Blair Waldorf lives in a world of bliss. Complete bliss. She is going to be a princess in five months. Why wouldn't she be in a constant state of euphoria? After all, her fairy-tale is coming true. She's going to Monaco to be with her fiancé, Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco. Whom she loves. Very much. Of course she's not thinking about what happened in her bathroom two hours before her private jet departed. Why would she be thinking about about a pregnancy test that she may or may not have bought, taken, and promptly dropped into the trash can? She wouldn't be focusing on the fact that Louis' hand is too petite and feminine to be holding hers. Nor will she think about how she'd much rather be holding a hand that has a few scars on it. She's going to casually order a glass of water with two ice cubes and a lemon-wedge on the rim as if she does this all the time. She's going to pretend that she doesn't usually order a glass of red wine (because it's the only stuff that manages to calm her nerves). And she's certainly not going to pay any attention at all to the fluttery feeling in her stomach that she's had ever since she realized that she's carrying Chuck Bass's baby.

Chuck Bass is loving life. Nothing is better than lounging around a pool with your best friend, watching scantily clad girls cater to your every whim, and walking around like you own the place. Well, he did recently buy out the hotel but that's not the point. The point is that he's not moping around after handing off Blair to her Prince Charming. He's acting maturely (for once in his life). He's not being self-centered and he's actually looking forward to seeing Blair on her wedding day. To see her so happy, so perfect, will let him finally see that girl he fell in love with when he was ten years old. Now, he's not wondering if he did the right thing. He knows he did the right thing. For her, for Blair. He knows, and knows that deep down Blair knows as well, that Louis is better for her than him. That Louis is the person that brings out the best in her. And that she brings out the best in him. He knows that they will never have the passion that he shared with Blair, but he also knows that they will share the compassion that he and her never got to share. Because of this, because of her happiness, he is sure he made the right decision. Although, for some reason, there's still this feeling left. As if he's feeling like he's leaving something behind. Not just Blair, but something indescribable. Something more behind.

Author's Note: Not sure if I should continue this. I want to but do you all think it'll be better just as a short?