It had been six days since the incident; six days since Sirius felt her lips pressed against his. It had also been six days since he noticed that the ebony-haired Slytherin started avoiding him and stayed with her Slytherin friends Avery, Pucey and Mulciber as much as possible. The most frustrating part that the oldest Black was feeling was that he wanted to do it all over again.

He could exactly remember what happened that day:

As soon as he left the Great Hall to go somewhere looking for a quick snog before meeting up with his first date (he didn't clearly remember the name just the face, he thought idly), he accidentally bumped into someone against his side.

"Sorry," said the person in distract as she continued bantering with his younger brother Regulus.

Sirius stopped and turned around to see the person; to his utter shock, he realized that it was Selena Prince and she looked different from before with the way she dressed and presented herself. He stopped and stared at her retreating back until he remembered what he was supposed to do and for some reason, he didn't feel like he needed a snog.

He decided to head over to the meeting place with his first date and using his charms, he got it easy and snogged her until he made her dizzy with happiness.

And yet, he didn't feel satisfied. He needed something more. Therefore he set off to meet his second conquest who was a seventh year Ravenclaw. He thought he would get what he wanted, his hands travelling to the girl's intimate parts and making her feel sigh in bliss, but he didn't. He stopped and untangled himself from her, telling her that he had to do other things he had to prioritise.

He met up with last two dates in two different places and none of them were able to make Sirius content. He was getting annoyed, disliking the day as it went by. He didn't want to bother James and Remus because he knew exactly what they would think about his situation. Sirius trudged around Hogsmeade, looking around with little interest until his eyes landed on Selena Prince who was standing alone in the scenic view of the Shrieking Shack.

Sirius could hear her muttering and he found himself interested what it was all about.

"It didn't happen," she said, her back facing him. "Honestly, it was probably an accident -"

"I'd never thought you're this mental, Prince. Talking to yourself, you should get yourself checked up with a Healer," said Sirius, founding his voice as he walked toward her. As he expected, she spun around with her wand out pointing at him in a threatening manner.

"What are you doing here, Black?" she demanded, her eyes glaring at him fiercely.

For some odd reason, he found her glaring quite welcoming. "This is a public area, anyone can go here and that includes me." He responded coolly with the urge of sending a smirk toward her. When she told him to leave, he didn't and sat down by the bench and watched her as if she was an amusing show. Suddenly, a thought entered his mind and he questioned her conversationally, "Why do you hate me so much?"

He knew that he wouldn't get the answer out from her. When he saw her leave, he unconsciously shot up from his seat and grabbed her wrist to make her stay. "- let me go!" she said angrily at him.

"Give me one reason why I deserve to be hated by someone like you," he said in seriously, wanting to know the reason behind her hostile behaviour. He could now see certain details of her face since he was never this close to her. He saw her other hand move to get her wand and so he held both of her wrists with ease.

"One reason," he repeated. She shot a furious look, her onyx eyes boring deeply against his. He didn't know what happened next but the next thing he knew was that he swooped down on her and kissed her, tasting her for the first time.

Sirius groaned in irritation, running his fingers through his hair. "I'm going mental," he muttered as he lied down on the stands at the Quidditch pitch. "I'm definitely screwed this time, Merlin."

"I forgot something in the library, I'll get it back." said Selena abruptly while standing up from her seat the moment Cyrus sat down beside her.

"Do you need us to -" began Roderick but she interrupted him.

"No, it won't take long." She said firmly and left them inside the common room.

When she was out of earshot, both Roderick and Mathayus turned to Cyrus with a beady look their faces. Cyrus looked unperturbed. "We can tell something happened between you two," said Roderick shrewdly. "You two have been acting too weird, don't deny it."

"Nothing happened," said Cyrus resolutely.

Mathayus snorted at his answer. "Don't give us that answer. You've been giving her that look since Valentine's day." He pointed out.

"What look?" questioned the dark-haired Slytherin sharply.

"Oh you know, that typical look -" began Roderick, waving his right hand airily.

"- that blokes or birds give -" continued Mathayus.

"- to those they really…wait, what's that word again?" said Roderick in mock-thought, tapping his chin with his finger. "Ah, I remember now, that look they give to someone they fancy."

Cyrus stared at them then let out a scoff. "Me? Fancy Selena? Are you pulling my leg?"

"We only hope we are, but no we're not." said Mathayus flatly. "Now tell us what you're hiding, Cyrus. We've known each other for nine years. You, Rick and I."

"We swear on Merlin's sweaty, unclean knickers that we won't tell a soul whatever it is you're going to tell us." said Roderick solemnly.

Cyrus unconsciously scratched the back of his head and sighed deeply. "I can't get away from you two, huh?" Leaving his seat, he said to them, "Let's go up to the dorm. I don't want anyone overhearing us."

Selena ran past through the corridor, wanting to get away from anyone. It was stupid, irrational and yet, she couldn't help but blush furiously every time she remembered what happened regardless it was about Cyrus or Sirius. Why can't you just stop thinking about it? screamed Selena inside her mind, quickening her pace. It was mad, unthinkable, disgusting but she – Stop what you're thinking! You're making yourself worse!

Right after what the ruddy mutt did during that time, Selena found her strength and shoved him away from her and slapped him across the face before sprinting off without a single word. She knew it was already bad enough that something nearly happened between her and Cyrus and when she did avoid that, Sirius appeared and finished the job. Or at least that was she thought.

"Fate must be laughing at me right now," she growled with a scowl.

She was thinking too much that she didn't see Lily walking in front of her who was also deep in thought. The two collided with each other, their belongings in their hands knocked out and fell on the floor with a clatter.

"I'm sorry I didn't see you -" gasped Lily as her cheeks reddened slightly.

"Same here, I'm sorry -" said Selena hastily and the two knelt down to pick up their things. "Something wrong?" she asked in concern as soon as they stood up.

"It's – I'm fine," said the redhead with a faint smile. "How about you?"

"Me?" she repeated in surprise.

Lily chuckled lightly. "You don't normally space out while you're walking." she said softly. "All right, I'll tell you what's on my mind but you'll have to tell me what's bothering you. It might help us feel better by this."

Selena looked hesitant. She was still not used to share their inner thoughts and problems with anyone, even with her friends. But she knew she could trust Lily even if she was Severus. "…just swear that you won't tell anyone, Lily." She said finally to her. "I don't know what I'll do if someone finds out."

"I won't tell, promise." She said sincerely. "Now let's look for a good place to talk privately, but first let's go to the kitchens; food will make us feel even better after talking."

"Or maybe you're just really hungry," drawled Selena pointedly and Lily playfully smacked her on the arm.

"Now where's that mangy mutt?" said James aloud, standing in front of the Entrance Hall with an impatient look on his face.

"Still couldn't find him?" yawned Peter as he walked toward his direction. "Well, I got this from your trunk." He handed him the folded piece of parchment. "He's been acting a bit off, didn't you notice?"

"I know, something's bothering him." grimaced James, accepting the map from the rat Animagus. "Come on, let's look for him. He might be doing something really dreadful right now for all we know." As he walked, he asked Peter, "Do you know where Moony is?"

"From what I know, he's at the library." shrugged Peter. "He's also acting odd lately."

James sighed. "Things are getting stranger by the day. Merlin what's happening that we don't know?"

"We're at Hogwarts, there might be something at the rumour mill so we'll get find out eventually." said Peter helpfully.

"I suppose you're right, Wormy." When they arrived at an empty hallway at the right end of the West Wing tower, he unfolded the map and said, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

"You WHAT?!" hollered Roderick right after he fell from his bed and standing up right after.

Cyrus scowled at him. "Will you lower down your voice -?"

"You expect me not to react like this when you – you and Ele – six days ago – cafe – almost there – BLOODY HELL!" rambled the blonde Slytherin. "I knew it this is going to happen sooner or later! We're screwed!"

"What do you mean 'we're screwed'?" stared Mathayus at him from where he sat. "Why are the two of us included?"

"Because all four of us are bloody best mates, that's what!" said Roderick matter-of-factly. "It's not supposed to happen -"

"Well it did, sorry making you disappointed." cut across Cyrus sarcastically. "It's hard to think that Selena and Severus are one and the same at this time; they may act the same way, think the same way but honestly, Selena is Selena and Severus is Severus. That's how I see it." Breathing heavily, he continued, "It's not like I wanted this to happen. And besides, this is already awkward between her and I -"

"Not to mention us two now that you told us," supplied Roderick.

"It wouldn't be if you didn't pester me in the first place," he growled at him.

"Right, I'll keep that in mind that if you're not telling us something that would involve Ele, we're not going to ask you." muttered Roderick sardonically while crossing his arms.

Cyrus rolled his eyes. Mathayus sighed at the two. "So, what's going to happen next?" questioned Mathayus.

"What are you implying, Matt?" frowned Cyrus as Roderick looked up to him.

Mathayus snorted. "Have you talked about what happened with her? But the question is, are you even planning on asking her out?" he said while raising an eyebrow.

Roderick turned to look at Cyrus. "Well? What's your answer?"

"What do you expect me to say, anyway?" demanded Cyrus. "You don't seem rather inclined -"

"I was surprised earlier, honestly." admitted Roderick while running his fingers through his smooth messy blonde locks. "I still somehow see Ele as Severus – I mean, who wouldn't? Well, if they knew what really happened anyway. And besides, who cares what we think -"

"You and Matt are my best mates, your opinions matter to me." He interrupted. "Also Selena. Or Severus if he were a separate person to begin with."

"Whatever you decide, we're behind you." said Mathayus firmly.

All of a sudden, Roderick's expression changed as if something dawned to him and let out a laugh. "What's funny?" said Cyrus, watching him idly.

"Do you remember the conversation we had at the Simmons's Ball last year if we can imagine Ele being with any bloke?" snickered Roderick as he tried to calm himself down. "Well I can now think of one person. It's going to take some time for me to wrap this all up inside my head but I just want to let you know Cyrus that I'm your best mate and I'm going to support you in every way I can."

"…you are impossible," said Cyrus while shaking his head.

After a moment of silence, Mathayus said. "Now how are you going to -?"

"Don't even ask that yet."

"I can't believe he did that!" exclaimed Lily. "He should've been slapped hard across the face!"

"I already did that, mind you." sighed Selena before taking a bite from the treacle tart. She chewed it first and swallowed it with one gulp. "I wished I could've hexed him as well." They were at the Astronomy tower where it was mostly empty during daytime. The two of them were sitting on the stone floor with some sweets and a jug filled with Pumpkin juice placed on top of a huge hankerchief (enlarged by Lily).

"So did you tell this to your friends, Avery and -?" inquired Lily.

Selena blanched. "Bloody hell I didn't! It's hard enough that it happened to me but relaying it to them?" shaking her head, she continued. "I did consider a couple of times, but it's humiliating. Actually, I'm ashamed that I let it happen to me."

Lily smiled sadly for her and reached her hand to comfort her. "It's going to be fine, Selena. I'm sure of it. The Easter holidays will arrive in less than two months so you won't have to see him during that time."

"Well I already told you what was bothering me, so you should tell me what's yours," said Selena as she tried to steer the conversation elsewhere.

Lily flushed and looked away. "It's silly compared to yours -"

"Nonsense, you should tell me." She said softly to her.

"It's just that…I think I actually have feelings for someone." She confessed.

Selena stared at her. "And who might that person be?" she asked, leaning closer to hear her better. She wasn't much surprised that Lily would fancy someone at some point (when she was Severus, he counted that the beautiful redhead dated around three guys and one of them became her first boyfriend which only lasted for seven months) but it somehow ached her inside but it wasn't as pronounced as before.

"He…well, I can't say his name -"

"Why not?" frowned Selena.

"Well you didn't tell me the guy who snagged your first kiss," she reminded her and Selena scowled at this. "So I think it's fair. Unless you tell me now -"

"I can't," she sighed. "I suppose it is fair that you won't tell me the name of that lucky bloke. So what do you want to call him anyway?"

Lily pondered for a moment and said, "Let's call him…Quidditch Git."

Selena let out a snort. "Quidditch Git? That's a name. I assume he's a huge fan of the game?"

"He is," she nodded. "He mostly talks about it and he likes to become a Quidditch player for Puddlemere United -"

"Been gathering information from him?" smirked Selena, teasing her.

Lily shook her head furiously. "He tends to say things out loud so pretty much anyone who hears him would know." Sighing, she continued. "Anyway, he's already dating someone recently."

"I think he's a total idiot for not choosing you," said Selena while rolling her eyes. "He needs glasses, mind you." This comment made Lily smile a little but Selena didn't notice this on time. They continued talking until they realised that the sun was beginning to set. "It's almost dinner time."

"Yeah, Marlene and Alice might get worried." nodded Lily as she reduced the size of the handkerchief. "Until next time, Selena." She smiled at her.

Selena smiled slightly. "Until next time." As she took a different path, she didn't notice someone making his way toward her. Before she could turn to the right side of the corridor, a hand grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her without slowing down. "What the – Lupin! What are you doing?!" she screeched.

Remus didn't reply and simpled walked on without looking back.

Selena tried to get hold of her wand from her robes but Remus swiftly opened the nearest broom cupboard and pulled her in with him. "What the bloody hell's wrong with you -?" she demanded.

"You're Severus Snape, aren't you?" said Remus abruptly, causing the dark-haired Slytherin to stop speaking and stared at him in utter shock.

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