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It was a blustering cold day and the old begger woman was seen by Mrs. Lovett's.

"Why you po' dear," Mrs. Lovett said, "Why not come in an' 'ave yourself a nice pie."

"Aye couldn't pay-ya forra pie dear"

Oh believe me it'll be enough payment when ya seen I've got me paws all ova' your Benjamin and ya can't do nottin' about it cause ya' know I dunno yer Lucy.

"Never you mind the cost. Consider it on the house. Now why don't ya commonin and warm yerself by the fire. I'll 'ave my man friend bring ya a pint of gin."

"Thank ya kindly," the begger woman said.

"Mrs. Lovett said to bring you this," Sweeny Todd said giving the Begger woman a pint of Gin.

"Say don't I know you mista," the begger woman said

"I don't think so," Sweeny said, "I'm Sweeny Todd. And who are you"

"They call me the begger woman," Lucy said

Mrs. Lovett watched this.

"Ha you old hag," she thought to herself, "I win"