I haven't written a good Holix fic in a long time. Why? The Mallet of Inspiration just wasn't giving me any new ideas. The past few fics mostly involved sleepy fluff and adorable kissing scenes. If there's one thing I fear, it's becoming one of those authors who write the same exact thing over and over again. Well, I finally got a new idea! A SERIOUSLY new idea. I highly doubt that anyone else was planning on doing something like this. This will be a chapter fic, but not a long one like Mending the Breach. I'd say it'll be about...five or six. It depends. Hope you like it! And I hope you like polar bears. ^_^

The creature heaved a heavy sigh as his eyelids slowly drifted open. He was aware of a biting coldness all around him, but not stinging him. Thick layers of fur and fat protected him from becoming another extension of the frozen tundra. A loud groan escaped his throat as he forced his head up. Black claws dug into the snow as he stood. Shaking his giant head, he cast his gaze around him.

'How did I get here?' He wondered, brushing some snow from his yellow-white fur. 'Why can't I remember anything?' As he examined himself, two words came to mind. He wasn't sure where the term came from, but he knew that it accurately described what he was: Polar Bear.

"Polar Bear." He growled the word out loud in his native tongue, a series of deep rumbles and body signals that only others of his species would understand. For some reason, it sounded different when spoken out loud.

He tilted his head back and scented the air, checking to make sure that he was safe. Immediately, he tensed as a known scent came to his nostrils: human. Again, the word came unbidden, but he knew what it meant. He tensed, ready to fight if necessary, if this human came close and issued a challenge. After a stretch of time, it became apparent that this human wasn't moving. A second whiff hinted at a fading of scent, a clear signal that the human was starting to freeze.

The bear snorted. Good riddance! With a huff, he turned and started to lumber in the opposite direction. Before he could get too far, however, something stopped him. It was a light tug in the back of his mind, a gentle pull in his chest. He wanted to go and see this dying human. 'Idiotic.' He chided himself. 'You'd only be asking for trouble.' Still, he couldn't bring himself to leave. His instinct and his newfound want battled for a short amount of time until instinct lost.

'The human isn't in a state to harm me.' He reasoned as he turned around and started walking toward the odor. 'I'll just take a look and then leave.' If it was unconscious, he'd probably eat it.

Eventually, he was able to see the distant outline of the human. It looked like it was wearing a blue coat. As he drew closer, he realized that the coat was lined with a material that was like fur, but smelled like plastic and artificial material. 'What a thin human. This thing won't even fill my back teeth!'

He stood over the human and leaned down, trying to get a general idea of its scent. There was an oddly sweet undertone to its aroma combined with a smell of chemicals. He wrinkled his nose for a moment. The aroma evoked an odd reaction in his mind, like he had smelled it before. For some reason, he found himself associating the smell with many things that humans should not be associated with: safety, gentleness, tenderness, and...a deep sense of affection. It was this that kept him from taking a bite or from leaving the pathetic being to its fate. Against all reason, he curled up around the human and carefully draped one of his forelegs across the creature's torso. It made a muffled noise and instinctively snuggled closer to him, nuzzling its face into his fur. He rested his head in the snow and closed his eyes.

When his eyes opened, it was dark. The black sky was covered with a blanket of stars. That wasn't what woke the bear up, however. What woke him was an annoying buzzing noise that was growing steadily louder by the second. He lifted his head with an irritated snarl. In the distance, he could see lights. They weren't stars, for they were bright red and they were moving. His ears flattened and he showed his teeth before turning his attention to the human. It was warmer and giving off a more vibrant scent, giving away more of its secrets. With another brief sniff, the bear was able to determine that the creature was a female.

Surely, those moving lights meant that there were more humans looking for their companion. The logical thing to do would be to leave the creature be and run. For some reason, he couldn't do that. He didn't want to just leave her. After a moment of indecision, he stood up and closed his teeth around the material of the human's coat and lifted her up. Glancing once over his shoulder, he started to run across the ice, away from the lights.

The female human was very light in his jaws and he had little trouble carrying her. Still, he had to be careful so that he didn't swing her around too much or hit her head on the ice below. To his chagrin, the buzzing lights weren't going away.

He caught a flash of black out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to the left. 'Yes!' It was cave, hopefully one that wasn't visible from the sky. Saying a silent prayer, the bear bounded toward the hole and squeezed in, placing the human down at the very back, on the snowy floor. There, he waited, not moving a muscle, allowing his body to cool down. The buzzing grew louder and louder. He gritted his teeth and groaned in agitation. Then, the sound faded once more. The lights were leaving.

'That's right.' He thought smugly to himself. 'Keep going that way.'

At that moment, the human stirred, causing the bear to stiffen. Was she awakening? No...she was just turning over in her sleep. As she did so, the hood of her coat fell away a little, revealing her face. She was a light-skinned human with full lips and ebony-colored hair. She breathed a sigh and mumbled something indiscernible.

Moved by an unexpected wave of tenderness, the bear lay down next to her and gently nuzzled her neck and cheek with his wet, black nose, making a quiet rumbling sound in his throat. Again, he took in her sweet, chemical-tainted scent and felt a deep sense of calm enter his body. He curled himself around her, lying between her and the cave wall, to keep her warm.

After sleeping the day away, the bear was not particularly tired. So, he decided to use this long stretch of free time to think and wonder. 'Who am I?' was his first question. 'What is my name? Where do I come from?' Such questions weren't supposed to be important to a polar bear. His main concern should have been finding a sufficient seal breathing hole where he could hunt. While that was also a very important issue in his mind, it wasn't the first thought that he mulled over. True, names weren't a big deal among polar bears, but everyone had one and everyone knew what it was. 'Just not me...'

Next on his list of questions was this: 'Why don't I remember anything?' He should at least have known the simple facts that every bear should know: where he lived, where to hunt, and who his mother had been. He didn't.

Thirdly, why did he feel such a strong connection with this human female? He honestly felt as if he would do anything to protect her. That couldn't be natural!

Eventually, the bear left the human's side and walked outside the cave, staring up at the sky. What he saw made his heart skip a beat: Rainbow lights were dancing across the night sky, weaving through the stars. They shifted, twisted, flowed, and leaped like thousands of fish. A name came to the bear's mind: Aurora Borealis. What a beautiful name! He felt the need to say it aloud.

"Aurora Borealis." Again, the words sounded differently on his tongue than they did in his head. As he spoke them, however, he found his mind going back to the female human. "Aurora." That word fit her perfectly!

He watched the Aurora Borealis for a long time before finally retiring to the cave.

The next morning, the bear was immediately awoken as the human began to stir. He tensed. She was close to waking up. Should he run for it? No...he would stay. He closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep, bracing himself for whatever was coming.

The human stretched herself out before freezing suddenly. She realized where she was. Her breathing grew panicked for a millisecond before calming down once more. There was a thoughtful silence. Then, the bear felt a gloved hand touch his forehead.

Taking this as a signal that he could open his brown eyes, he did so, staring up at the human. Her hood was back, revealing waves of those onyx locks cascading down to her shoulders. Her eyes, he realized, were green; a color that was not common to the area. She was rather beautiful.

The human stared at him for a moment before withdrawing her hand from his head. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Six?" To the bear's shock, he understood her perfectly. Not only that, but that single word seemed to strike a chord deep within his body. Why was that? Before he could ask any more questions in his mind, the human spoke again. "Six, can you understand me?"

Well? Should I continue? Do you like it? Is it original? I'm going through a polar bear phase currently because I'm reading the Last Dragon Chronicles. I was originally planning a oneshot where Six and Holiday see a polar bear while at Paradise Base. This is definitely better! And, let's face it: We ALL love the idea of Six as a big, fluffy, white teddy bear! (Yes I know that polar bears are deadly predators, but they're still adorable!) You know, almost every fanbase has one of those stories where a character turns into a kitten or a puppy. Well, GR has a polar bear! YAY! Please review! Flames melt the polar ice caps, so don't do it! Peace out. ^_^