"Are you sure you want to do this? I won't be mad at you either way, but make sure it's something you want to do. Will you be all right?"

It's fine mom, jeez. I'll be all right, and I can contact you if anything. But really, I'm 18, I'm not one of the idiots who tries to conquer the world when I'm still in middle school. Thank you though, I'll remember to call you often ok?"

Xero was well on his way to the boat, and after giving his sobbing mother a hug, he boarded the SS Muziek. He found his cabin easily, and he got his luggage in the cabin before shutting the door and throwing himself on the comfy bed. He knew what his mother meant, and he didn't like thinking back to those times. He would have horrible flashbacks of what happened that day, and he constantly tried to keep his mind off of it.

He heard a page on the speaker outside his cabin.

"Welcome aboard the SS Muziek! We will arrive at the Ohsu Region in approximately 2 hours. So enjoy a little leisure, and don't forget to visit the dining hall for some amazing food! Brought to you by 4chan Foods."

"The hell I'm eating that. I heard that stuff is worse than eating rat poison haha."

Xero laid back on his bed, and looked at the clock. It read 1:02 pm. He assumed he'd arrive at 3:00, so he decided to take a quick snooze.

He awoke to a loud announcement shortly after. He looked at the clock, as it read 1:04 pm.

"Attention passengers! We've arrived safely in Vocarock City! Please exit quickly, as our next departure is scheduled soon. Thank you for riding the SS Muziek, and I hope you have a musical day!"

Xero was confused, but grabbed his bags. He walked out of his cabin, and proceeded to the line. As he walked off the ship, he walked by one of the employees.

"Did we really just get in here in two minutes?"

"um, uh, no! Uh, I think the clocks are busted. It was well over 2 hours, I heard that uh..the clocks started to go back by themselves. They're looking into it right now!"

The guy seemed strangely nervous, but Xero nodded. He walked towards the building in front of him, a huge center towering over Vocarock Docks. It was known as the Ohsu Regional Center, and it was the starting place for all trainers new to the Ohsu Region. He walked in, and was depressed to see the line was huge. He put his bags down, and started the long wait to receive his first pokemon.

"Hey! What's up!"

"Oh hey there. Not much, you?"

"Chillin' like a Rocket Villain! Nah, the joke gets old. I'm Omega. What brings you to the awesome region of Ohsu?"

Xero looked at Omega and had to think for a second. He wondered himself what brought him to Ohsu, but he casually gave a common response to Omega to avoid any awkward conversation.

"I hear that the style of battling here is different. As a pokemon trainer, any new challenge is worth a shot, ya know?"

"Damn straight. I'm sure you'll see how we differ when you get to the front of the line. Follow me."

"Woah wait, I really don't want to wait again. Where do you want me to go?"

"Don't worry, I can get you a shortcut to another line. Guaranteed first person. I work here, I'm one of the Gym Leaders. Dark type is my style, but unlike most punks that prefer it, I like to give it a bit more of a fiery passion, if ya know what I mean haha."

Xero really didn't know what he meant, but he followed Omega around the center. Omega opened a staff only door, and beckoned Xero in. Xero grabbed his bags and followed Omega into what seemed to be another registration center, but smaller.

"This is the Staff Registration Center. One thing about working here is that you're allowed to bring friends to this registration center and let them register more conveniently. You seemed like a good trainer, just wanted to extend a hand of friendship. I like to watch the new crowd every year come off that boat, and they always look the same. There seems to be some hidden talent this year though, something oddly different about this new crowd."

"Oh cool, thanks man. Where should I go to register here?"

"Oh here, I'll help you out. Usually aevv will handle this stuff, he doubles as security, but there are plenty of those around today. Don't mess with him, his Ampharos is tough as nails too. Yo aevv!"

Xero walked towards a big guy, and followed him to a counter. He signed some papers and showed his Trainer ID to the security guard.

"Oh, you're from the Stepmania Region are you? That's cool, though most people seem to agree that we're a little more advanced in technology here in the Ohsu Region. Not that it's a bad thing, just wanted to point out you'll see a lot of things you probably won't be used to. Now, we have a different selection of pokemon here at the Staff Registration Center. Which one would you like? I would suggest you take-"

"That one. I definitely want him."

Xero watched as aevv turned around and took a long look at the pokemon. He seemed to have a confused look,
but he didn't question Xero's choice.

"Uh, so you want Furret? Sure, I guess. He's not too strong, but they've been looking for a partner for him for a long time. It's a good thing for him I guess, it's your decision. Oh, I almost forgot, here's your Poke Mapper. This is the new touch screen version, which has revolutionized the way we battle here at Ohsu. You'll see beat circles, and by tapping them in rhythm you'll be able to control your pokemon in battle. It was a controversial device, but after the defeat of Team Rocket it has long been evolved into a safe and new way of battling. Simply use your technical machine on your pokemon when you're ready to battle, and you'll be able to control it. Beat Mapping is no joke, and being able to master the moves is even harder. Train hard, and I'm sure you'll become a fine Trainer."

Xero received a Poke Mapper, and adjusted it around his arm. A screen popped up, and a welcome screen was displayed. He was handed Furret's pokeball, and the TM Machine that would enable and disable Furret in battle. He quickly read the instructions to the TM, and noticed that it was against the rules to use it outside of designated areas. It would be unusable in the city and other places.

He read through the welcome screen, and started messing with the features. He notices the small words at the bottom. It read "Peppy Labs." He decided to ask aevv about this.

"So who's peppy? The creator of this device?"

"We aren't really sure. It was a mysterious scientist that was working on an experiment years ago. All we know is that Team Rocket heard of this project, and forced peppy to work for them. This was many years ago though, and when Team Rocket was defeated by the Legendary Trainer peppy was nowhere to be found. I hear that the Legendary Trainer was missing too. But it has long been modified, and it will automatically shut off once the pokemon is too exhausted to fight."

"I see. Well thanks for the help, I'm going to go and...WAAAH!"

Furret jumped at Xero and tackled him to the ground. He started scurrying all over Xero, and Xero was going nuts. Xero eventually gave in, and Furret snuck into one of Xero's bags.

"Holy crap, no wonder no one wanted him. It's ok though haha, he's very eccentric. I love a pokemon with personality."

"I told you. Don't forget too, as most trainers will. You only get one pokemon at a time in this region, and there's no wild pokemon here. You'll get them one way or another, but you'll never have more than one accompany you."

"Wait what? FUUUUUUUUU-!"

Xero waved to Omega and walked back into the registration room. He noticed all the trainers had received their Poke Mappers and were already learning basic functions and beats. He saw most of them walk into the next room, where all the trainers were hanging out. Xero was tired, and decided to walk over. He had a long morning on the trip to the docks, and so he expected to enjoy the rest of his day there. He had reservations at the lodge in City Square, so he had time to spend meeting new people.

And thus Xero's new journey began.