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"It's not working again!" Koushiro said, exasperated. His Pineapple laptop was finally giving out, after ten years on devoted service. The only reason it was still alive at all was the fact that pretty well everything except the case had been replaced internally, multiple times. Still, you can only fix a computer for so long.

"Give it up, Kou. I know you love it, but it might be time to trade it in," Matt said as he kicked back, cracking open a Mountain Dew.

Kou shot Matt a death glare. "Last I checked, you were still using your first guitar, even though it doesn't want to play through the amp half of the time.

Matt coughed and shrunk into the couch. "I get your point, proceed."

He looked over at me. "Sora, I don't know what to do about it anymore."

I smiled. "I don't know much, but I can take a look at it. Maybe it's something simple and you're looking at it too hard."

I felt an arm wrap around me and pull me close, kissing my neck. "What's the problem?"

I turned and kissed Taichi's cheek. "Koushiro's computer quit working, so I'm going to look at it."

Tai grinned then headed forward, raising his hand. "I know what will fix it."

Koushiro grabbed the computer and hugged it to him, while I did the same with Taichi. "Why don't you let us try our magic first?"

Tai pouted while Yamato snickered. I released the poofy haired boy and sat on the ground next to Kou, while Tai plopped on the couch.

"I guess I'll just check the obvious things." Kou nodded, handing me the laptop and trying to get I started looking over it, first trying the power button and testing hitting a few keys. I flipped it end over end, checking it for something simple before pulling out the battery and hitting the power again, but it still didn't work.

Finally I set it on my lap, cracking my knuckles before looking at it harder. As I stretched backwards I felt the laptop sliding. I tried to move forward and grab it, couldn't catch it before it fell the inch and a half to the ground and made a loud thunking noise, lighting up and booting. I swiftly looked over at Taichi, hoping he hadn't seen what happened, but it was too late. He was grinning at me devilishly.

"Oh Koushiro, someone fixed your computer!" I stared, wide eyed, as Koushiro ran back into the living room. Upon seeing the loading screen, Koushiro squeaked happily.

"What did you do! It works!" he said, as I continued to gape at the screen. At this Matt snorted, barely containing himself.

"She gave it a good thunk!" Tai squealed, his attempt to hold in his excitement making him sound like a fifteen year old girl. This made the dam break and Matt began laughing so hard that he fell off the couch, taking his empty Mountain Dew can with him.

It was Koushiro's turn to gape. "You did what?"

"I'm so sorry! I was stretching and it slid off of my lap. It was only like an inch and a half that it fell, I promise!" I said, fearing what the other red head would do to me for dropping his precious laptop.

Kou took a deep breath, calming himself. "It's ok. It's not like it was on purpose or it fell a great distance. And, it works again too."

I smiled and Koushiro did the same. "Guess who knew how to fix it from the beginning!"

I sighed, placing my head on the ground. My boyfriend was going to be insufferable until the end of time.

A/n: I actually had this happen with my new coffee table. It happens to have a record player in it and when we were trying to get it to work, it slid off my lap and lit up. It's pretty well the coolest coffee table ever and someone threw it out, so I got it for free. Anyways, it reminded me of Taichi and I wanted to write this short oneshot because of it. Please R&R.