Mechanical Love ch. 1

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The Rookie 12 has all graduated from high school and went their separate ways. They have all chosen their paths to follow. Well all except Hinata Hyuuga. She was currently sitting in her father's office.

"W-what do you mean?" Hinata asked shocked.

"What I mean is you are being disowned. You are no longer my daughter and you have until 6:30 pm to pack your stuff and get out" Hiashi said calmly.

She couldn't believe it. Her own father disowned her and on top of that he was kicking her out the house. All because she wasn't like her cousin Neji. She doesn't blame Neji though. He couldn't help being the way he is. He walked out her father's office and into her room. She stuffed her stuff into a duffle bag. She had some money saved up in her dresser and took it with her.

"I'm so sorry Hinata"

Hinata turned around and saw Neji. He was leaning against the doorway. He looked very sad.

"Don't be sorry, it's not your fault. Anyways good luck with the company Neji-Kun" Hinata said smiling.

"Here, take this. You'll need it" Neji said handing her money.

It was about 2 thousand dollars in cash.

"Neji I can't" Hinata said handing it back.

"Yes you can. You'll need it" Neji said putting it in her hands.

Hinata knew there was no point in arguing with him so she put it in her pocket.

"Thank you Neji-kun" Hinata said hugging him.

"You're welcome" Neji said hugging her back.

"Goodbye" Hinata said leaving.

Neji watched Hinata left the house and towards the bus stop with no clue what she was going to do. While waiting for the bus, she noticed a newspaper that had listing foe vacant apartments within her price range. The gods were smiling down on her today then the bus came. She got up and on the bus. She sat close to the driver. The bus drove all the way to downtown. Hinata got off and started looking for the apartment complex. It took her almost an hour to find it. She knocked on the landlord's door. The door was opened by an old man with gray hair and a pipe in his mouth. [A/N: In this story, the 3rd Hokage is the landlord]

"Can I help you, young lady?"

"Yes, do you have any vacant apartments?" Hinata asked nervously.

"Yes I do. Come in" He said smiling.

Hinata walked in. She sat in a chair by the desk. The old man sat behind the desk.

"My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi and I'm the landlord and you are?" Hiruzen asked smiling.

"Hinata Hyuuga"

"Why are you looking for an apartment? Especially in this neighborhood?" Hiruzen asked raising an eyebrow.

"I was disowned by my father and he kicked me out. I don't have anywhere else to live" Hinata said looking down at her hands.

"Alright but I'll have to charge you $175 a month" Hiruzen said smiling.

"Thank you so much" Hinata said excitedly.

"The apartment is #24 and here's the key" Hiruzen said handing her the key.

Hinata took the key and walked out. She walked up the stairs. It was the third door on the right. She walked in and it was a decent sized one bedroom apartment. It had a bathroom, a small kitchen, a living room with couch and a TV. In the bedroom, there was queen-sized bed, a dresser with an alarm clock, a mirror and a closet. Hinata unpacked her stuff in the dresser and closet. She puts her pictures she had on the dresser. They were of her friends, Neji and Hanabi, her mother and one of Naruto. He is currently dating Sakura Haruno. She couldn't tell him how she felt and she regrets it every day. Hinata lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

"I need to get a job soon" Hinata said falling asleep.

The next day

Hinata woke up and realized that she fell asleep in her clothes. She changed into a white t-shirt and some baggy jeans. She had to buy some groceries. She grabbed her keys and some money. She locked the door before she left. She took the bus to the store. It was a 15 minute ride. Hinata walks into the store. She grabs some bread, milk, eggs, cereal, water and some strawberries. She went to pay for her things.

"That'll be $45.68" the casher said bagging the food.

Hinata pulls out a 50 dollar bill.

"Here are your things and your change" the casher handing her the stuff.

"Thank you" Hinata said smiling.

Hinata walked out the store and towards the bus stop. The bus wasn't here yet so Hinata sat on the bench. 3 wannabe thugs came and surrounded her. One had shaggy, brown hair with brown eyes, another one had a black trench coat that went down to knees with Terminator glasses and the last one had a due rag on his head. The aura around them spelled trouble and there was a big, red sign over their heads that 'Danger! Danger!' Only a complete idiot can't see the sign.

"Hey babe, what are you doing here?" Shaggy asked smiling.

"C-can you leave m-me a-alone?" Hinata asked afraid.

"We can't leave a pretty girl like you alone" Terminator said playing with her hair.

Hinata was really afraid. She was wishing someone would help her.

"Hey baby, are these guys bothering you?" Someone asked.

Hinata looked and it was Sai. Hinata was happy and shocked to see him here.

"Who are you? We're busy" Due rag guy said frowning.

"You better leave now before I get angry" Sai said glaring at them.

Sai's emotionless glare sent chills down their spines and sent them running. One of them pees his pants.

"What are you doing here, Sai?" Hinata asked confused.

"I could ask you the same thing?" Sai asked raising an eyebrow.

"I live out here"

"Why here of all places?" Sai asked raising an eyebrow.

"Because it was the only place I can afford. Why are you here?" Hinata asked raising an eyebrow.

"I live out here" Sai said smiling.

"Really?" Hinata asked surprised.

"Need a ride?"

"I would like that" Hinata said following him.

They walked towards his car. It was a small car. They drove to Hinata's apartment complex.

"This is where you live?" Sai asked curious.

"Yes #24" Hinata said getting out.

"Cool, I live here too" Sai said getting out.

"Really where?" Hinata asked as they walked up the stairs.

"#22" Sai said helping with her groceries.

They walked into Hinata's apartment. Hinata puts the food away.

"Thank you Sai" Hinata said smiling.

"Welcome, I'll see you tomorrow" Sai said leaving.

End of ch.1