As Arceus continued driving over the highway that stood mighty and tall over the salty ocean below, Meloetta continued hiccuping cutely as Genesect and Keldeo stared at each other, both of them understandably bored out of their minds.

"You just blinked. Don't lie," Keldeo stated as he pointed his front right hoof at Genesect's face.

Genesect was still silent, then sighed as he nodded. "How could you tell?"

Genesect's eyes briefly flickered yellow, before returning to their normal orange color.

Genesect frowned, dropping his mechanical arms down. "Welp. You caught me."

Keldeo smirked as he folded his front hooves together. "That's what I figured." He then looked over the car, looking down to still see the road looking exactly the same as before. He called up Arceus. "So, uhh, how much longer are we going for?"

Arceus sighed as he shook his head. "I don't know. We're just lucky that we're going as fast as we can." He closed his eyes and sighed, still concentrating. "I'd hate to see what traffic hour would look like here."