Neko: I'm doing an AU to my own story line *-_-

Scott: And that's possible how?

Neko: Well you see, in this story they never went to that game that I made up and turned out insane so their still living in that crappy little house with the killer sofa bed and all my original characters except for Cami are 'poof' in wherever they were before.

Scott: I see

Neko: Yep, focus more on the people that count… you and Lance

Scott: Yay

Neko: And Cami and Pietro as a little sub thing, but that's just for me.

Scott: Ok then so this is….

Neko: Slash, season two never happened but the new recruits are there, and Mystique did send Cami over and is still giving her a 'small' allowance

Scott: Works for me.

"Should I even ask what you're doing?" Lance asked sitting down at the Brotherhood's table with a tray of what resemble tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. He stuck his cheap plastic spoon into the red liquid and watched as his sister drew on his friend's bicep with a fountain pen. Looking at the drawing the oldest mutant could see that it was a cheetah, and quiet an elaborate one at that.

"Apparently she's been working on it since first break," Fred explained as they watched the wind rider work. "Pietro is actually being still for her too." That in itself was amazing. It was sort of given away by the fact the speed demon's fingers on the side not being worked on were going at a fair speed.

"Why a cheetah?"

"Cause they're fast and I really only know how to do animals," Cami responded eyes not leaving her work. "At the foster home I was in we did fountain pen tattoos and I found a talent and made money off it. I'm going to do a frog catching a fly on Todd's arm and Freddy's debating between a rhino or an elephant."

"Um," Lance blinked, "ok, why?"

"The fun of it, yo," Todd answered with a shrug. "Animal that sort of represents our powers, y'know? Better than writing Brotherhood across our backs or something."

"But you're Toad, not Frog."

"Yeah, but frog's look better and what kind of code name would Frog be?"

"Never mind then," the rock tumbler shook his head giving up trying to figure his 'team' out, "Toad, is there a reason you're putting ketchup in a plastic bag?"

"It's free," Todd answered stashing away another bag of ketchup, "as long as the X-geeks don't catch me, I also got Mayo and mustard." He took the white and yellow sandwich bags out for a brief moment before putting them back into his backpack.

"What do we have to put ketchup on?" Fred asked. "Unless we wanted to make soup." Which brought him back to today's lunch.

"There finished." Cami withdrew her pen and looked proudly at her work. "Makes him look a little less fruity don't cha think?"

"I am not fruity," Pietro snapped back at her, "you're just jealous of how sexy I am." He looked at his new fountain pen tattoo.

"Nope, fruity, but in the best possible way."

"I think she's right, Maximoff, you're just a fruit."

Pietro glared with ice blue eyes at his rival, "Who asked you, Daniels? Now beat it before I have to kick your ass."

"Like you could."

"Oh," Cami looked at Pietro with a sparkle in her eye, "let me, I haven't gotten a chance to kick X-geek butt yet." Then she looked at Avalanche as if for approval.

"Sit back down, Shrimp, and start on Toad's frog tattoo whatever you're doing. Evan shouldn't even be over by our table. Maybe you should leave, hedgehog."

"Well that's a new one," Evan shot back. "Isn't that, like, slimy?" He asked looking at Cami as she started her art on Todd's arm.

"You been hanging 'round Pryde too much, yo. And I ain't slimy, that's only my tongue," Todd eyed the X-man and it looked like three out of five Brotherhood members were ready to jump him if Lance let them.

"Yeah, sure, what…" He was cut off as Cami flicked a spoon at him and it hit him in the head before bouncing off and smacking Scott who was coming to get Evan in the forehead.

"Two birds, one stone," she exchanged high fives with Pietro and Todd, "I rule."

"Lovely welcome," Scott grumbled rubbing where the spoon had hit him, "come on, Evan, you've got no reason to be over here."


"Evan, let's go!" Scott snapped giving the 'get going now or you'll be in more danger with me than them' look. "Were you aware that Maximoff, Toad, and Petro were all prepared to jump onto you and tear you apart if Alvers had so much as glanced away? Why were you over there in the first place."

"I can go wherever I want," Evan protested, "and what could the Brotherhood's new little pet do to me anyway."

"You'd be surprised what you can learn in a foster home." Both turned around to see Lance Alvers standing behind them with his hands in the pockets of his vest. "And may I warn you Daniels is that we're protective of our 'new little pet' and if I hear you talking that way about my sister again I will rip all those spikes out of your body." He turned around and walked back to the table.

"Sister?" Both boys blinked and looked at each other before Spyke gulped.

"I don't think it's Toad, Pietro, and Cami I need to be worried about."

"Hah," Pietro laughed so hard he fell over and hit his head on the table.

"Well there's three more brain cells of yours we need to find," Cami muttered taking a bite out of her sandwich.

"Did you see Daniels face! That was priceless, Lance, simply priceless."

"I thought you weren't going to threaten them just tell them to stay away," Fred remarked finishing his watered down ketchup in one slurp.

"Yeah well, they called Cami our pet." Lance said realizing he'd just set Cami up for Pietro perfectly before he could stop himself.

The white haired teen had recovered from his laughing enough to put his arm on Cami's shoulder and run his fingers through her light brown hair. "Well, she's my pet."

"Watch it, or you'll be the one I'm tearing limb by limb," Lance warned in a growl.

"I can take care of myself," Whirlwind protested, "now remove your arm, Pietro, before I rip it out of it's socket and beat you with it."

"Oh, fiesty…"

"Hey, shut up, yo, seems to be our bad day." Todd pointed to several approaching figures, "X-geek newbies are coming."

"Oh, come on Lance, let us show them they're place," Pietro begged, "or let Cami, poor girl is deprived."

"Yeah," Cami put in crossing her arms. "I never get to have any fun." A grin spread across her face as Lance waved an ok and went back to lunch. She stood up and hooked a thumb in one of the back pocket of her black jeans and approached Iceman, Boom Boom, Magma, and Berzerker with a walk that had the type of attitude only she and her brother could pull off.

"Well, her walk is perfectly fine," Pietro noted taking notes on what they'd have to work on with their own recruit.

Cami stuck her foot out casually just in front of Amara tripping the princess.

"You did that on purpose! Apologize!" Amara practically shrieked glaring at the other mutant. She'd caught herself right before she'd done a face plant.

"What? Why?" Cami looked as innocent and confused as possible. "It was an accident, I didn't do nothing. Maybe you should apologize to me. Could've twisted my ankle or something."

"What?!" Amara was starting to get outraged by this common folk talking back to her like that.

"Hey, let's just drop it," Bobby tried to intervene to avoid a scene. Poor Bobby was way too late for that. "I'm sure Cami didn't mean to and…"

"Drake, she's one of them," Ray pointed toward the Brotherhood's table, "she did it on purpose no doubt and now I think she's…"

"Opps, here comes your babysitters," Cami grinned wickedly and tapped Ray's nose, "see ya around, Sparky." With that she turned on her heels and walked back to the table and straddling the back of her chair facing the table as if nothing had happened.

"Well, was I the only one to pick out her fatal flaw?" Pietro asked looking around the table.

"What 'fatal flaw'?"

"You left yourself open for…" Pietro paused and got up, "that, let's go guys." Everyone but Lance and Cami left the table as Jean, Scott, and Evan came up with Cami's targets behind them.

"I think you should apologize to…" Jean started but didn't get a chance to finish as Cami interrupted her.

"This is what you're doing," Cami made her hand look like it was talking, "this is what I want you to do." She closed her thumb against the bottom of her fingers and shook her head at Jean. "I thought telepaths knew this type of stuff."

Lance swore he could see Scott smirk but it quickly vanished.

"Did you just tell me to shut up?" Jean asked in shock. "You have some attitude."

"Well sorry if my life hasn't been all sugar and roses like yours has so I actually have a personality."

"It's no excuse for you to team up with them when we at the Institute can help you," Jean tried to sound kind and concerned and it was only getting Lance angry.

"Back off, Red," Lance stood up and glared at Jean. "She can…"

"Let me speak for myself," Cami cut in getting up and looking at the older girl in the face, "I don't need a pity party, I don't need training, I can't stand perfect people and from what I've seen that's what that institute of yours tries to do. You probably don't know half the pain I've been through, so good bye Miss top grades dating the football quarterback." She pushed passed Jean and stopped looking at Bobby then Ray who were blocking her path. "Sparky, Frosty, move please."

"Not until you…" Ray was cut off as Lance pushed him to the side and put his arm around his sister's shoulders.

"Let's go find the cowards," he looked back and saw Scott watching him and frowned before quickly turning his head back around. "Ditching you like that, not that you needed help," he rubbed her head effectively messing up her hair, "handled yourself pretty well there, Shrimp."

"That's because," she ducked away from him and straightened her hair, "I am the Whirlwind and I'm going to blow this place away!"

"So the bad puns are genetic?" The two looked over to see the very mutants they had been looking for relaxing against the lockers.

"Apparently, yo."

"Oh, can it you wimps," Cami snapped hitting Pietro over the head, "and that was not a bad pun it was a good one."

"Let's not get into any more arguments," Fred sighed, fortunately the bell rang signaling the end of lunch and the start of classes that were designed to bore the students to death. Of course it was the seniors free period so while the other four grumbled and went to class Lance just waved.

"I'll see you guys at home."

"Oh, Lance," Cami said turning around and walking backward, "there's some pistachio pudding in the fridge for you."

"I didn't know we had pistachio pudding," Todd whispered to Cami who just snickered and replied.

"We don't, it's the tapioca pudding we made a few months ago."

"Thanks, Cami, I'll save you guys some," Lance called back at them.

"No need!"

Hah, Lance thought as he headed for his jeep, like I'm going to fall for that one. He started out the doors and through the parking lot. A hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around.

"We need to talk

Neko: Oo, cliffhanger. Though we all probably know who it is. Oh and my disclaimer is I own Cami and that's it so get off my back. You'll have to stick around for a while to figure it out because next chapter is… Cami and Fred in science class. Yeah, Fred got held back in science and blah, blah, blah. Maybe some Sparky torture while I'm at it, I'm just in an odd mood.