She's the smallest woman in her fourth month that he's ever seen. She looks as if she's just barely out of her second month and his eyes can't help but widen when she tells him when the baby was conceived (not even registering the fact that she's managed to pinpoint the exact date of conception). She's with a friend–a blonde woman who paid him two thousand to keep the appointment a secret. Not that he's known for being indiscreet. He's been in this business for far too long to have the reputation of being someone that simply sells stories to the highest bidder. He tries to be kind to her, tries to broach the subject with as much sincerity as he would approach any other patient. Although, he feels like he knows her from somewhere. He's seen her in the papers, for that he's sure, but he can't remember exactly why she's famous.

He asks her the easy questions first: have you been taking prenatal vitamins? A few. Have you been eating regularly? No. Have you been having morning sickness? Recently, yes. And then he asks the tough question that's been on his mind from the moment he saw her skinny frame come into his office. Have you ever had an eating disorder? Her gaze turns stony and she turns to look at her friend (who's squeezing onto the brunette's hand so tightly he can see the reddening from the other side of the room). Her speech becomes clipped and she replies with the one word he's heard far too much of. Bulimia. He gently tells her the possibilities of how this may effect her and the baby, putting stress on the fact that she has improved her chances of having a healthy baby since she stopped over a year ago. He tells her about how the baby may be smaller than usual, may have neurological problems (she nearly cries when he tells her this), and how she may encounter postpartum depression after having the baby. He lists them each off mechanically, trying not to think about the repercussions for this young woman and her unborn child. He's seen it happen too many times before: a miscarriage or a baby too premature that it ends up dying. He's learned not to become too attached to the patients who have suffered from bulimia. He cares for them all the same, more in fact, but he knows not to let it get personal. Not to let them even entertain the possibility of being like all those other patients he has. The ones that become his friends and promise to stay in touch and send him birthday cards. He nods solemnly and the blonde leans over to kiss the brunette's forehead. He hands her a pamphlet "What to Do When You're Expecting: Recovering from Bulimia." She, at first, ignores the pamphlet but the blonde hastily takes it from his hand and stuffs it in her Gucci purse.

He tells her to lie on her back and she complies, all the while her hand still held by the blonde (whose eyes have become teary and whose pretty face is now marred by a wobbly frown). He warns her that the gel will be cold but she barely even flinches when he puts it on her growing stomach. The grainy picture comes up and the blonde starts crying, pointing, and squealing while the brunette looks at the screen, smiling slightly as she watches the baby move its hand and seemingly turn its head from the light. The blonde mentions something about it being as, welcoming to the daytime as Chuck and he can't believe he forgot to ask the woman one important question. One question that not only provides half of the medical history of the unborn child but has the potential to influence the mental health of both mother and child. The person that hasn't come to the doctor's appointment. The person who should have been holding the brunette's petite hand and watching the screen with baited breath. Is the father in the baby's life? The blonde inhales sharply and the brunette looks at the screen, at the small little life inside of her.

"He will be."

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