This was going to end terribly. She just knew it.

With Rainbow Dash's leave of absence to reconcile her feelings, the other ponies began to deteriorate. The bearers of the Elements of Harmony were tearing themselves apart with grief, sadness, and blaming themselves. The nexus of all this, was Twilight Sparkle and her power beginning to spiral out of control.

Princess Luna knew they could overcome this obstacle. But what terrible thing would have to happen to reunite them? She didn't want to wait that long. Something had to be done.

Knowing Celestia had her hooves full with trying to tend to the six and keep things under control for now, Luna knew that the outcome was up to Twilight herself to fix. She just couldn't idle while Equestria fell apart around them and possibly, worse.

Therefore, Luna enacted a plan. She knew that she would have a bit of trouble pulling it off. But it was worth it for the contingency prepared for the worst case scenario. Just like her sister did to save her. She didn't have the cunning and deceitful nature of her sister, but she did have more motivation, and a bigger circle of true friends.

But who would be chosen to form this special group? Not every pony would even take the time to hear her out. The whole "Eternal Night" thing left a lot of trust issues with even the most common of pony.

Perhaps...perhaps she could connect with the ponies in her situation? Those who are looked at differently or generally ignored.

Yes! That's it!

Luna took off with a gallop, praying that this would work, and praying even harder that it didn't need to at all.

"THAT IS ALL TONIGHT FROM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!" the sky blue unicorn announced, taking a bow. The audience oohed and ahhed at her feats of magic. They were so impressed that they didn't even question why a unicorn would use her magic to perform parlor tricks.

Trixie smiled contentedly as she eyed the audience. It was nice to get a fresh start in a new town that didn't know her from anypony. No one to mock her after that...humbling incident back in Ponyville, she thought she could never show her face again.

After gathering up the 'generous' donations of coins and any errant roses tossed by the obsessive, the unicorn went inside her trailer to sleep and get ready for the road again tomorrow. With a flick of her horn, she carefully hung her giant wizard hat and matching cloak on the hangers, and crawled into bed. Her new trailer was a bit roomier than her old one, so she was secretly kind of glad for it getting destroyed so she'd have an excuse to upgrade.

But she still despised Twilight Sparkle and her ways. From what she heard from those two stupid ponies that clung to her, Twilight was afraid of one upping her because she would be ridiculed the same way. Yet when she finally did, she got praise for it! It was a mystery even someone as great and powerful as her couldn't solve.

"Trixie..." a voice whispered in the darkness.

The unicorn shot upright, glancing around to find the source. Was someone outside the trailer? She looked out the window. No one was there.

"Trixie..." the voice called again, a louder whisper this time.

"Who dares disturb the Great and Powerful Trixie from her slumber?"

Princess Luna appeared before her.

Instantly dropping the act, she knelt. Partially out of respect for her royal title, but mostly out of fear for what she had done in the past.

"No need to fear me any longer." Luna reassured.

Trixie stood, her knees shaking slightly.

"You are aware of my plight, and of my defeat by Twilight Sparkle."
The unicorn swallowed hard and nodded, her eyes wide but her pupils tiny with fear.

"Despite what she did to me, I thanked her. She made me see the error of my ways. Now, she needs my help to return the favor."

"W-what do you mean, Princess..." Trixie croaked, her act and bravado gone.

"I need you to see the light as well! The Elements of Harmony are in disarray, and I am seeking new vessels in case something terrible happens during this dark time."

"I...I don't think I can handle such a responsibility..." Trixie admitted, trying to hide her face with her bleach white mane.

Luna smiled. "You are on the first step already. You're enlightenment from Twilight's actions parallel my own. Beneath that arrogance, lies a scared little pony. Just like I was. As such, I christen you to be one of my new chosen."

Trixie smiled slightly. Everything the princess said was true.

"I will do my best." Trixie bowed once again. Though she couldn't guarantee it would be an easy transition.

"That is all I ask." Luna replied, then she disappeared.

"Great..." Trixie rolled her eyes.