand and I winced, confirming that there were bruises there. I lifted my shirt slightly so he could wrap gauze around it. My stomach was tiny; actually all of me was tiny. Even though I was sixteen, I was only 5'2 and 90 pounds. I could never eat much at home, due to the fear that my father would come into the kitchen drunk and ready to give me hell. I took to always hiding in my room, trying to find ways to distract myself from the impending beating I was sure I would get later on in the night. Always bruised, hiding, beaten, desperate for someone to save me. Still though, it was weird to be...safe. I had become so accustomed to being lost in despair and pain. Now that there are people, vampires, here to save me; to take me away from my horrible life, I still deny them or at least I try.

"I thought you said this would be a family decision." I said to Edward who was now leaning against the wall of the office. My voice fell flat, showing no emotion. I could tell that he could hear every thought going through my head though. His face was cringed up in a pained look. "Safe." I heard him mumble.

"We're taking you. I've already seen it." The pixie haired one walked into the office gracefully. She was followed by the guy who looked like he was in pain. My gaze on Edward faltered and I looked at her confused. "Edward can read minds. I can see the future. I'm Alice by the way and this is Jasper. He can manipulate emotions." She said simply. I nodded, "Stormy." I said to both of them. I shot Jasper a look that meant he shouldn't even try to manipulate my emotions. I could tell he got the message and he smiled slightly. Alice smiled at me and I tried to smile back, but my lips ended up forming into a grimace. Suddenly, her eyes went distant as if she were staring off into space. I looked at Edward, he seemed troubled. Alice gasped when she came back to reality. "He called the cops." She and Edward said at the same time. Emmett rushed into the room in a flash. He moved so quickly. "He called what? Already? Dammit Edward! You should have hit him harder!"

"Vampires have super-hearing and we're very fast." Carlisle whispered into my ear as he finished bandaging my small stomach. I fixed my shirt over the gauze. Luckily, that was the last wound I had. I nodded and watched Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Edward converse. "That's probably our cue to leave then." Jasper said. "We can take the cars." Alice added. Emmett and Edward both shook their head. "Too slow. We can run. Get a boat." Emmett said.

Some time in between the conversation, the blond one and the motherly one walked into the room. "Rosalie is the blond one. Esme is the other one." Carlisle said. Then he moved from my side and joined the conversation that I wasn't even focusing on anymore. I leaned against the desk. My eyes were locked with Rosalie's eyes. She looked like she wanted to kill me and in less than a second, she was in front of me. I looked up, her deadly gaze meeting my scared one. Her cold hand clasped around my neck, lifting me up. My feet couldn't touch the ground. Her nails were digging into my flesh. A snarl left her lips. If I ever had any doubt about their strength, it was gone at that moment. I couldn't breath. I was so sure I was going to die. "ROSALIE!" I heard multiple voices call. In that minute, I was dropped to the hardwood floor, coughing and gasping for air. My eyes were focused on Emmett's face. He was kneeling next to me, stroking my hair. "Stormy..."

"You guys are stupid to take her with us. She's already risked exposure. The cops are coming and it's her fault." I barely heard Rosalie's disgusted voice. How much more pain could my body take?

"Rosalie we don't have time for this. Stormy is part of this family now." Carlisle said in a stern tone.

Emmett, then, picked me up bridal style. His cold arms wrapping around me. She sighed profoundly and looked at Emmett. "We'll talk later." And with that she ran out of the room at vampire speed. "She'll meet up with us later." Edward said when she was gone. In that moment, it just felt as if my whole body was collapsing. I couldn't hold on to reality anymore. Everything just went black.




Darkness. I was standing in a cloud of darkness. My hands pinned down to my side as I stood there helpless. Slow,cold, breaths were hitting my neck. Cold hands ran down my arm, making me shudder. "Relax." The voice sounded like a snake hissing into my ear. The hands ran up back to my shoulders, clasping onto them tightly. "This will be over before you know it." It was a male voice, but not my father's. I couldn't make out who it was. His hands slowly clasped around my neck. "I will enjoy your death."

I woke up, breathing heavily and sweating. It took my eyes a while to adjust to the darkness I was looking at. After a while, I figured I was in a tent for some reason. I was laying on a bed roll and there was a backpack next to me. I reached out to get it, ignoring the pain in my side. I opened it to see a bunch of clothes packed inside. They weren't mine though, they looked new. I shrugged and closed the backpack. I looked down at myself. Every part of me seemed to be covered in gauze or bandaids. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. I blushed slightly, wondering who changed me. I guessed it was Esme or Alice. I tried to get myself to stop thinking superficial thoughts and focus on the matter at hand.

Where the hell am I?

I could smell the faint scent of trees and hear the faint sound of rushing water. It was no doubt I was in a forest, but why? Then a familiar voice reached my ears as someone entered the tent. "Hey, I'm sorry about earlier." It was Rosalie. Her golden eyes were visible in the darkness and her voice seemed a lot more calm now than it was before. "It's okay..." I said hesitantly.

"No...it's not. I'm sorry for almost killing you. It's just that Emmett has never been so serious about helping someone before. I see the way he looks at you." She sighed and her voice became stern. "Let me just make one thing clear and we won't have a problem. Emmett is mine. Jasper is with Alice. Carlisle is with Esme. Edward, you can have Edward if you want." She said. I nodded. Honestly, I didn't plan on having a relationship. It was the last thing that passed my mind; yet my heart still dropped when she said Emmett was taken. I didn't know why I felt the way I did, but I shook it off, not wanting to think about it. A relationship is the last thing I need, especially a relationship with a vampire. She nodded, apologized again, and left the tent. I didn't even have a chance to ask her where we were. I wasn't alone for long though, Emmett entered the tent after a few minutes. His eyes were golden again. The eye color thing was probably a vampire thing.

"Hey, how are you?" He asked and sat down next to me. His large form was all I could in the darkness.

"Everything hurts, but I'm managing. Where are we?" I asked as I tried to sit up. I winced and Emmett placed a cold hand on my back to help me. I smiled slightly at him. "Thanks."

"No problem, actually I don't really know where we are. We couldn't decide on a place to go and you were passed out which made things feel more tense. So, we just decided to pack everything up and head north. We are far from Forks, that's for sure. I guess that's a perk of being a vampire. You go wherever, whenever." He said with a grin.

"I-uh-Thank you Emmett. For everything. I mean you really didn't have to. Really you didn't. I could have lasted there with my father. Now it's because of me that you guys had to leave."

"Nah don't worry about it Stormy. People were already getting suspicious. Considering how young Carlisle looks and how he never seems to age. None of us age actually, we have to move from time to time so we won't be exposed."

"So you guys don't age, are super fast, have super-hearing and strength, you drink animal blood instead of human. You're eyes change color due to your hunting activities I'm guessing. You're cold, pale, beautiful, and some of you have special talents. Am I missing anything?"

"Well yes, but that stuff can wait until another day. You need to get some rest."

"I just woke up."

"Still, you need to rest. We are going to need to figure out where to go and you need all the rest you can get sunshine." He said. I gave him a glare at the nickname. He grinned at me and I sighed. It's hard to be mad at someone like him.

"Where are we going?"

"Who knows? We got the whole world to choose from."

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