Chapter 4

Xero walked inside the lodge, and looked around for the reception desk. He pulled out his reservation papers, looking it over to make sure everything was accurate, and to make sure he had the right place. He walked over to the counter, and heard a loud shout behind him.

"Hey! Get the fuck off my floor, I just mopped that asshole!"

Xero pivoted by instinct, and slipped. He looked up to see an angry old janitor walking towards him, clutching a wooden mop in his hand.

"Didn't you hear me dumbass? Get off the floor, now I gotta do that shit again. Good going genius."

"Hey, relax. It was an accident, and if you didn't shout I probably would have made less of a mess. I hope you don't assume everyone is just going to avoid the floor, you don't even have a wet floor sign up."

"Hm, I hope you don't assume that just because I don't know you I won't kick your ass. You're not even from here, it'd be like throwing out the trash. Get the hell out of here, I don't need your smart ass comments."

Xero headed toward the counter with a monotous expression. He's had to deal with all kinds of people in his life, so he was used to that kind of conversation. Sometimes he would actually enjoy it, fueling the conflict even more, just to see how far someone would go to defend a useless argument. He presented his papers to the receptionist, and was given a room key. He headed to his room, preparing himself for a well deserved rest. It was 4 in the morning, he had spent an entire day out and about, and ending the night with a rave wasn't probably the best idea. He found his room and closed the door behind him, and threw himself on the bed. It only took seconds until he was dozing off.

8 hours later

"So how did you get that Glaceon again? I'm so jealous, you got really lucky to end up with such a strong pokemon."

"Well I arrived to the Ohsu Regional Center late, and they said they had ran out of pokemon to give out. I was getting ready to leave, but someone stopped me and said they would offer me one from the staff registration center. All they had left was a Glaceon, and I fell in love with it. It jumped on me as soon as I saw it, I think it was meant to be. I even started dressing like it when I got it, I stopped by that shopping district haha."

"Oh cool, can't help but admit I'm jealous. I do admit though this Torchic is pretty cool, it seems to reflect my personality too. It's like the popular pokemon of the group, hehe."

"If you say so..."

Quaraezha and Kitsunemimi were walking towards START POWER. They planned to meet up with Medi-Chan and animask, who invited them to lunch. They heard that they were bring some new trainers they met at the concert too, and were planning to have a calm day. The festival was exciting, and went on for so long no one had the energy to do much.

They arrived at the corner restaurant, and waited outside. They looked around, checking out the beauty of Vocarock in the day time. A lot people were starting to enter Start Power, it seemed lunch time was just starting. As they noticed before, many of the people in this area were regulars, and they blended in very well. It didn't take too long to fall in love with the Ohsu Region, and it was said that many trainers who venture to ohsu make it their home.

Kitsunemimi looked up to see animask in the distance, followed by Medi-Chan and two other trainers. It appeared that numot123 wasn't able to make it, but they crowd was lively nonetheless. The group met with Quaraezha and Kitsunemimi, and went inside and found a table.

"Nice of you to make it Quarazor and Kitsunemimi, I didn't think you guys had the energy to wake up haha. The festival was great huh? My introduction was kinda short, and I haven't formally introduced myself to Kitsunemimi. I'm animask, one of selected few the Pokemon Rangers for the Ohsu Region. I take care of the natural habitat here, since there isn't much left in present day Ohsu. The population of the pokemon here is dangerously low, which is why I'm sure you've heard you aren't allowed to catch pokemon. It's sad really, we're home to a lot of rare pokemon. But yes, we strive hard to keep the natural environment."

"Nice, it's Quaraezha by the way. But yea, sounds like a hard job, keep up the good work. I didn't want to sound rude, but I see there are two new people I've yet to meet. I'm Quaraezha, I'm a new trainer, but I've visited the Ohsu region for a week about a month ago, so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. This is..."

"Kitsunemimi. I'm a new trainer too, I'm glad I'm even here. I came very late, and almost didn't get a pokemon! But yea, I have my friend Glaceon now, so I'm already loving the region!"

Haha, nice Kitsunemimi. I'm sure animask loves to hear that. Before I go on though, I'll let these trainers introduce themselves. You all know who I am now, especially Quaraezha. Sorry about the hat thing, but guys can be somewhat annoying on the first day, so don't take it personal."

One of the trainers stood up, and took off his hat. He was wearing very formal clothing, and appeared to be in his late 50's. He also seemed to wear fancy attire, as his watch looked very expensive, and his suit appeared to be brand new. He picked up his glass, nonchalantly took a sip of purified water, and began to clear his throat.

"Hello to everyone, both people I know and people I've yet to meet. I'm Vext, the lodge owner in Vocarock. I seem to be more known for my community involvement though, as I tend to sponsor a lot of local events. I enjoy coming every year to the festival to get to know all the new trainers, and I hope to see great diversity this year, the Ohsu Region grows in population every year, and we strive to keep the reputation of one of the most economic regions there is. Our technology is very advanced, and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. A toast to the trainers of Ohsu Newcomer's Festival 2011!"

The entire restaurant held up their glass and politely gave their toast. Kitsunemimi was politely clapping, and Quaraezha applauded the classy speech. Animask smiled, and nodded at Vext. He looked at the other trainer beside him.

"So how was that for a welcoming gift, eh BakaloidSky?"

BakaloidSky seemed to be staring off in the distance, unaware of what had happened. Vext waved his hand in front of BakaloidSky, hoping to get a reaction. Quaraezha clashed his silverware together loudly, and he finally reacted, falling out of his chair.

"So sorry guys, I was replaying a melody I had heard earlier in my head. I was trying to figure out whether the song had changed the time signature, or whether the tempo had changed. My apologies, truly. I'm BakaloidSky, but I'm sure they told you that. I'm a new trainer too, I came here for another purpose though. I'm hoping to find a certain pokemon that is said to be an instrument of its own. I enjoy music a lot, especially classical. So when I heard this I just knew I had to see if I could find it myself. Thanks for the welcome Vext, very much appreciated. I hope I didn't seem rude."

"Oh, hehe, no problem. It's inspiring to see such commitment in a new trainer, no worries. Shall we order? The food won't jump on our plates and guess our tastes for us you know!"

"Very true. I think we can all use a good meal, and keeping the habitat in control for so long has helped to create quite an appetite. What shall I get...the steak looks yummy, hm...oh hey, is that Xero?"

Xero walked into Start Power, and started to look around. He spotted Quaraezha and walked over.

"Hey Quaraezha, I just wanted to ask if you've seen Omega around. I had a question about the Poke Mapper, and I need to talk to him about something else anyway."

"Nah, but I heard his gym is in this city, near the path to Auralit Town. It's way on the other side though."

"Ok, thanks. I'll head over there later. I'm having a lot of trouble with my Poke Mapper, I can never get the sync right..."

Xero began to walk out of the restaurant, but noticed something strange.

"Excuse me, sir? Is that a janitor's pass to the lodge at City Square?"

Vext began to clear his throat, and looked down at his pocket. He saw the corner of his lodge pass sticking out, and he stuffed it back in his pocket.

"Oh, yes, I own the lodge in City Square. I'm Vext, more known for my community involvement and sponsorship. Very keen eyesight you got there, I have to admit. I don't think we've met before, but it was nice to meet you I suppose."

"Yes, I agree."

Xero walked out and into the distance, and towards the direction of Vocarock Gym.