Tin Roses II

District 9 Fanfiction


This is the second part to the first story that I haven't written yet. The first part is still in my head, but not on paper, so to speak. This is sort of like the sequel to the first part. Make sense? Probably not. :)

Sorry, it's kind of AU and I probably got a lot of stuff wrong, but hey, it's fiction, right?

Tin Roses II

The last time I spoke with him, he told me that it would be alright. He told me that we would be back together. He told me that his friend was going to fix him. He told me that it would take three years for his friend to return once the ship left. That's 1, 095 days. He's coming home soon.

I've got 1,075 tin roses to prove it.

Each night, just as I am about to go to bed I listen for the sound. A certain sound on my front porch. It's not really a noise, but a tiny 'clink'. I know he's there, my husband, and he's left a gift for me. I don't rush out to retrieve it. I wait. I don't want to see him as he is now, but remember him as he once was. I wait a few moments to open the door. When I think enough time has passed, I open the door wider. There, on the mat by the front door is my gift. A small, single rose made from tin. Proof that my husband is still alive, proof that Wikus still exists.