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"Why does this remind me of a bad horror movie?" Lance groaned as he looked into the vast stretches of trees. "Bet none of the characters in the movies ever got tied up and dragged along until they found a gas station a mile down the road!"

Scott rolled his eyes though it was obviously just a force of habit since no one could see his eyes. "You whine a lot, you know that? You weren't cooperating." He surveyed the situation in his usual military manner. Since there were only two of them they'd have to get in and get out, nothing big and flashy. Considering both of their powers were big and flashy that wasn't going to be easy. The sun was rising, which was a bit ironic considering the famous saying 'we attack at dawn', a random part of him added 'and tea at noon' in the back of his mind. A rumble through the earth shook him quite literally out of his planning. "What the hell did you do?"

"While you were in la-la land, I made a path." Lance gestured behind him where he had cracked the ground open so the trees parted and revealed a metal, futuristic building. "Now come on, we're wasting time."

"Well, there goes being stealthy."

"We were going for stealth?" Lance asked blinking a couple times. "Well, ok, that plan is definitely down the hole. Let's just storm the place and kill anyone who gets in our way."

"You said that last thing like you don't care that they're actual people."

"Actual _people_ don't kidnap teens and do who knows what with them in large metal laboratories!" The earth manipulator waved at the lab behind them not caring just how obvious they were standing at the end of a path the trees had simply bended to create. Why should he care if these people lived or died?

"That's what police and jails for," Scott retorted not caring that Lance seemed to be getting a bit ticked.

"Fine, we'll just knock them unconscious," Lance growled, "but if you haven't noticed they haven't decided if mutants are humans or not so they could just walk away with animal cruelty on their records." He started for the building quite peeved.

Wisely, Scott shut up. What Lance said was true, mutants weren't considered humans by some people though one would think since their parents were human they'd be considered the same.


"That wind was caused by Cami!" Todd's eggs practically dropped out of his mouth as his jaw dropped. "But she doesn't _have_ that type of power. Not even on her best day, she couldn't have."

"Well she did," Pietro replied. It'd taken him a while to find all the others, by the time he had it was lights out and no talking or you'd be thrown into solitary confinement. "I was by her. That definitely came from her."

The conversations of others were a dull roar throughout the cafeteria as they all ate their breakfast. If there was one thing this place did right it was food.

"Where is she now?" Ray asked rolling the sausage around his plate with his fork.

"No clue, she just left," Pietro shook his head worriedly, "said she had a plan, which naturally didn't sound good."

"Never does," Fred mumbled. He felt like he had let Lance down, after all he had been in charge for some unknown reason. It hadn't really seemed to be reality until they had spent the first night with the rest of the mutants. Some didn't even seem to remember what the outside world was like, "probably reckless, and destructive, and made up as she goes along."

"Pro-" Pietro didn't get to finish the word as the lights flickered a couple of times and then went completely off. He watched almost fascinated as the green lights on Ray's, who was sitting across from him, collar become red and start to flash faster and faster until the turned off completely. "Ray, zap your collar."

"Huh?" The electrically enhanced mutant looked up and blinked a couple of times. He saw the serious look on the speedster's face and attempted a small spark seeing it spring from his fingers like a flicker of flame. "Alright." He grasped the metal around his neck in both hands and sent a surge through it. It unclasped and fell harmlessly to the table.

Pietro smiled in light of the small triumph and nodded. "The backup power on these things couldn't take the voltage you give off."

"So not all of you simply blow things up in Science class?"

"Hey," Fred protested, "blowing things up is an art."

"Whatever." Ray snagged the collar of the person next to him, Todd, and short circuited it. Then he did Fred then, a bit reluctantly, Pietro. By this time a crowd had started to gather to see what the strange sparks were.


Maya looked around the halls, the sting of her daughter's words ringing in her mind. They couldn't help her though, it wasn't possible. A figure of a body lying in a room wearing a white lab coat caught her eye. She halted abruptly and gapped at the sight. "Jonathan," she called out softly.

"What is it?" He turned and looked back at her from where he was disabling the electricity of the lab to bring the security systems down. The back up power on the mutant collars would kick in so it would still be safe.

Maya blinked a couple of times at the sight of her daughter lying on the floor of a room filled with buttons and monitors. Blood had seeped through the white fabric of the coat and on the skin of a flailed out arm she could see a spot where the skin had split open and was bleeding. There was no way Whirlwind was alive.


She turned away from the sight and followed Jonathan down the hall.


The light around the building flickered once, twice, and then went completely out. It had been hard to tell just what was going on in the daylight and the sudden change caused Avalanche and Cyclops to stop in their tracks.

"Think they forgot to pay their power bill?" Scott asked absently earning a glare from his partner. "Or not, maybe it's some kind of defense."

"Turning off the lights? Yeah, that's probably it." Lance rolled his eyes and started down the makeshift trail again. "Come on, sooner we get Pietro and the rest out the sooner I can destroy this place."

"Do you only think about destruction?"

"No, when we were making out I wasn't thinking a thing about destroying anything, except maybe your virginity." He smirked as he saw Scott turn redder than his glasses at the remark.

"What makes you think I'm still a virgin?" How amazing it was the way Lance could change subjects and be in a tense situation and still be a cocky little bastard crossed Scott's mind before another part (same that said tea at noon) decided to mention how Lance was a cocky little bastard that had almost corrupted him.

"The way you're blushing. Now keep your mind on what we're doing before I have to throw you in an ice cold lake or something."

"Keep _my_ mind on what we're doing?" Scott sighed heavily and shook his head knowing arguing was simply pointless. They could do that later.


"I can't do all these people!" Ray gasped practically falling out of his chair. "No way in hell, there are too many, I-"

"I suggest you find a way while we go find a way out of here." Pietro pointed at Ray almost threateningly.

"Is that a threat?"

Pietro nodded, "Or a challenge, choose one. Now you two," he turned to face Blob and Toad, "I trust you can cause enough destruction and mayhem for long enough to provide me with a distraction?"

"Of course, no problem," Todd 'pa-shawed' and grinned, "mayhem is my middle name and destruction is Fred's." He paused for a moment in a period of uncertainty. "If we get caught you'll come rescue us, right?"

"Well obviously." Pietro looked around at the crowd looking at their huddle expectantly. "Ok, now that we all know what we're doing any last words?"

"Yes," Ray injected, "if they ever make a movie of this I do not want some stupid second string part."

"Yeah, and I want to play myself," Toad added with a grin. "They wouldn't be able to find someone as brilliant and charming as me anyway."

"Ok, any last words that has to do with anything?" Pietro waited a few moments (milliseconds) before concluding no one had anything more to say. "That's what I thought. Ok, good luck." With that being said he was gone in a gust of wind.


Her mind was fading in and out of consciousness as she lied on the cold floor. It'd been strange, once in the control room, or at least that what she had thought it was, a splitting pain ripped through her flesh. A white pain blinded her and she had passed out, since whenever that was she'd be aware of the floor under her, or the buttons that were no longer lit up around her and then black out again.

After a few in and outs on consciousness she heard a familiar voice, a voice that didn't make her think 'oh god, I'm dead now' but rather that her slow and painful demise might be stopped and she'd live, at the moment that seemed pretty impossible though.

"CAMI!" He slid to a stop when he saw her out of the corner of his eye and promptly crashed into a nearby wall. He ignored the throbbing of his skull and, with the thoughts of the boy he'd been told of running through his mind, sprinted into the room and fell to his knees beside the wind maker. "Yep, Lance is going to kill us all," he muttered not sure if he was saying so to convince himself it only matter what Lance would do not if Cami lived or not or that he wanted his heart out of his throat and to beat regularly. He peeled the lab coat off of her and a small groan came from her indicating that she was in fact alive, if not for long.

"So that's where she got to."

Pietro looked up to see the short man that had an aura of just plain mean creepiness about him. The speed demon took the limp, bleeding body in his arms and stood up. "You now I should kill you," he simply stated.

"You act like it's my fault she's hurt. All I did was give her the injection; it was her blood that pumped too hard through her veins."

Pietro wasn't sure if that was possible and sneered at the man. "You're a monster, pure a simple." He shifted Cami's weight in his arms.

"I think you don't understand, you are the monster, you and your type. I'm really doing the world a favor to the world."

"My father was right about people like you," Pietro practically hissed, "and that's saying a lot since I hate agreeing with him." With that he zipped past the mad-scientist and started toward the cafeteria as Lance and Scott's presence was announced by a shutter of the metal walls.

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