Alright, this is going to be quite a bit to do and finish, but I think it might be worth it. This is Transformers and 'The Princess and the Frog' story. The latter's plotline but with the former's characters…still mechs and femmes. Most events and dialogue within this fanfic. will be the same or similar. I am trying to stay on with the original movie. But, there will be events that are different and change, same goes for the dialogue.
Okay, now that is done. I hope you enjoy reading it. I've had this idea since the movie came out. Yeah, addicted to both. Some parts might be OOC…this chapter will be a little, but they are younglings…

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You're the best thing I never knew I needed
So when you were here I had no idea
You the best thing I never knew I needed
So now it's so clear, I need you here always

The Evening Star is shinin' bright,
So make a wish and hold on tight.
There're magic in the air tonight,
And anything can happen.

The city of Iacon, colored a dark blue and purple to match the heavens, was tinkling in the soft nighttime, lights fading in and out. A few bots were either driving through the streets and/or walking back to their homes. Stars in the heavens above it sparkled like the gems some of the wealthy bots in the city below wore. But one star stood out the most, shining down for a purpose as it crowned the Heaven's highest.

The mechs and femmes of this city were most likely snuggled in their recharge berth, next to love ones or by themselves. Most sparklings and younglings had been places in their recharge berths and left to fall asleep. Well, most were asleep by this late hour of night.

Inside a penthouse suite of the Towers that glistened a bright white, two children were awake and being told a story by a femme. The room itself was a glistening of blue and whites, with the occasional twinkling of gold here and there. There were datapads and puzzles and crystal toys lying around the room, on mostly the floor. The blue femme stood before a mannequin, carefully sewing silky and translucent colorful fabrics into a sash for the blue and white youngling sitting with his black and white friend on the ground nearby. Both were listening carefully to every word the blue femme said as she read them from a datapad propped up on a dresser and worked on the golden sash

"...In that moment, the ugly little glitch-mouse looked up with his sad round optics and pleaded, "Oh please dear Princess, only a kiss from you can break this terrible spell that was inflicted on me by a wicked witch…"

The blue and white youngling, who was wearing a light red silk cloak and a toga made up of translucent veil in the same light red color, leaned over to his friend sitting next to him and whispered, "Here comes my favorite part..."

The black and white youngling mech was wearing a light green sash and veil toga borrowed from his friend. Both him and his friend had their attention trained on the blue femme, gold optics and a blue visor never straying. The gold-plated kitten in the blue and white mech youngling's servos meowed, though looking a tad uncomfortable.

"And the beautiful Princess was so moved by his desperate plea that she stooped down, picked up the little robo-rodent, leaned forward," the femme continued, sewing two fabrics together for the sash as it meet together. The two younglings leaned forward as well, sparks thrumming with anticipation.

The femme noticed this as she continued to glance over as she continued on with the story, "Raised him to her lip-plates…" The light red clothed youngling nodded his helm, while his green-clothed friend shook his helm.

"and...Kissed that little glitch-mouse!" the femme said and placed a knuckle to her hip-plate, watching the two youngling reactions with a bit of amusement.

"Awww..." the blue youngling cooed, the golden kitten slipping out his servos. His friend, on the other hand, didn't exactly like that part of the story.

"Ewck!" the black and white cried out, pointing into his mouth in disgust and frame shaking slightly as well. He shook his helm, shivering in disgust once again.

"…Then the glitch-mouse was transformed into a handsome prince, and they were married and lived happily ever after," the blue femme said, snipping the end of the sash, "The End." She then smiled to the two, chuckling slightly at their reactions.

"Yay!" the red-veiled mech youngling cried out, falling backwards a bit when his hand, that he had placed down on the ground, slipped on a toy. His young and small frame hit the ground, but he was still laughing lightly, crying out, "Read it again, read it again!" It was very un-noble mech-like, but the youngling loved this story, his carrier had always read it to him when he was younger. The femme chuckled at the young noble-mech's display.

"Sorry Mirage," the blue femme said and helped the blue and white youngling up to his small pedes and wrapping the sash around his waist and turning him back forward, "Time for us to be headin' home. Say goodnight Jazz." She then subspaced her supplies and walked away for a bit to pick up a few things that the two younglings had left on the ground.

"There is no way in this whole wide world, Ah would ever, ever, ever, an' Ah mean never!, kiss a glitch-mouse. Yuck!" Jazz cried out, shaking his finger and crossing his arms over his chest plate, nodding.

"Is that so~?" Mirage began, glancing down at his seated friend with a cunning and smug look. The golden-plated kitten had trotted back over to the two, seated near one of Mirage's pedes and stretching out its claws and joints.

"Well, here's your prince charming Jazz!" the blue and white youngling cried out, grabbing the golden kitten off of the ground and shoving it into Jazz's face, "Well go on, kiss him."

"No!" the black and white youngling cried out, shoving the mech kitten out of his face, but Mirage was done.

"Kiss him!" Mirage cried out, still shoving the kitten into the other's face. It wasn't mean like, just playing, both knew that.

"Stop it!"

"Kiss him, kiss him!" Mirage continued, grinning a bit and laughing still. That caused his friend to laugh a bit as well.

"Ah won't! Ah won't! Ah won't!" Jazz cried out, finally able to push the other back and crossing his arms over his chest. He watched from sitting on his knee-plates as his friend fell backwards once again, then sat up just as quickly.

"I would do it. I would kiss a glitch-mouse," Mirage said, nodding a bit. He then began hugging the poor golden kitten in his arms tightly, the mech-kitten trying to escape vainly, "I would kiss a hundred glitch-mice if I could marry a prince or princess and be a prince as well." He then began smooching the poor kitten, it finally managing to spring off of the blue and white youngling's arm and springing up and attaching itself to the ceiling. Both younglings began to laugh at the poor kitten who was shaking as it hung with its claws deep in the blue and white crystal ceiling.

The femme had walked over just in time to see the poor golden kitten launched itself into the air and latched onto the ceiling. She had a disappointed look to her faceplate as she pulled up a chair to be able to reach the kitten.

"You younglings, stop tormenting that poor little kitty," she scolded, reaching for it and pulling it off of the ceiling and into her arms. She then stepped down from the chair and placed the golden-plated cyberkitten on the ground.

"Poor little thing," she murmured before it shook a bit and then bolted away, far far away. The blue femme shook her helm, though she chuckled only a little bit, and then looked over at the door that hissed open.

"Evening Chromia," the mostly blue mech in the doorway greeted. He had a golden cloak on and a pin of nobility keeping it on his plating. His back wings fluttered a bit as a small smile graced his red faceplate.

Mirage looked over at the entrance of the mech, and a smile bloomed on his faceplate. He quickly got up and hurried over to the mech.

"Sire, Sire, look at my new outfit. Isn't it dashing?" the blue and white youngling asked, striking a bit of a regal pose to show off the light-red veil toga and red cloak.

The blue-plated chuckled and nodded, "Look at you." He then picked up the dashing looking Mirage and walking over to the femme, "Why'd I'd expect nothing less from the finest seamstress in Iacon." He then stopped next to Chromia, who chuckled a bit as well. Then Mirage noticed the datapad, which had a picture on it of the princess and prince bots. The mech was wearing an elegant outfit, one that the youngling wanted and voiced that want.

"Ooo...I want that outfit!" Mirage cried out, pointing to the picture and then glancing up at his Sire Tracks.

"Ah, now noblespark…" Tracks began, but was soon cut off by the little noblemech's whining and pulling of Track's helm crests. He really wanted that outfit, just so he could look like the Prince.

"I want that one. Please! Please! Please! Please!" Mirage cried out, still tugging on the helm crests.

"Chromia, you suppose you could whip something up like that?" Tracks asked, wincing a bit from the harsh mistreatment to his white helm crests. He knew his sparkling had a determined spark, but he was beginning to think this was a bit much for an outfit.

"Anything for my best customer," Chromia responded with a small smile and as she gestured to the other outfits on mannequins in the white and blue crystalline room.

"Yay!" Mirage cried out, then Tracks placed the over-excited sparkling down on the floor, who then ran over and began to chat excitedly with Jazz. Then the blue and red winged mech turned to Chromia.

"Thank you again Chromia for your exquisite designing services…Mirage takes to his cloaks and veils very well…" Tracks complimented, a small smile gracing his red faceplate. The blue femme nodded, then a slight surprise look came over her faceplate and then glanced over to the youngling, but they were distracted by their talking. She then glanced back over to Tracks and un-subspaced a gun.

"And here you go, lord Tracks. Ironhide swears it should work fine now. I double-checked and can vouch for my bondmate," she said, handing the gun over. The blue and red mech looked over it, then nodded and sub-spaced it.

Chromia was not only the best seamstress in Iacon, but she, and her bondmate, could fix a broken blaster to working conditions, no matter the damage.

The blue femme nodded back, then turned to the black and white youngling and said, "Come along Jazz, your sire should be home from work right now." The youngling looked over to the femme, then nodded, saying goodbye to Mirage while getting up and walking over to the femme, taking her hand. He had already undressed from his light green veiled toga and gave them back to his friend, thanking him. They then said their good-bye's and walked out of the blue and white crystalline room and down the hall to leave the penthouse suite and Towers all together.

As they had walked down the hallway, a green youngling guard-in-training walked pass them, Jazz greeting him with a 'Hound…' before continue down the hall with Chromia. The black and white youngling heard the other youngling walk into Mirage's room and heard the white and blue youngling cry out the same name.

Outside of the shining and glowing Towers, the femme and youngling walked down the sidewalk and over to the stopped transporter. The door to it hissed opened, and Chromia helped the little youngling mech up the steps and followed inside to sit down, Jazz getting on his knees and looking out the window as the transporter became to drive away.

The black and white youngling watched as the sparkling and lit up building pass by. His attention was drawn to each, visor glowing brightly. But soon, the nice and sparkling buildings began to fade into less then glamorous housing. Soon, it stopped, and they stood up and walked down the transporter's aisle and out its door. They walked on the sidewalks of the less fancy neighborhoods, heading to their own home. Jazz was a bit buzzing with excitement, the bright star in the heavens glowing on his armor.

I hope you liked it, each chapter is going by the chapters on the DVD. Don't expect updates quick, I have other fanfics. to worry about, but I won't forget this.
Special thanks goes to FoghornLeghorn83 for helping with the cast of the movie and for reading of this chapter and giving me thoughts. I was inspired by the fic. 'A Dream Come True', authored by the same.