Before you start reading, let me tell you some things about this story:

No Voldemort so there's going to be a huge change going on. Since there's no Voldemort, Death Eaters don't exist. Because there's no Voldemort and Death Eaters, murders and mysterious deaths did not happen. Some situations will still happen, though. House Rivalry is strong but there's a bit less discrimination against Muggle-borns. I think that's all I can say.

To simply put it, this story is AU. That will be all folks.

Severus couldn't believe this was happening to him.

He hoped for at least in his last year at Hogwarts, things would be a bit smoother than usual with him reaching the age of seventeen on his birthday ten months ago which was exactly the ninth of January. Other than that, it would be the last year he had to see the Marauders – arrogant, rule-breaking, attention-seeking bigots who were under the house of lions, Gryffindor. Another note to keep in mind, unfortunately, was it would be the last year he would see Lily Evans, the love of his life.

He spent the rest of his fifth year and the first half of his sixth year trying to talk to her and apologize but to no avail, she denied and avoided him. He regretted saying the word 'Mudblood' to her during O. week and he hoped each and every time he would be able to receive her forgiveness. Sadly, he didn't get any; giving up and grudgingly accepting it altogether, he stopped badgering her and left to his own devices.

And when the school year began, he decided that he would just do well with the subjects he had taken, take the apprenticeship in Potions Mastery Professor Horace Slughorn, Head of Slytherin House, offered him as soon as he graduated from Hogwarts, and live a life where he won't be seeing anyone he hated.

That was all Severus Tobias Snape aimed in his life but sometimes, it seemed that fate had other plans for him.

It was in the month of November when it happened. On one fine morning, he woke up early as usual, stretching his arms a bit when he sensed something odd. He felt his chest had gone a bit heavier and his point of view lowered than he could remember. He left his bed slowly and pulled the curtains open. He approached a full-body mirror at the end of the dormitory, staring at his appearance through it. He then pulled his collar and looked underneath and his eyes widened. He stared back at the mirror and screamed.

"Bloody hell!" Cyrus Avery yelped, sitting up straight on his bed. He had short black hair, slightly pale skin, and blue-green eyes.

Two other dorm mates woke up as well. Roderick Pucey fell from his bed and tried to disentangle himself from his covers. "Who summoned a Banshee here?" he hollered angrily, his head appearing from the covers. He had slightly long blonde hair, baby-blue eyes and fair skin.

"Wuzzgoingon?" Mathayus Mulciber mumbled incoherently, sitting up slowly and rubbing his eyes. He had dark brown hair and black eyes with a stocky body-built.

"This!" Severus hissed and pointed at himself.

The three men stared. "Well hello miss," Roderick said smoothly, standing up hastily from the floor and shooting a playful wink at Severus. "What brings you here in this dormitory?"

"Don't talk to me like that, you git." scowled Severus. "It's me, Severus."

The three men stared at him in disbelief. "Severus? Severus Snape?" repeated Cyrus.

"Who else?" Severus rolled his eyes.

"Ha-ha, very funny miss." said Roderick. "No really, what are you doing here? Want someone to sleep with you? I don't mind volunteering – ow!" he got hexed by Severus who used Stinging Hex.

Severus sneered at him before turning to Cyrus and Mathayus. "It's really me, and if you don't want to believe it, ask me a question and I'm positive I'll be to answer it."

"All right then," said Mathayus who was now fully awake. "What was the incident that happened here last year that concerned Rick? If you're really Severus Snape, you'll be able to answer that." He questioned Severus. Roderick managed to reduce the stinging with his wand and shot a hard glare at Mathayus.

"Easy," smirked Severus. "He was supposed to have a date with Anita Midgen at Hogsmeade. He wanted to sport a new hairstyle and tried to grow his hair but it caused him to grow the rest of the hair of his whole body which suspended the whole date. He asked me to remove the hair and it took me half a day to make a solution." He said easily.

Cyrus couldn't help but let out a snigger while Roderick scowled at the memory. "All right," snickered Mathayus. "You're really Severus."

"But really, what happened to you?" asked Cyrus. "Are those even real?" he made to poke at his chest but Severus slapped his hand away. "Touchy, are you?"

"Don't you dare touch them," hissed Severus, covering his chest with his arms.

"How about down there?" Roderick stared below at his boxer shorts. "Have you checked it?" he asked him. "I don't mind checking it myself." he added with a feral grin. Severus raised his wand and Roderick said quickly while raising his arms in surrender, "Just kidding."

"Okay, why don't you just go to the Hospital Wing?" suggested Mathayus. "It might be a prank from Potter or Black."

Severus growled at the mentioned persons. "I'll get them soon," he said furiously. He walked to his trunk and pulled out a couple of clothes. After a while, he decided to get a dark green woolen sweater, black trousers, blue boxer shorts and a white long-sleeved polo shirt. He went straight inside the bathroom, shut and locked the door, and said "Don't you even think of entering or peeking or I'll hex you where it hurts!"

"D'you think he's having 'the time of the month'?" questioned Roderick to Cyrus and Mathayus.

"Might be," said Cyrus in a slightly amused tone while Mathayus nodded.

That's the first chapter. I think it's fairly obvious what happened to Severus. Poor chap. Hm, what will happen next? Some actions and behaviors will or might be deemed OOC. I believe it's hard to characterize Severus. Well, that's just me. He's such a complex character and I totally love him. Sadly, I might play around with him in this story.

I'm not very sure with the first names of Severus's dorm mates, so I made it up. Cyrus Avery, Roderick Pucey and Mathayus Mulciber.

Reviews? Why not? I need your opinions and insights, after all.