There was a lot of blood pouring down his stump of an arm. But he didn't mind. Actually, he welcomed it. Yet, he didn't know what that part of stump was even called. At first he thought his arm shrunk in size. And that he lost his fingers for playing with them too much. However, the voice in his head told him otherwise.

It said: Play times over.

Naruto began to panic. Where the voice came from, he wondered a bit fearfully. However, two seconds after that, his voice began to quiver with excitement. "Are you my friend?" He shouted excitedly, not realizing his already pale body going to a different shade of color.

It's time I, it stated monotonelessly.

A pulse of energy fluttered through Naruto and all he felt was warmth instead of the already distant cold.

Naruto frowned. "Where are you?" He whimpered. "Are you my friend?" He giggled. "You are me," he finished.

Come, back into the dark. There you must rest.

A cold wind occupied the space where Naruto stood. Soon, a bloody force of warmth blew out of storm. Yet, he still didn't know what was going on.

"But, I don't like the dark." Naruto grinned.

Yes, Weasel said the same; however, he imbraced it when nothing else could.

Naruto snapped to attention at the name: weasel. Wide-eyed, he replied, "Weasel," then he blacked out.