Chapter 2: Everyone counts

At the Kannagi's household, a family that is known as the most powerful fire magic users in their entire country. They have fought countless Youmas and evil, protecting the people was their job. But this time, maybe they weren't that strong anymore?

"Ayano? Ayano?" Ren knocked on Ayano's room door. It was early in the morning and Jugo wanted all three of them to immediately come down to the meeting room. They, of course didn't knew about what happened to their own town.

"Ayano! Are you awake? I'm going in if you are not!" Ren said worridely. The head will be angry if they do not come down to the meeting room on time.

"Mmmmmm..." Ren heard a muffling sound coming from inside. But poor Ren didn't dared to go inside a girl's room.

"Need help? I could do something to her," A sudden voice rang behind him. It was Kazuma, Ren's older brother. Brown hair and marron in colour eyes, this guy is already 22 years old.

"Yes brother! I wish I was as brave as you!" Ren cried. (Ren's only a little kid)

"Alright then, watch me," Kazuma smirked as he immediately slammed open Ayano's door, seeing Ayano laying on the ground, sleeping and drooling while hugging her bolster.

She even sleeptalked and said, "Kazuma... Baka... Baka..."

Kazuma rose an eyebrow, thinking if she's really awake or asleep. But to test that out, he removed his jacket and slept beside her, hugging her too.

She really was asleep. Normally she would've reacted by now. "Ren, could you tell Jugo that we're busy doing something for a while?" Kazuma said.

"Y-yeah, sure!" Ren said as he blushed a little, seeing his brother and Ayano sleeping and hugging each other together was the last thing he wanted to see. But he kept his comments to himself and ran straight to the meeting room.

Kazuma continued like this, but he knew if he waited longer, Jugo would really flare up. So he kissed her neck and snuggled her.

"Mmm..." Ayano mumbled. She even thought Kazuma was her own bolster, but she was already half-awake by then.

But in her mind, she noticed something weird about her "bolster". Her "bolster" could move, and also had hair. Even more her "bolster's" breathing!

Immediately, she decided to see which animal came up to her as her "bolster", and has all the characteristics that were described earlier on.

Kazuma Yagami, a human. Immediately she took out Enraiha, wanting to kill him. But of course, he dodged every attack of hers.

"KA-ZU-MAAAA! COME BACK HERE YOU STUPID PERVERT!" Ayano shouted as she ran after him with Enraiha. (Ayano's sword, AKA a weapon)

With smart thinking, he obviously ran to the meeting room. Jugo would stop Ayano from her "foolish" actions. Although Kazuma didn't find it foolish at all, in fact he finds it cute.

"Ayano, stop your childish behavior and setle down will you?" Jugo said strictly and in a serious tone. He was about to flare up.

"B-But Father! He sexually harassed me!" Ayano cried as she put Enraiha away.

Kazuma shrugged like it was not his fault.

Jugo sighed. When will the two of them know how to enjoy each other's company? Jugo thought.

"Jugo, so why did you call us here?" Kazuma asked.

"There's a case I would like you, Ayano and Ren to take care of. I will explain, and you'll get paid as well Kazuma," Jugo said as he cleared his throat and drank his tea.

The three of them were calm and settled, ready to listen to what Jugo needs to say.

"A few days ago, cases have been reported. People disappearing all of a sudden and they never come back. We suspected that it has got to do with the Youma," Jugo explained.

"The Youma takes people away, if they never come back, meaning they sacrificed the people..." Kazuma continued, knowing the current situation of the whole case.

"That's right. Mostly they are people from Hakusen Academy. The Academy is not near here, so therefore I've book a hotel for you three to stay in until the mission is done," Jugo said. "And also, some people from the Hakusen Academy will guide you along too."

"We don't need their guidance, we could handle all these by ourselves. Beside, they have no magic, don't they?" Kazuma said.

"You might get lost in the Academy. Yes, they do not have powers, but just take care of them. The principal from Hakusen Academy told us to take good care of them. So they will follow you," Jugo explained.

"Alright then. So troublesome..." Kazuma said as he rubbed his back of his head.

Ayano glared at him, so wanting to kill him. He accepted this job and now he's complaining. But she decided to tell him off once they're not in the meeting room. "We got it, so we just have to pack our clothes and set off to Hakusen Academy, right?" Ayano asked.

"Yes, and please be careful. I'm afraid the Youma is really strong by now; since it sacrifice quite a number of people already," Jugo continued. "Remember to take good care of Ren too."

"Of course we will! We'll be packing now then," Ayano said and she got up and left for her room.

Kazuma followed her, even into her room.

"What do you want, big pervert? You're suppose to go home and pack your stuff," Ayano gave a side glare to him.

"I've already packed my stuff, for your information," Kazuma grinned, enjoying the look on her face.

"... Then stop following me!" Ayano exclaimed, a little annoyed. The incident this morning was too embarrassing for her. She blushed at her own thought.

After getting everything ready, the three of them set off in a train, for Hakusen Academy.

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