Title: Time

Part: six in a series

Author: September's Nobara

Fandom: Trigun

Characters: The usual suspects

Pairings: Slight mention of Vash/Wolfwood, etc.

Rating: K

Genre: Comedy.

Warnings: The perils of children's programming and inability to sleep.

Disclaimer: I own nothing whatsoever.

Archiving: Yes please, just ask first.

Feedback: Yes, please. Constructive criticism is very, very welcome.

Author's Note: My sleep cycle is awful. I somewhat agree with Vash, here: yes, language is very bizarre, at times!

There is nothing romantic about not being able to sleep, Vash decides at eleven-fifty at night. Next to him, Wolfwood sleeps, hair disheveled and taking up more of the bed than he really ought to. He sounds like a purring kitten, the blonde thinks, listening to the light snores coming from the other person. Vash turns to his right side and shuts his eyes. Sleep, that would be pleasant.

Did I remember to shut the water off at work?

Are all the lights off in the house?

I wonder what would happen if salmon was marinated in white wine, and put on a grill? Was that sentence even grammatically correct? Should I have said "was", or "were" marinated? Ah, la langue est trés bizarre!

Sighing, he sits up. Well. Time for a glass of water.

Meandering into the kitchen, Vash grabs a tumbler from a cabinet above the sink, thanking the foresight to put in a few night-lights around the kitchen. Ice, then water, fill the glass. Sipping at the water, Vash regards the blank television. Hm. Wonder what's on?

"Hey, Vash."


"Just comin' in to get some water," Wolfwood says, yawning. Vash watches as the man goes through the process of glass, ice, and water. Wandering over next to Vash's seat on the couch, Wolfwood first looks at the television, then at the blonde. "What'cha watchin'?" he asks, taking a gulp of water. "Looks all... watercolor-y."

Vash nods. "It's called Little Bear."

Wolfwood blinks, a confused frown on his face. An eyebrow is raised. "Isn't that a kid's show?"

"Yes." Vash pats the cushion next to him. "Wanna watch it with me?"

"Aren't you gonna come back to bed?"

"Aren't you going to sit next to me?" Vash gestures again to the cushion.

"Well... fine."

The second episode of the night is half-way through when Lady Black Cat pokes her head in from the bedroom. "Meow," she says, observing the two men almost asleep on the couch.

"C'mon, kitty," Wolfwood murmurs, "have a seat." the man pats the unoccupied part of the couch. After a few sips of water from her tray, Lady Black Cat complies, taking up the entire cushion for the rest of the night.

"Y'know, I think Mitzi's kind of a troll," Wolfwood says the next morning.

"Really?" Vash responds, looking at Wolfwood in the mirror. "I've always wondered where she's from." Both men yawn at seven-forty in the morning, on the dot.

"I think the show takes place in the 1800s."

"Yeah, probably," Vash begins brushing his teeth. "That still doesn't answer my question, though."

"After work?"

"After work."

Secondary Author's Note: Little Bear was a huge part of my childhood. It does still stand the test of time for me. The "was" or "were" grammar question is one that's been on my mind off and on for a while. Special thanks to my Significant Other for helping out with my nit-picky questions.