Thoughts of You

A Music Man fan fiction poem in the voice of Zaneeta Shinn about her feeling for Tommy Diljas inspired by the song On My Own from Les Miserables

Note: You may be wondering why I chose to use inspiration from a song from Les Miserables to go with characters from Music Man. One word I can define this with is challenge. Hopefully this is successful. If so I plan on writing a crossover where Epionine gives Zaneeta advice about her relationship with Tommy… stay tuned.

On my own

I picture us together

Happy and content

Anything is possible ye gads

I sit in the rain in silence

Letting it all fall down

Bliss has found me whenever I'm with you

I wish we didn't have to keep it a secret

Am I toying with fate

Or can this be reality?

On my own

I picture us happy together

But Papa would never approve.

I love you

But do I only love you on my own

Or do you feel the same?