Chapter 1 – Odd


Sixteen, where did that come from? Seriously, my sixteenth birthday?

I roll out of bed and go to the closet and find some clean clothes and get dressed quickly. Before I'm fully dressed, there's a knock on my door and my mom sticks her head in.

"You decent?" she asks.

"I think you're supposed to ask that before you open the door."

"Happy Birthday!" she says, rushing over to give me a hug.

I can't help but smile! Even though I'm not the least bit like my mom, she and I have a great relationship. After she finally gave up the dream of me playing with dolls and starting buying me Hot Wheels everything got much better.

"What do you want to do tonight Letty?" she asks me, though I know she already has something in mind.

"I'm working in the garage after I take my driving test," I answer.

"Can't even wait one day to take the test," she teases.

"Of course not, I've been waiting sixteen years for this".

"So you passed on the first try huh, Letty?" Tony jokes. "It's not like you've been practicing since your feet could reach the pedals or anything." We all laugh at this. Dom, V, Tony and I are all in the garage trying to squeeze as much work as we can before dinner.

In the Toretto's garage, I've been learning everything there is to know about cars for the past four years. I've always been into cars, but my mom thought it was no place for a little girl and fought it for awhile. Tony finally talked her into letting me hang out here at 12. I've been getting paid to work here since I was 14.

Mia walks in a gives Tony a kiss on the cheek. "Dad, Luz is ready for all of us to come to dinner."

"We're almost done," he answers.

"She says now."

The boys and I pack it up and we all head to my house for dinner with my mom. Dinner, birthday cake and we're done! Now, all I want to do is to legally get behind the wheel of the car I've been pouring my heart and soul into for the past 6 months. The car I saved my money for the past 2 years to buy.

Mia, heads home to do some homework, Tony goes with her. Dom is headed to a party with V and I'm headed out for a drive. My mom has tears in her eyes as I drive away. Geez, you cry when people die, not when they live for another year.

First thing Saturday morning, I shovel breakfast into my mouth and head for the door. Can't even tell you what Luz left out for me. She has already left for work. She has to go in today to make up for being off yesterday.

I walk into the garage and Dom is the only one there. He's looking under the hood of a car and looking really focused.

"Morning Letty," he grunts. He's never been a morning person.

"Sup," neither have I. "Where's Tony?"

He looks up at me and he waits a second too long to answer. "He's on a call in the office." That was weird. "You have fun last night?"

"I did! You?"

"Of course."

Then nothing.

More and more lately, there have been these awkward silences between us. I don't know what it's about, but he's acting so strange.

I used to idolize Dom for a couple years when I thought he knew all there was to know about cars. Then I realized it was Tony who knew everything and my adoration shifted. We've always been cool and in each other's lives, but after I came into the garage, we've really been like a daily fixture. He's 4 years older than me so we never really hung out outside family stuff and the garage but we've always gotten along.

But lately he's been odd.

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