A Legendary Roadtrip

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: You're probably all asking, don't I already have a roadtrip fanfic? Technically, yes. But it doesn't matter, they're fun! Especially when anything can happen... that's right, anything, be it good... or bad. Really awkward. So now, I'm going to spam the word count, because I am and evil guy, and that's what evil guys do, because we evil guys love being jerks, cause jerks are top meanies, cause meanies are big jackasses, cause jackasses are so terrible that they would love to beat up any single precious thing in the nearby area on the account of wanting to do such horrible things like rape and date and rape and sleep and rape and attack and rape and jerk off and rape and do something other than raping and rape and - whoops, time's up. Enjoy!

It was a surprisingly quiet morning at some random mansion in the middle of a beautiful, grassy meadow. Arceus was sleeping in the world's largest bed, snoozing comfortably as a Zoroark ran in, wearing a maid outfit.

"Hey... Arceus... wake up..." The Zoroark whispered as he tapped Arceus on the nose several times.

Arceus groaned as he extended his legs, smacking his lips together as he looked up at Zoroark. "What, what is it?"

Zoroark casually shrugged as he wagged his right index finger at Arceus, telling him, "Well, I have a little something at the westernmost end... and I need someone to check it for me."

Arceus eyed Zoroark oddly. "Why can't you just go and check it yourself?"

Zoroark rubbed his right arm as he rolled his eyes, looking for any excuse he could think of. "Because... I gotta train for the upcoming tournament. Just be a pal and do it for me, please Arceus?"

Arceus groaned as he agreed to Zoroark's plea. "...Fine. But it better be good."

"Oh, don't worry, my lord, it is!" Zoroark stated as he chuckled, showing the way to the front of the mansion.

Heading outside, Arceus turned back as he watched the Zoroark waving goodbye, rushing inside and closing the door shut. He sighed as he approached a large boulder. "Well... better adjust this thing so it could be able to fit me in..." He closed his eyes and transformed the rock into a red colored car, being able to hold in at least five people. He smiled as he nodded, heading into the driver's seat of the car. "Well, then, let's go and check out what this thing is..."

"Hiya, Arceus! Whatcha doin?" Meloetta exclaimed as she popped out of nowhere, appearing right next to Arceus.

"What the - how the-" Arceus growled as he shook his head with his right fore limb on his head. "Meloetta, what are you doing in here?"

Meloetta giggled as she rubbed the back of her head. "Oh, well... I kinda heard about something in the west, and I wanted to come..."

Genesect and Keldeo both slowly rose up from behind, shocking Arceus, who gawked in disbelief as he turned his head around.

"You were going somewhere, Arceus?" Genesect asked as he chuckled, tipping his mechanical claws together.

Arceus rolled his eyes. "Just what do you two troublemakers want?"

Keldeo shrugged as he sheepishly smiled. "Well, we just want to have some fun. Can we have a wittle fun, Arceus?"

"I don't know..." Arceus muttered as he closed his eyes. "I was just going there for a few hours, but-"

Arceus opened his eyes again, this time out of fear, as he heard a girlish squeal of joy. he turned his head to the right, seeing a couple of fangirling Castform heading towards him. Meloetta, Genesect, and Keldeo all screamed in unison as Arceus stepped on the gas.

"Hold on tight! We're outta here!" Arceus shouted as he drove off, the car leaving behind the lone mansion in the middle of the grassy meadows as the fangirling Castform tried following, but were too slow.

It was fifteen minutes later, and the group of legendaries were on the high way, heading straight towards the western direction. Arceus was paying all attention to the road, not wanting to be distracted.

"So... anything in particular that we're gonna see?" Meloetta asked innocently as she placed her hands down.

Arceus glanced at Meloetta, then sighed as he looked forward, paying as much attention to the road as possible. "I don't know, Meloetta. That stupid Zoroark didn't say anything about what was lying there."

"Wait, a Zoroark sent you?" Keldeo asked out of curiosity as he lifted his head up.

"Yeah." Arceus replied.

"Was he wearing a maid outfit?" Keldeo asked again as he pointed his left front hoof forward.

Arceus nodded. "Yes, why do you ask?"

Keldeo slammed the back of Arceus' seat as he folded his hooves together, grumbling in anger. Arceus, Meloetta, and Genesect all glanced at each other, then at Keldeo.

"...Are you all right, Keldeo?" Genesect asked as he tilted his head to the right.

Keldeo eyed Genesect. "That lousy bastard owes me fifty bucks."

Meloetta rubbed her right arm as she glanced forward, gasping as she tapped Arceus several times. "Arceus, look at the road!"

Arceus turned around, screaming in shock as he shifted to the right, avoiding a large tanker. All four of the legendary Pokemon all sighed as Arceus shifted back in his lane, several more cars in front and behind him.

"Well..." Arceus sighed as he rolled his eyes. "This is gonna be a long trip."