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Holiday looked up at the various machines that decorated the room. 'Amazing...' She glanced at Six who was, as usual, expressionless.

Their guide, a ruddy bearded man by the name of Professor Berndt Ragnar, started to give them a rundown of the basic workings. "These machines extract nanite and DNA samples from the animals and then blend them with nanites and DNA extracted from humans (this keeps their systems from rejecting the new DNA and nanites as a foreign invasion). These solutions are then injected into those humans. Theoretically, with the right balance, it will become possible to harness the basic abilities of these animals."

"Theoretically?" Holiday frowned. That was never a good word.

Ragnar shrugged a shoulder. "Well, we haven't exactly perfected the process yet. We've been testing the combinations on ourselves and have yet to reach an equilibrium."

"What have been the outcomes of these 'tests'?" Six spoke up, his eyebrow arched suspiciously.

"In most cases, the injections have had no effect. In some, the scientists ended up mutating into Evos. But," He held up a hand at Holiday's gasp. "they are invariably sentient. And, they all exhibit the qualities of the animals whose DNA they were injected with. Therefore, we are certainly close to our goal."

"Hm..." Six glanced around at the whirling contraptions. 'Seems to be a shaky process at best.'

"Tell you what." Ragnar said, clearly sensing the doubt of his two guests. "Why don't you stay with us for a week? Learn a little more. Let us show you the entire process and the possible benefits. Then, you can take your findings back to White."

Holiday glanced at Six once before nodding her head. "That sounds fair."


Trails of lavender, coral, aqua, cerulean, and gold twisted around in the black sky, overpowering the diamond stars that left pinpricks on the ebony canvas. Six purred happily as the lights reflected off of his dark eyes. Leaning against his pearly shoulder was the human, Holiday, whose face mirrored her companion's rapture. 'Yes...' He thought to himself as he noted once again the unique green of her eyes. 'Her name should be Aurora.'

"You know, Six..." Holiday murmured, breaking the silence. "If I knew for a fact that we are going to get back without a problem and that you can easily be cured, I could honestly say that today was one of the best days of my life." She leaned her face into Six's soft fur and closed her eyes. "I'm probably one of the only people alive who can say that I rode a polar bear and gazed at the Aurora Borealis with that same bear."

Six tilted his head and chuffed in agreement. 'It's true. On the other hand, I'm probably the only bear to willingly carry and gaze at the sky with a human.' He felt Holiday shiver against him and immediately stood up, growling softly.

"What is it?" Holiday looked up at the bear and stood with him. As she did, Six beckoned with his head for her to follow. They eventually reached a large snowdrift which Six immediately started attacking with his claws. After a few minutes, a shallow cavern was dug. The white bear, satisfied with his work, lay down in it and rumbled quietly. 'I see. He made a den.'

'She's so small...' Six mused to himself as Holiday nestled against his side. As she settled, he gently nuzzled her dark hair with his black nose. He curled up around her, protecting her from the surrounding cold.

A slight blush came to her face. At that moment, Holiday was intimately aware of the fact that she was curled up in a den, snuggled up against Six. 'He's a polar bear.' She sharply reminded herself. 'He doesn't remember me. It's not the same. Don't start having romantic fantasies!' Still mentally slapping herself, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

'I wonder what she was to me when I was human.' Six rested his head next to his sleeping companion. 'She's certainly my friend, but what else?' He closed his eyes. 'The look on her face when she looks at definitely implies that I mean more to her than that. Is she my mate?' He was still pondering this question as he drifted off and started to dream.

He was looking at his reflection in a hard surface that he somehow knew to be glass. Something was wrong, though. He felt as if his body mass was much smaller than it should have been and he had the distinct impression that he was standing on two legs. Also, his reflection didn't share his bemused expression. Rather, it was snarling at him. Then, without warning, it lunged forward, only to smack itself against the glass.

"You'd best step back." A hand grabbed his shoulder, a human hand. "This one is very spirited. No need to agitate him."

He turned to look at the human, who was shorter than he was and had a very furry face. "You said that you would show us the process of combining the human and animal DNA. Your week is almost up." His voice was crisp and clear, without the distinguishing rumble that accompanied a bear's voice. 'I must be human... And what are the words I'm saying? I don't understand what they mean. I feel like I should...'

It was as if he was a guest in someone else's body, speaking and acting as they would but not knowing why.

The man nodded his head rapidly. "Yes, of course. We just needed to make the necessary preparations. It's a very sensitive process." He beckoned toward a shiny silver door. "This way, please."

Six followed the man into the next room, which was a doctor's office. There, he saw Holiday talking with another human. She smiled at him as he entered and his heart grew significantly warmer.

"Have a seat." The man said, pulling rubber gloves onto his hands.

Obediently, Six sat on the examination table and took off his jacket. He rolled up one of his sleeve and watched calmly as his arm was sterilized and a needle was inserted, drawing out a sample of his blood.


"Six. Six!" Holiday shook Six's shoulder. "Six, we overslept! It's almost noon!" Shake, shake, shake. 'Jeez...I wonder if he's this hard to wake as a human...' "Come on, Six. We need to start moving." Six snarled in his sleep and turned away. 'This isn't working...' She looked around. 'Maybe I can poke him with a piece of ice or-Aha!' Stooping down, she scooped up a handful of powdery snow and sprinkled it over the bear's nose and closed eyelids. At this, Six's nose and eyes started to twitch and he made an odd snuffling noise.

Sniff. Snuff. Snu- "ACHOO!" Six's eyes flew open as he sneezed out a noseful of snow. He blinked in confusion and shook his head. 'What the...' His ears perked up as a strange noise entered them. 'Aurora...?' She was covering her face and her eyes were sparkling. 'She's...laughing...' He realized.

"S-So, you're finally awake..." Holiday snickered. 'That was so adorable!' "S-Sorry about the s-snow in the n-nose." It was taking all of her effort to keep from bursting into hysterics.

'Snow? Wait a second...' His ears flattened and a devious gleam entered his eyes. 'Attack me with snow while I'm sleeping, will you?' With a playful chuff, he lunged forward and swiped his claws across the ground in front of him, showering the laughing human with snow.

Holiday stopped laughing and stood there, completely stunned. 'Did he just...? Did Six just...?' A smirk slowly bloomed across her face. "You're gonna regret that!" Snatching up a handful of snow, she leaped at Six, who fell to the ground as she tackled him, rumbling happily. She rubbed the snow in his face and jumped back as he came to his feet, raising a paw for a second assault. Grinning, she dodged the next flurry of snow and took off across the ice. Behind her, Six's thundering pawsteps followed.

Six's heart was pounding with pure happiness. Roughhousing was one of the favorite pastimes of polar bears, after all! It didn't seem wrong that he was playing with a human. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. 'I'll let her run for a few more seconds, make her think she has a shot.' Something close to a smirk spread across his muzzle.

"Umph!" A heavy, furry head shoved her to the ground. Six's cold nose tickled the back of her neck and his warm breath came out in cheerful puffs across her skin. Giggling ('Jeez, when did I start giggling?'), she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her laughter stopped suddenly as she felt Six grow tense. A growl rose in his throat, and not a playful one. Immediately, she let go, stood up and spun around.

Standing only a few yards away, his fur bristling, his fangs showing, his eyes two dark beads on a blanket of white, was another bear.

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