Dr. Whooves, the brown colt with the strange hourglass Cutie Mark, turned and left his spot where he was observing Pinkie Pie. He had never seen anypony so sad, let alone her. He didn't know her that well, true, but knew enough that this wasn't the same "premire party pony" they tell him about.

He couldn't deny that there was also a strange feeling in the air. A sour vibe that he couldn't explain. For a moment, he thought the entire time-space continuim was falling apart, but that was just overexaggeration on his part.

As he strolled away from the unsettling scene, a voice caught his attention.


He glanced around until his eyes fell on the dark blue Alicorn before him. He bowed, knowing that this was the Princess Luna that the others worshiped alongside Celestia.

"I come with an offer. The Elements of Harmony are in disarray, and I am seeking new keepers if things go astray."

Dr. Whooves didn't believe in all this magic stuff, really. He did know of these Elements of Harmony from his brief times with Twilight Sparkle on matters of importance. He helped her in her studies of the immense cosmos, and she related to him the nessecary behaviors to "fit in" in Ponyville as one outsider to another. Only she knew who he really was, and that was a secret that he had no choice but to keep.

Now, here was one of this world's royal figures, selecting him for some mighty task. He was certain that someone as all powerful as her, or her sister, knew his secret as well. If they did, however, she had a good poker face about it.

"Well, Princess..." the colt began. "I am truly honored to be selected." He knew he had wound up here for some reason, and this was probably it. Another adventure to save a world.

Luna smiled. "I am glad to hear that. I have only one more to contact. Then we will all meet here." With that, she vanished.

"Blimey..." Dr. Whooves mumbled, shaking his head.

Luna knew the best place to find the last pony wasn't open until night came. It was good to see ponies out more often to appreciate her work.

The blaring, thumping music from the club made the Princess fold her ears against her head. Was this the kind of music fillies listened to nowadays? Where's the culture? The refinement?

Granted the entire concept of night clubs was forgien to her. Her royal status got her in no problem, but that didn't protect her from the unexpected assault of her senses. Flashing lights, pounding music, smells of herbs that she had a feeling wern't medicinal. Celestia would be appaled at such behavior! But Luna knew her sister well, and wouldn't doubt if she snuck to places like this while she was...away.

There, at the DJ booth, was the last pony. She was the life of the party, just like Pinkie Pie, only she was way more subdued. Unlike the pink pony however, when the party was over, she just kind of melded into the crowd.

Vinyl Scratch, aka DJ Pon-3, was certainly a unicorn that knew how to get the place moving. But her normal life outside her job was pretty uneventful. Not only does she suffer the occasional scorn of ponies who object to her..."preferences" if you will, but life was also cruel enough to take her sight from her as well.

Granted this lack of vision made her more adept at hearing the nuances in music that most others wouldn't appreciate, but ironically, her taste in music could lead to hearing loss.

After announcing that she was taking a break, Luna seized this chance to speak with her.

"Hello? Who's there?" Scratch asked, her ears perking up at sensing someone in the room with her.

"It is me, Princess Luna." the Alicorn announced.

"Princess." Scratch bowed.

"I have come to choose you. The Elements of Harmony are in disarray, and I am seeking new vessels in case something goes wrong."

Scratch nodded. "I figured Rainbow Dash was acting strange when she came to me." the unicorn muttered to herself. "But, why choose me?"

"Because you are one of the few who do not judge by appearance." Luna admired.

"Well, yeah. It's kind of hard to do that when you're..."

"I didn't mean it like that." Luna apologized. "I meant that it is in you're nature not to judge others. You would be perfect for the element of Loyalty."

Scratch shook her head. "I don't know...I've seen the pressure that it puts on Dash. I'm not as loyal as she is."

"You stuck with her though her problems, did you not?"

"Yeah...I did..." Scratch smirked. "Okay, Princess. I'm game!"

"Excellent. We will all meet tomorrow night, after I have tended to my duties."