Chapter 100 – Beach


We've all been pretty much out of it for the last day. I go into town and call Mia. Stephanie answers and puts Mia on after a few seconds.


"Hey Dom!" She sounds close to tears.

"How are you? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm supposed to start med school tomorrow, but I don't know if…"

"You're going! You're not throwing your life away for my shit! End of discussion."

"I'll do my best Dom." She says. "Here's the latest. Letty and Leon are free and clear. No warrants for their arrests and no charges are being brought against them."

"That's great news Mia. I'm going to send them home then."

Mia's quiet for a few seconds.

"The charges against you and V are big. They have a whole list of shit. They won't let me see Vince in the hospital. But when he's released and goes to county I can. James says that because of his injuries he's very likely to get bail."

If I know Vince and I definitely do. He's going to jump.

"Put up cash for his bail Mia. Use the money from Letty's accounts. It's legit, because it was her inheritance."

"Got it." She knows exactly what I'm getting at. "They didn't find shit on you from the house or anywhere else. But the driver's I.D., Vince's prints all over the truck and the driver's ability to put you in the Civic. You can't come back Dom."

I hear the tears in her voice.

"How's Jesse's Mom?"

"She's out of her mind. She thinks she should have treated him better. I'm not going to come down on her but she's right. He deserved way better. We put the funeral together…don't you even think of coming here."

"Mia, I'm not! I get how serious this is. You sure about Leon and Letty?"

"I'm sure. They are both in the clear."

Mia gives me the number I asked her for and we hang up with more I love yous.

I head back to the house and Letty and Leon are in the living room talking.

"What's up? How's Mia?" Leon asks.

"She's okay. I have news."

They both look at me.

"You're both in the clear on all this shit. No charges. Brian for whatever reason isn't flipping on us. The driver didn't see you two and they have absolutely nothing on you."

A smile plays across Leon's face and Letty pats him on the back.

"I want you to go back. Mia needs you. Jesse's mom isn't doing well. I don't want you living like this."

Leon rubs his hand across his forehead. "Dom, I…"

"Don't. Just do what I ask you. You can get to the other money I have put away. There's 500 there. You know where it is?"

"I do."

"Vince is going to need some of that when he gets out on bail."

"But Dom, I don't feel right just going back and leaving you here alone to deal with this shit."

"He's not going to be alone." Letty says. "He's right, you should go Leon. I'm staying."


"Don't start Dom. I don't want to hear the speech. You knew what I was going to say. I know what you're going to counter. So let's not waste the time."

I look down at her and I know there is no reasoning with her. But I don't really want to.

"I'll leave in the morning. You two talk it out and let me know if you're coming with."

Leon gets up and walks outside.

I go sit with her on the couch. I lift her legs into my lap and she grimaces from the pain of moving.

"We discussed being career criminals, not fugitives. I don't want this for you Letty."

"I don't want anything that doesn't include you."

I can't pretend to fight this battle anymore.

"I don't either. I need you."


The next morning we wake up before sunrise and say our goodbyes to Leon. This is so hard. I don't know when I'm going to see anyone in my family again. Or if I'll see anyone in my family again. But as hard as it is to lose all these people, none of it is hard enough to make me even think of losing Dom.

"Be safe you two. Please keep in touch."

I give Leon another hug and we watch him drive away.

We wake up later in the morning in our bed and our house. Alone. That's huge. We've never been alone before. And we never wanted to get it this way. Not ever. But now that it's here, it's impossible to ignore.

I put my lips on his bruised shoulder.

"Hey." I say.


I move my lips from his shoulder to his neck. He wraps his arms around me and I groan from the pain it causes. But I don't stop kissing him.

"Letty, are you crazy? We can't. I can't even hug you without you cringing in pain."

I can hear the internal battle in his voice.

"Well, you're just going to have to be slow and gentle aren't you?"

I press my lips against his and I'm anything but gentle.

"You're so stubborn. But you're going to get what you ask for."

He turns me over like I'm made of glass.


I take off her shorts and tank slowly. She's not wearing a bra because it was causing her pain and I don't even care why she's not wearing panties. I kiss every single bruise and scar on her body. It tears my heart out looking at her body like this.

Occasionally she pulls back and groans but for the most part she lays back content to let me love her. When I finally lean down into another kiss on her lips it's like she's been waiting impatiently for this. She tries to take control and speed things up.

"Nope, you said I could go slow and gentle."

She huffs at me but doesn't protest. She puts her hands on my face and kisses me back slowly. She plays her tongue against my bottom lip and I love the feel of it.

I try to keep my touches light but it's getter harder to go slow. But I'm determined. I'm not hurting her. I know she can take it, it's me who can't. I blame myself for every bruise on her body.

I lean down and run my tongue along her nipple and she sucks in her breath with pleasure.

That's what I like to hear.

I keep my tongue moving to her naval and back up to her other breast.

I guide myself into her.

"Finally." She moans.

I chuckle at her impatience.

She swivels her hips under me and I glide in and out of her at a leisurely pace. She runs her nails up and down my side and back. I put my hand in her hair and put my lips to her ear.

"I'm sorry for everything." I whisper to her.

"I'm sorry you feel like this is your fault." She whispers back and puts her arms my neck.

That shocks me and I stop and look at her. She pushes me up. I roll off her onto my back. She straddles me and puts her hands on my chest. She looks me directly in the eye.

"I wish you'd stop thinking that way. Tran shot Jesse, not you. We tried all day and all night to find him and couldn't. Vince chose to get on that truck. I chose to jack those semis with you. We all made choices that led to this. You didn't force anyone into anything. Actually had we not agreed to go along it's not like you would have found another crew and gone without us. We were all having fun doing something incredibly stupid that went wrong in the end."

I lean forward and she leans down and we kiss passionately.

Her words mean everything to me. She doesn't blame me for this shit. Any of it. I thought I'd have to spent months making this up to her, but I don't need to.

"Forgive yourself Dom, because for me, there's nothing to forgive."

She kisses me forcefully and I don't have the desire to slow things down anymore. I guide her back onto me and start to move under her and she matches my rhythm. Not hard, I know her body is still in pain. But not slow either.

She does look worn out though. I hold onto her and move her under me. She smirks at me but doesn't call me on it. I interlock my fingers with hers.

"I love you baby."

"You better love me."

She wraps one leg around me rocks her hips beneath me as I kiss her. I push into her until she throws her head back and shakes around me.

After she takes a few seconds to catch her breath she leans forward and forces her tongue into my mouth. She reaches around and grabs my ass and starts to move me inside her. I follow her lead and join her within minutes.

I get Letty to go to the doctor a couple towns over from our place in Cabo. She has three bruised ribs and her small intestine has blood in it. Everything else is just bumps and bruises. As we're walking out I sweep her into my arms.

"He says you have to rest. All this walking isn't restful."

"This is why I didn't want to go to the damn doctor. I can walk!"

I place her in the car.

"Let me take care of you for a few days. You'll be back to bossing me around in a week."

"Fine…for now."

We're laying out on a blanket on the beach outside our house. Our house. That still gets me. We've lived together in some form for nearly 20 years and this the first time we've ever lived alone.

"It's so beautiful here." Letty says into my chest.

"You're so beautiful. The surroundings are just trying to keep up."

"Dom, all jokes aside."

She sits up and looks at me.

"I love you than anything in the world."

"You know I feel exactly the same about you." I respond to her.

"I know you do or I wouldn't be here."

She places a soft kiss on my lips.

"Make love to me."

She nuzzles her face into my chest. I laugh at her.

"I'm serious. You better take the opportunity. It's not often I feel like this."

I take her at her word, if she's feeling lovey and emotional tonight I better not waste it. We take our time and she lets me control the pace, the positions and gentleness.

I love her as her badass, no nonsense, self. I love every bit of it. But I cherish these moments when she lets herself be vulnerable to me.

"I love you Dominic."

She pants this out as I slowly grind into her, bringing out her second orgasm.

"Love you." I say coming inside her.

I kiss her neck and chin and then her lips. I shift onto my back with her in my arms. I trail my fingers up and down her back. She wraps her arm around my middle.

We just stare out at the ocean and up at the moon and at each other.

"I told you I had a dream about us on a beach in Mexico."

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