So this is the last of the Colour Shuffle. It took forever I know, but nothing was doing anything for me. But then this hit, and I think a few people wanted a follow up to "Black Velvet", so here it is.

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Blue Suede Shoes – Carl Perkins/Elvis Presley

Kurt was grinning to himself as he made his way to his Navigator after Elvis day in Glee. He was whistling "Suspicious Minds" to himself as undid the leather jacket.

He was positive he had floored everyone with his performance and hopefully had opened Schue's eyes to the fact that Finn and Rachel weren't the only talented singers in the club.

His leathers were hot and he was all sorts of sweaty, but he couldn't help the sly grin as he sauntered past the football team, who all gaped at him; more than one of them licking their lips, and a few trying to discreetly adjust themselves.

Damn he felt like sex personified.

He had just tossed his bag and guitar into the back of his baby when there were big hands pulling him against a hard body.

'Please don't be Karofsky,' he muttered loud enough for his "attacker" to hear.

'Hey, ouch!' Puck blurted as he spun Kurt in his arms so the slighter boy was facing him. 'That was so uncalled for!'

'I was only teasing,' Kurt pouted adorably.

'You have no idea,' Puck mumbled, nuzzling Kurt's neck, just below his ear; effectively turning Kurt into a puddle of goo.

Kurt had no idea what to do with Puck. He'd been fantasizing about the other teen for a while, but to actually have him here, holding him. If Puck was honest with himself, he had been lusting after Kurt for a while, those leathers were just the deal maker. Or maybe it was breaker…

'Let me take you out to dinner,' Puck asked, pulling away only far enough to meet Kurt's confused gaze.

'Not Breadstix,' Kurt blurted, causing Puck to laugh.

'Hell's no, I can't stand that place. The actual breadstick's are terrible,' Puck offered.

'I think they've been there since they opened,' Kurt offered, looking mildly disgusted.

'Besides,' Puck carried on, 'someone like you deserves something better. Someplace like Wendy's,' he added absently.

Kurt gave a surprised laugh before Puck realized what he'd said, saving them both from embarrassment, Puck swooped in and devoured Kurt's teasingly sweet mouth.

Kurt moaned as Puck pressed him into his Navigator, however as Puck shifted it was cut off as he stepped on Kurt's booted foot.

'Careful, these are genuine Harley motorcycle boots,' Kurt scolded before Puck was kissing him again, his chuckles vibrating through them both.

But don't you step on my blue suede shoes.
You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

Now that this is done, I am going to finish a few of things that I have on the go at the moment, and then hopefully do one last shuffle. The Magic Shuffle, since I did mention it ages and ages and ages ago... So if you can think of any songs with a magical title, please let me know. And by magical I mean Black Magic Woman, I Put A Spell On You, Magic Dance, Witchy Woman... you know, stuff like that!

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