Summary: What if Madara was a woman? What if she was the mother of Uzumaki Kushina and by extension the grandmother of Uzumaki Naruto? What if Naruto was the chosen heir of the Juubi? What if Minato wasn't the kind man people thought he was? Dark cold Evil Naruto, Demon Naruto, Dark sadistic evil demon Kushina, Dark Evil Vampire Sakura, OOC!Hinata, general Konoha bashing

Naruto X Inuyasha crossover some DBZ abilities in here

Pairing: Naruto X Kushina Harem

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"This is so boring!"-person talking

'Whatever'-Person thinking

"Damn nigen!"-Demon talking

'Those villages will be destroyed!'-Demon thinking

It was a rough night for the village of Konohagakure…for earlier today they had been attacked by the dreaded Kyuubi No Yoko…a demon fox of immense powers…originally the beast had been sealed within a female host but during the birthing process, the seal that contained the demon weakened and the Kyuubi was unleashed and upon seeing the village, the enraged kitsune attacked viciously slaughtering several people. It was chaos until the now-late Yondaime Hokage stopped the demon by sealing it within a new host.

A beautiful woman with long bright red hair and blue eyes was holding her newborn son in her arms…She wore a hospital gown…the gown hugged her body perfectly and really showed off her amazing curves and large breasts. Her name was Kushina Uchiha Uzumaki and she was the proud mother of two now three beautiful children. Kushina is the daughter of Kurami Uchiha and the former Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi…now succeeded by her newborn son Naruto Uchiha-Uzumaki as the Kyuubi host. …She smiled down lovingly at him…He had a mop of reddish-blonde hair and when he opened his eyes they were the darkest blue you ever saw… A warm feeling shot through her entire being as her eye roamed on his little form... she felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach…He had the cutest whisker marks on his face due to his mother being a former Jinchuriki.

There was a girl with them, around 13 years old…she had large D-cup breasts that most girls her age would kill for…She wore a dark blue shirt which was wide-topped showing off her cleavage, ANBU style blue pants, and a Chunin vest on her feet were blue sandels.

There also was a boy of about 5 by her side, with long dark red almost black hair in a ponytail and the same blue eyes as his mother…he is Itachi Uzumaki Uchiha the newborn's older brother...

The girl is Hinote Uzumaki Uchiha …Kushina's daughter…Hinote had inherited her mother's looks and hairstyle…as well as her red haircolor but it has blond highlights…she is the elder sister of the two. Her eyes were the same blue as her mother's…

Kushina hugged her son closer. "My little will be a strong shinobi one day and Kaa-chan will help you there." She then scowled as she thought of her traitorous husband…no make that traitorous late ex-husband. 'Damn you Minato-teme!' Her blue eyes changed into the crimson eyes of her mother's clan the Sharingan of the Uchiha, three tomoe swirled in both eyes. 'I hope the Shinigami is enjoying your wretched soul!'

flashback a few hours earlier

"No! Minato-kun! Please!" Kushina was holding Naruto tightly to her bosom. "You can't seal the Kyuubi in him! Please find another way!" She couldn't belive what Minato was planning to seal the Kyuubi into her son which would make him the third jinchuriki…she had been pleading with him for the last 20 minutes.

Minato looked at her impassively. "I'm sorry Kushina but it must be done…Naruto must have that monster sealed within him it is his fate." His voice sounded like he didn't even care about her wishes that he wasn't really sorry at all.

Kushina looked to Sarutobi for help. "Jiji please talk some sense into him!"

Sadly the old man was with Minato on this one. "Give Naruto to Minato Kushina…besides with your bloodlines, Minato's genius mind, and the Kyuubi's powers the boy could become Konoha's greatest weapon." Sarutobi had a wicked glint in his eyes, the glint that proved his title of the Professor.

Kushina gasped. "No…you want to turn MY son into a weapon!" This couldn't be the same kind old man who took her in after her homevillage of Uzushio had been destroyed.

Minato smirked. "Now you understand Kushina…I only loved you for your power and body. If you weren't as powerful as you are I wouldn't have bothered with you."

Kushina couldn't believe it. Minato was just like every other guy wanting her just for her body and skills, to think she thought he was any different. How naive she was, she had just been used. Kushina lowered her head, her long red hair now shadowing her eyes. "How long…How long were you planning on doing this?!"

Minato and Hiruzen both smirked. "Since the beginning since we learned of your bloodlines and your connection as the Kyuubi's previous host." Hiruzen told her.

Minato smirked. "Face it Kushina-chan, you claimed to not be like the other girls of our class yet you turned out to be just like them…falling for my mask of a kind and generous man." He began to laugh cruelly. "You girls really are too easy to fool! As for those two brats of ours…they will be used to breed more powerful shinobi as will our newest brat Naruto be used once he comes of age."

Little did he know that his other two children overheard him. Hinote wept and Itachi hugged his sister whispering comforting things into her ear. Itachi cursed their father…no Minato Namikaze…this monster was no father of their. Real fathers don't seal a monster inside your newborn baby brother just for power and they don't mention that you and your siblings will be used as breeding stock. There was something worse that Minato had done to his second eldest child…something unforgiveable.

Kushina was trembling full of sorrow and anger at his arrogant haughty tone. "You…YOU MONSTER!" She screamed. Her anger grew at the thought of her sons and daughter being used as sex toys. She snapped her head up to reveal her Sharingan. "I TRUSTED YOU! I LOVED YOU! BUT YOU USED ME! YOU STRUNG ME ALONG LIKE SOME CHEAP WHORE!" Kushina despite just giving birth a few hours ago, had managed to get out of the bed and onto her feet. Naruto was awakened by his mother's yell noly he wasn't crying he was actually glaring at his 'father'. "You will never use my children like that Minato Namikaze! I'll die before that happens!" She was about to go through handseals for a jutsu.

But Hiruzen beat her to it. "Temporary Paralysis Technique!" Instantly Kushina felt her entire body freeze up. The red-haired woman struggled to break free... but Hiruzen wasn't a former Hokage for nothing and plus Kushina was still recovering from child-birth and the loss of her tailed beast. However this wouldn't stop the powerful half-Uchiha woman and the minute she got free, these two temes were dead. She would teach them to play on her feelings and trust like that.

'No!' The red-haired woman began to draw on what bit of Kyuubi power remained inside of her. 'I can't let these monsters use Itachi-kun, Hinote-chan, and especially not my little Naru-kun as baby making factories!' Her eyes turned crimson with slits and her hair now fell all the way to the ground, her right arm began to morph into a demonic form (Shippuden filler arc the false-jinchuriki Sora's demonic arm if you're confused). Her teeth and the nails on her left hand sharpened.

Hiruzen cursed as he tried to maintain the jutsu. "You better hurry and perform the sealing Minato! She's drawing on what she has left of the Kyuubi's chakra!" He could feel her will to move overpowering his own to keep her still. Kushina always had a powerful spirit.

Minato nodded and vanished via his his Flying God Technique.

Kushina's body began to break free of the jutsu.

Hiruzen pumped more chakra into the jutsu. "You won't stop us Kushina! Your youngest son shall be our ultimate weapon!" Just then Hiruzen suddenly felt a pain flare up where it really hurts. He looked down to see Hinote and Itachi both with one leg each embedded in his crotch. Hiruzen could hold the jutsu no longer and fell to the ground in sheer agony holding his throbbing crotch.

Kushina was now fully mobile again and the natural Uzumaki recovery began to heal her weakened organs and muscles. Soon in a matter of minutes, she was recovered enough to move completely.

Hinote and Itachi ran to their mother and hugged her crying.

"Kaa-san, we heard everything! We hate that man!" Hinote cried.

Itachi cried too. "He's a monster Kaa-san, I hate him so much!"

"I know musume, sochi. I hate him too, now come on, let's go rescue Naru-kun." Kushina said patting both her older children's heads with a smile.

They looked at their mother and smiled back. "Hai Kaa-san! Let's go retrieve our otouto!"

Kushina activated her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan…her version took the form of a black twelve bladed shuriken design with a small red lotus shape in the space between each blade and in the middle of the shuriken was a red pupil. 'Hold on Naru-kun…Kaa-chan's on her way.' With that Kushina and her children suddenly vanished into thin air as if they were sucked into some kind of void.


Minato had already performed the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. He was dying and Gamabunta had already gone back to the summoning realm.

The Yondaime laughed. "Naruto, you're going to be a powerful weapon for our village…no matter what your mother says, she can't stop it." The Yondaime was on the ground on his back dying with Naruto in his arms. If he had the strength to look, he'd be shocked to see the dark glare his son was giving him. The baby was emitting an aura of pure darkness.

"Want to bet Minato-kun?" Said a familiar woman's voice in a sickly sweet tone.

The Yondaime paled and looked to see Kushina standing over him smiling sweetly at him. But her Eternal Sharingan was spinning. Her two children stood by her side looking hatefully at the man who dared call himself their father.

"So you're dying hun? Well let me help you... It's my duty as your 'wife'!" Kushina then lifted her right arm which was currently in a demonic form. It was larger and bulkier than her left and the fingers ended in vicious-looking claws, the skin was a dark demonic red, it glowed with red youki.

Minato begged one last time. "Please…Kushina…chan…I was just-" Even in death he tries to sweet-talk his way out of it. It wouldn't save him this time.

Kushina didn't let him finish and brought her demonic hand down on his stomach…rupturing it, the Yondaime died instantly from the youki poisioning. His blood spurted onto her hand and clothes as well as on her face a little. Kushina brought her demonic hand up to her face and studied it with great interest, blood dripped off of it, shining in the moonlight. "Hmmm, how strange...I seem to enjoy the feel of blood on my hands…could this be Bloodlust?" A dark seductive grin graced her features…Kushina giggled evilly and turned to see Minato's corpse still bleeding. It…turned her on so much seeing that bastard's corpse quickly paling and cooling due to the blood loss…but she refused to do that around her children her youngest especially… at least not until he was around 13…Kushina returned her arm back to it's normal human form…She then licked her hand clean of the blood, she was careful not to waste a single drop. Soon her hand was clean of all the blood and she licked the remaining blood off her lips and cleaned her face. Several of the suvivors saw what she did luckily though she was too far away for them to see her frightening actions earlier.

A wounded chunin yelled. "How could you do that to Yondaime-sama woman!"

His friend agreed. "Yeah! Just wait until the medics and lord sandaime arrive."

"You'll be executed for the death of a hokage!" They all froze when an immense KI rivaling the Kyuubi hit them straight on.

Kushina slowly looked at them over her shoulder with her EMS glowing red a purple evil aura towering over her form which then took on a familiar fox shape with Nine-tails. "I can't allow witnesses to live…I'm afraid, I'll have to kill you all now." She smiled an evil smile that would make Orochimaru scared…the survivors cowered. Learning of Minato and Sarutobi's true natures have changed Kushina, awakened something frightening within her that had been asleep for the past 15 years, her true sadistic evil personality has reawakened…beware to all those who dare to threaten Naruto in the future when she's around for if you do may kami have mercy on your souls... because Kushina sure as hell won't…One word escaped her lips the word that sealed their doom. "Amaterasu." Her right Eternal Mangekyou spun. The last thing the suvivors ever saw were the eternal black flames igniting all over the battlefield…before they and the corpse of Minato Namikaze were swallowed by a sea of unholy fire. But some survived Kushina's attack beside Kushina herself, those others being her children.

The moon had suddenly turned a blood-red color and shined down on little Naruto blocking out the flames easily. Inside the moonbeam..Little Naruto came face to face with a giant monster that made the Kyuubi look weak and small in comparsion. It was a massive black wolf with strange crimson eyes. it's head alone was larger than the Kyuubi's whole torso. This wolf was at least 5 times bigger than the Kyuubi.

The wolf's unique eyes had nine Sharingan-like tomoe and four rings in them which surrounded a slitted pupil. Ten massive almost 4 mile-long tails swished behind the mighty creature. This massive beast was the true ruler of all demons. The Juubi No Ookami: the ultimate force of nature who was thought to have been defeated by the Rikudou sennin but humans tend to over-exaggerate to make themselves seem invincible. The demon king grinned down at the newborn showing his massive fangs. "Do you fear me little one?" Naruto stared up at him without even flinching at all with a calm cold glance. The Juubi was stunned, he was completely speechless phyiscally. 'Unbelievable! Not even a little fear from him! This little one...he has a great darkness within his heart even more powerful than me! Yet I can also see his love and compassion for his family...well at least his mother and siblings...I have found the heir to my title and powers! The one who will surpass my limits!' His grin widened. "Yes little are the one! The future Juubi!" He shot one of his tails down at the boy but Naruto didn't even flinch as the tail touched his forehead and began filling him with the demon's immense youki. Which would lay dormant until fully awakened. The Juubi smirked as Naruto's hair gained black streaks, his blue-violet eyes changed into black eyes with three crimson tomoe and one ring in each surrounding a sred slit pupls. His little nails sharpened and he now had little fangs in his mouth. The wolf turned to leave. "I look forward to seeing how you grow my heir." In another moonbeam the Juubi was gone. Little Naruto subconsciously concentrated and a shadowy demonic barrier formed around him protecting him and his siblings from the flames.

Within Naruto's body… A certain nine-tailed fox sensed what was happening and opened one crimson eye. " I'm sealed again? Ugh! But wait i'm sealed in Kushi-chan's boy! I wonder what he will be like?" The Kyuubi began to close her eye again But one last thought, the fox had before falling sleep was this. ' dear friend...I hope I'll get to see you again sometime this century.'

Naruto had holding his barrier which had absorbed some of the Amaterasu. Kushina controlled the flames with her right eye and dispelled them with her left. Nothing was left around the battlefield. Minato's corpse and the survivors were reduced to mere ashes. Naruto dispelled his barrier until further notice.

Kushina scooped Naruto into her arms smiling gently. She cooed while rocking him."Kaa-chan's here Naru-kun, and she will never let any bad people hurt you, Kaa-chan will kill them if they even dare to try…Yes she will…kaa-chan will kill all who threaten you my little sochi." She looked down at her son noticing his new features…but they didn't bother her not even a little bit, if anything they made her son look unique. "Naru-kun, you look even more handsome than before!" She exclaimed looking at his sharp little claws and fangs…She had to admit her little boy looked amazing with those new features he fit the feral look way better than those smelly Inuzuka…Kushina turned to her other children. "Itachi-kun, Hinote-chan let's go." with that the family once again vanished heading back to the hospital. Hiruzen arrived to see nothing but a charred crater.

End Flashback

Hinote and Itachi wanted to hold their little brother.

"kaa-san may I hold otouto?" Hinote asked smiling.

Hinote looked up to her mother because she was everything a kunoichi should be…Hinote may be only a Chunin but she is strong enough to battle Jonin-rank or even ANBU-rank ninja including a certain cyclops scarecrow (AKA Kakashi)…Her Sharingan was awakened at age 7 already at level 3.

"Yeah Kaa-chan, I want to hold Otouto after Nee-chan." Itachi said with the same smile.

"Sure Hinote-chan, Itachi-kun…" Kushina smiled to her older children. She was about to hand Naruto over to Hinote…

When suddenly the hospital door broke open and several Anbu filled the room. They woke up Naruto who narrowed his now blue-violet slitted eyes. There were about 10 in all.

But these Anbu were not the Anbu that served the Hokage…these Anbu had blank masks and their stances were extremely well-trained.

Kushina narrowed her eyes. "Who are you?"

"That is irrevelant." the Lead Anbu replied in a monotone. "Hand over the baby. Our leader wants him."

Kushina glared at them releasing KI. "What does your leader want with my little Naru-kun?"

"We wish to use the power inside of him...and our master has ordered us to retrieve the brat in any way even if we must kill you." the Anbu pointed his sword at Kushina. "Will you hand him over peacefully or do we kill you and take him from your lifeless hands?"

Kushina activated her Sharingan. The 'ANBU' then lunged at Kushina with their Tanto drawn. Kushina inwardly cursed she couldn't fight them while holding Naruto. But then the 'ANBU' struck a dark barrier and were reduced to ashes. Kushina looked down to see her son emitting a dark and powerful barrier around himself and her. His eyes were now had three crimson tomoe around a single crimson ring in both on a black background surround a red slit pupil.

Kushina was surprised. "Naru-kun..." Her eyes widened seeing the tomoe. 'The Sharingan! But how? Naru-kun was born just a few hours ago!' She then hugged him tightly. "You're my little guardian aren't you Naru-kun?" Kushina cooed. "My little hero!"

Itachi and Hinote were shocked to see their newborn baby brother actually powerful enough to form a barrier. Itachi saw Naruto's eyes and fainted...Hinote took one look and followed her younger brother's example.

Kushina was rocking Naruto in her arms."Good job Naru-kun, Kaa-chan is so proud of you!" Naruto looked up at his mother with the most caring smile and only his family and future loved ones would see his smiles. Kushina asked. "Are you hungry Naru-kun?" Little Naruto nodded. Kushina opened the top of her gown fully revealing her large breasts lactating with milk. Naruto latched onto her right breast and began to nurse. if Kushina had noticed she would've seen a dark possessive gleam in her young son's eyes.

Kushina saw her two older children passed out and giggled. "They must've fainted from seeing the Sharingan in a newborn's eyes!" She let her youngest child nurse and it sent a wave of pleasure down her spine.

Soon a man with red hair tied in a ponytail in a way similar to that of the Yamanaka clan head appeared via shunshin. He had the same blue eyes as Kushina. The man wore a black shirt with a red swirl and a Jonin jacket...his pants were dark blue. He also wore metal-plated gloves similar to those Kakashi wore. He looked to be about 3 years younger than Kushina.

Kushina looked at the man. "Akio?"

This man was Akio Uchiha Uzumaki Kushina's younger brother. He was the greatest master of ninjutsu in the village. He grinned. "Hey's nice to see you're alright." He noticed her open hospital gown and blushed. "Oh shit..."

"Otouto..." Kushina's hair suddenly lifted into nine streads, her eyes gained a demonic light to them as she smiled. "You should knock before you come in a room, especially a room with a mother feeding her child in them." She used a one handed seal. "Shadow Clone Technique."

A clone of Kushina appeared in full ninja gear cracking its knuckles.

"N-Now Nee-chan let's not do anything you'll regret." Aiko said backing away.

The clone Kushina jumped at Aiko and began to beat him senseless. Aiko's screams of pain and agony were heard all over the hospital.

Kushina ignored her younger sibling's cries. She cooed lovingly to her son. "Your baka-oji has been a bad boy Naru-kun, only you or another girl can see mommy's breasts..."

Naruto finished nursing at that moment.

"Did you enjoy that snack Naru-kun?" Kushina asked in a loving tone.

Naruto gazed up at his mother and nodded.

"That's my good boy." Kushina cooed.

"Ouch." Aiko moaned on the ground beaten badly by the clone. He weakly got up and saw his sister had adjusted her robe to close up. "so that's my newly born nephew onee-chan?"

"Yes, my newly born son Naruto Uchiha Uzumaki or as I call him my little Naru-kun." Kushina said with a glowing smile. "Now I have three beautiful children to take care of and otouto you're helping me." She gave him a stern glance meaning it.

"What but Nee-chan, I thought Minato had been-" Akio nearly had a heart attack at the immense KI his elder sister emitted at the utterance of that man's name.

" children's...presence...ever...again!" Kushina hissed coldly her Sharingan now blazing.

"But why?" Akio was confused.

"I'll show you otouto..." Kushina looked into her brother's eyes with her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan allowing him to see what had happened.

When she was done. Akio began to curse at a pace and intensity that would make Tayuya of the Sound four blush.

Itachi and Hinote were still passed out so they didn't hear anything.

Kushina held Naruto's ears shut. " your language! I don't want my children hearing those words!" She unleashed more KI to shut him up.

Akio shut his mouth and looked down. "I'm sorry that they used you like that nee-chan." He suddenly remembered something that he had heard from their mother's spies. "Oh kaa-san mentioned she has created an organization that would finally end the struggle in the shinobi world."

"I know about that already otouto. Kaa-san told me about it, she named this organiaztion Akatsuki strange name for a powerful organization... 'red dawn? Not exactly threatening sure it could mean blood but there are many other means to it as well." The red-haired woman replied with a shrug.

"Now Kushina-chan, I think it's a rather good name." Said a familiar voice. Both Uzumaki turned as a mysterious person suddenly materialized into the room. This person was clad in red samurai armor worn in olden times of Konoha, she wore a black kuniochi robe with red clouds over her armor. A black mask hid the person's face. the person's hair was knee length raven backards flowing spiky hair and removed her mask revealing the face of a goddess. her youthful looking face was framed perfectly by bangs of her hair with one large bang covering her left eye while her right eye was red with three tomoe. This woman was Kurami Uchiha co-founder of Konohagakure and the first leader of the Uchiha clan until she was betrayed by her own clan and nearly killed by Hashirama Senju, a man she once had a crush on. Now Kurami had a well-deserved grudge against both her old village and her clan. When Kurami had been stabbed by Hashirama and thrown off the cliff she was sent downstream after falling into the water to the country of Uzu No Kuni where she was saved by the Nidaime Uzukage and Uzumaki clan head Ryun Uzumaki, it was love at first sight for both of them and things just clicked from there. Despite the fact that she should be pushing 80+ years old, due to the power of her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and having awakened the Rinnegan, Kurami didn't look older than her early twenties.

"Kushina-chan, Akio-kun," Kurami smiled at her children.

Kushina and Akio both smiled back. "Kaa-san."

Akio sighed. "It's not the same without Obito is it?"

Kushina grew sad at the mention of her deceased youngest brother. Kurami placed one hand on her eldest child and only daughter's shoulder and looked down as the fond memories of her youngest child flowed through her mind.

Obito Uchiha Uzumaki was the youngest of the three siblings and died as a Chunin...on Minato's team no less. He didn't receive much of their father's Uzumaki bloodline and his Sharingan activated late unlike Akio and Kushina... But he did receive their father's outgoing personality and love of pranks. Obito always made the family laugh and cheered them up whenever they were down, he was their light in a world of darkness. They really missed him. It was all Kakashi's fault Obito was killed, if Kakashi wasn't so arrogant and foolish Obito might be here today.

Kushina snarled. "It's their's all Hatake-teme's and Minato-baka's fault that otouto was killed and worse Hatake-teme had the nerve to steal otouto's eye!"

Kurami stroked her daughter's long red hair. "Don't worry musume, we will make Hatake pay for stealing our bloodline."

Kushina leaned into her mother's touch. "Thanks Kaa-san."

Kurami smiled. "Sure…" She looked at Naruto. "Is this my newest grandchild?"

"Yes Kaa-san…this is my little Naru-kun." Kushina smiled brightly and held up Naruto who had just finished feeding.

Naruto looked into the face of his grandmother and smiled. Kurami took him into her own arms.

"My, he is a handsome little guy Kushina-chan…I'm almost jealous of you!" Kurami joked with a giggle.

Kushina blushed before quickly snatching her son back. "Kaa-san you're so embarrassing and quit hogging my Naru-kun! Besides…Itachi-kun and Hinote-chan wanted to hold him first, but currently they're out cold."

As if wanting to show his grandmother his new eyes, Naruto's blue eyes changed into the special eyes of their clan. Three crimson tomoe spun on a single crimson ring in his eyes.

Kurami was stunned. It was amazing...her newborn grandson was the youngest Sharingan wielder in the history of the Uchiha clan. No wonder her older grandchildren fainted if she wasn't the experienced ninja she was she'd probably join them in snoozeland.

Just then Kushina narrowed her eyes sensing a familiar chakra approaching. Her Sharingan activated. "Hiruzen, " She hissed scornfully. Kushina looked down at her son. "Naru-kun, sweetie I need you to deactivate your dojutsu, if the hokage finds out he will try to take you away from me and I couldn't bear can you do this for Kaa-chan?"

Naruto nodded understandingly and his eyes changed back into their normal dark blue color.

Kushina smiled lovingly deactivating her own Sharingan. "That's my good boy!"

Kurami vanished from the room via teleportation...just as the door opened to reveal the Sandaime hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi and a silver-haired ANBU with a dog mask. This ANBU was Kakashi Hatake Minato's prodigy student and the only non-Uchiha to have the Sharingan...Obito's Sharingan no less.

Kushina narrowed her eyes venomously at Kakashi. 'You will regret stealing my little brother's eye you arrogant brat! I will put you in your place!'

Sarutobi smiled sadly to Kushina. "Sorry about what happened to Minato, Kushina-chan he was a good man."

Kushina smiled back while inside she wanted to gut this old fool. "Yeah I did love him after Hokage-sama what will happen now?" 'Drop dead old man!'

"Now we move on and become stronger because of this event. I must tell the village what happened."

Kushina inwardly sneered at him. 'I knew you would say that're lower than the worst missing-nins out there!'

The ANBU saw Naruto and scowled behind his mask but he knew he couldn't dare try anything with the boy's mother and siblings around. 'You will pay for killing my sensei demon brat! I will avenge him and all those who died this night by your claws!' Oh how little this fool knew about Naruto... if only he knew he was insulting the future ruler of the entire demon realm.

Sarutobi spoke. "Kushina-chan, will you come with me so I can explain to the village what happened this night? I must hide Naruto's heritage as Minato's son so people must not know that you're his mother I will place a seal on him that will keep people from making the connection."

'Even if you did that I'll still know he's my son! No seal can fool me!' The red-haired woman thought and her thoughts changed. 'You thought Minato-baka made that seal? Please...I was the one who showed him how to create it!'

"Also Kushina-chan, I'll have to place him in the orphanage."

"WHAT!" Kushina shouted angrily. Her shout woke up her other two children. Both Itachi and Hinote ran up to their mother and glared at the old man.

"I'm sorry but I can't allow you to raise him. Because for one he now holds the Kyuubi and is the village's best weapon and two your mental state is questionable at best-" He suddenly froze as Kushina unleashed a sea's worth of KI towards him. Kakashi fell to his knees in sheer terror his ANBU training meant squat in the presence of this woman who was strong enough to give his deceased sensei an SS-class shinobi a run for his money.

Sarutobi felt fear he hadn't felt since the time his female student Tsunade had caught Jiraiya peeping on her. He shivered. 'Impossible! How can she release so much KI? Especially after giving birth a few hours ago! It's like Uzumaki are chakra gods!'

Kushina turned to Sarutobi revealing her fully mature Sharingan. "Let's get a couple of things straight here old man, I don't want any more seals placed on my Naru-kun nor will I allow you to separate me from him! Got it! I don't care if people find out Naru-kun is that man's son, if anyone and I mean anyone dares try anything, I'll send what's left of them home in a matchbox!" Her KI rose to Kage-level. A dark sadistic grin appeared on her flawless features frightening Hiruzen even more. "Even you old man..."

Sarutobi shook with terror completely overpowered. considering the age difference and the fact that Kushina had actual bloodlines it wasn't so surprising. The young will take over the reigns and the old shall fade into history. Kakashi fainted on the spot. Sarutobi pulled himself together and nodded. "Very well Kushina-chan you can raise your son but I'll have ANBU tailing you to monitor his progress."

Kushina mentally scoffed. 'As if I'd let you spy on us old man!' She knew exactly how to avoid them. Kushina Uzumaki was not the ex-jinchuriki of a Kitsune demon for nothing.

Soon Sarutobi called a village wide meeting and stood on the Hokage tower balcony before a massive crowd of civilians and shinobi alike. Kushina stood several feet away beside him holding Naruto.

Sarutobi cleared his throat before speaking. "Ahem. Attention! Tonight we have evaded the worst distaster ever to hit our fair village! We have survived an attack by the Kyuubi No Yoko!"

Kushina rolled her eyes. 'Yeah, I only wish Naomi-chan had caused much more damage!'

Cheers erupted from the crowd at that statement.

"Sadly! It was not without tragedy! We lost several loved ones to the demon's attack including our beloved Yondaime Hokage!" Several people began to cry at that statement especially several women who had fangirlish obsessions towards Minato.

One person asked. "Sandaime-sama how did Yondaime-sama beat the demon anyways?"

"I'm glad you asked. He beat the demon by sealing it away! The Kyuubi was much too powerful to be sealed within an object so he sealed it with a child who had been born on this night!" Sarutobi gestured to Kushina who held Naruto. "This child Naruto Uzumaki is the container of the Kyuubi and savior of our village!"

Sarutobi waited to see their reaction. Suddenly one man shouted. "KILL THE DEMON!" He threw a rock right at the boy. Only for Kushina to easily catch it and crush it in her hand. His reaction sparked others to start throwing rocks but Kushina caught and destroyed every single one. Little Naruto opened his eyes to reveal his mysterious dojutsu and suddenly a strange void opened up and sucked several civilians in and they never came out. but blood pooled out of it along with body parts and shredded clothes. The void closed up.

Kushina unleashed the full brunt of her KI upon the crowd silencing them. "The next person who throws a rock will join the number of lives lost this night!" The crowd shivered from her KI, in fact many people fainted from sheer fright. Kushina looked down at her son with pride and whispered lovingly. "My little dark knight.."

Sarutobi yelled. "I am ashamed of you all! He's the living prison protecting us all from the demon! Yondaime-sama's last wish was for him to be seen as our savior, From this moment on I'm decreeing that his Jinchuriki status is secret and you may never speak of it to your children if you dare even whisper it you'll shall be setenced to life imprisonment or even execution!"

Kushina narrowed her eyes supiciously. 'What's your game old man? I know you still want my son as the village's loyal tool!'

The crowd murured and begrudgingly left.

Sarutobi smiled to Kushina. "Now we must have a council meeting about what occured this night."

Kushina scoffed under her breath. "Whatever," She wanted to get this over with already.

Council chambers

The council was in an uproar as a ninja had explained to them that the Kyuubi had been turned into a human child and like the idiots some of them were they believed it.

The entire council was yelling to kill the 'demon brat' all except for the Haruno clan head herself. Rose Haruno was a beautiful woman with long exotic pink hair and bright emerald eyes. Her breasts rivaled Tsunade's.

Soon Sarutobi and Kushina arrived in the chambers via shunshin.

The minute the council saw little Naruto in Kushina's arms they all minus Rose glared at the baby with such contempt hoping their looks alone would kill him. Unfortunately they did not and to their great shock, Naruto glared right back with ten times the contempt. The council all actually flinched at the baby's ice-cold glare that could freeze hell over. No newborn child should be capable of such a dark glare.

Rose was surprised. 'Unbelievable! A newborn child shouldn't show such contempt! I fear this village has just dug its own grave.' She shook her head sadly.

Fugaku Uchiha sneered at the boy while his wife Mikoto looked sad for her best friend. She had a very bad feeling someone would do something that would forever destroy Kushina's trust in them...she prayed to Kami that her feeling was wrong...unfortunately she was 100 percent correct.

Tsume the Inuzuka matriarch screamed in outrage. "Kill that little demon Hokage-sama! Or better yet..." Having lost her beloved to the Kyuubi, she wanted Naruto dead right now. She lunged out of her seat right at Naruto with a kunai drawn. "Let me kill it! It must die for killing my Shippo-kun!" But Kushina quickly countered with a kunai of her own. A faint red-purple aura whisped around her form.

Kushina growled revealing sharp fangs rivaling any Inuzuka's. Because she's been now constantly using what little youki the Kyuubi left within her, she's been growing more and more like a demon... the youki has been growing and warping her mindset. The former jinchuriki snarled hatefully with now crimson slit eyes. "Why you bitch! How dare you attack my sochi right in front of me?!" She reached out with her right hand it suddenly growing long and sharp youki-infused claws and swiped Tsume across her face right on her eyes. The Inuzuka was lucky if she didn't lose the use of her eyes. Tsume fell back into her seat grabbing her face in pain and screamed as the youki burned her. Kushina sneered at her former teammate and now ex-friend. "Aw did that hurt Tsume-chan?" She asked in a mocking childish tone. "Poor little puppy...consider that the breaking of our bond as friends! Now we are mortal enemies!" Kushina declared. "The Uzumaki clan and Inuzuka clan are now rivals!"

Fugaku lunged at Kushina. "The demon has corrupted you!" His Sharingan activated and he also drew a kunai. "I must kill you to save your soul!"

But Kushina easily side-stepped his attack and then spin kicked him into the wall, Fugaku crashed through the wall leaving a human-shaped hole behind.

The civilians shivered at the dark look in the Uzumaki women's eye.

Kushina flicked her long hair back. "No...I'd rather be corrupted by a demon then deal with you people anymore!" Kushina stood before the council and spoke. "You all are stupid fools! You think my son is a monster? Fine! Then I'll tell you this...I'm through with all of you! I want nothing more to do with any of you! I will make you all regret the day you dared to cross me... I will only come around to do missions nothing more!" She gazed down at her son. 'Don't worry Naru-kun...Kaa-chan will protect you from all these monsters! This I swear on our clan's honor!'

Mikoto was shocked and tried to protest...but Fugaku who miraculously recovered from his little trip slapped her hard glaring. "Keep quiet bitch!" He sneered towards Kushina. "That's fine we'll make sure your demon son there never gets any food!"

Kushina ignored him and vanished from the council room via a Uzu-shunshin.

Hiashi thought. 'Kushina has been tainted by that little demon...I will make sure it dies someday...' His Byakugan activated as he stood up and went home to his clan compound.

Sarutobi was shocked. 'Damn it! I can't let her get away! I WILL have that weapon!' Danzo an elder and the founder of NE had the exact same thoughts only darker...and this part of the chapter is over...

Timeskip 5 years later

It has been five years since the Kyuubi attack and things in the village have gotten worse for Naruto. Attacks come from people almost everyday...surprisingly the boy doesn't care one bit what they try as long as they don't harm his family. For a 5 year old Naruto is dead-serious and can give a dark glare that would rival that of the Shinigami. The boy doesn't trust anyone in Konoha except for his own family and ONLY his family, he doesn't even trust the Sandaime for he has a photographic memory even as a baby and he remembers the old fart wanted him to be loyal to this pathetic excuse of a village. Naruto had long golden blonde hair that spiked similar to his grandmother Kurami's, his eyes were the darkest blue you ever saw. There were red and black streaks running through his hair. Despite the predjudice against him, Naruto had a rather good in shape build for his age cause his mother got food and other supplies from outside of Konoha in exchange for giving their sellers some Konoha jutsu to sell to other hidden villages.

Currently the boy was alone in his home because his mother and siblings were on a mission that would take a majority of the day. Naruto knew that the council was behind this. They always wanted to kill him but couldn't as long as his family was around. Naruto had just finished breakfast and was now waiting for his family to return.

An ANBU with a Bird mask was walking towards the Uzumaki home. He was happy thanks to master Jiraiya gave them a reverse summoning scroll to take the demon to it's well-deserve executioners who were waiting in a scluded part of the village. The ANBU grinned behind his mask. 'Soon...Yondaime-sama, soon you will be avenged and the demon will be dead and in hell where he belongs!' The ANBU then knocked on the door.

Naruto heard knocks and narrowed his eyes. "Who is it?" He walked over and slightly opened the door to reveal one of the Hokage's ANBU.

"Um...Naruto Uzumaki? Hokage-sama wishes to speak with you...and asked me to lead you to him."

Naruto glared coldly at the ANBU who flinched having felt the glare even through his mask.

'Tch. this is why you need to die demon! You're scary!' The Anbu thought with contempt.

"Well what does HE want from me?" The boy asked so coldly that even an Uchiha or Hyuga would flinch.

The ANBU shivered and handed him the scroll. "H...Here kid...this scroll will explain everything..."

Naruto took the scroll. "Hmph. Very well..." He unrolled the scroll but all he saw was a strange seal on it. "What," The seal glowed red and Naruto could only widen his eyes as he realized it was a reverse summoning scroll. There was a poof of smoke and Naruto and the ANBU were gone.

Training ground

Naruto found himself in the middle of a bloodthirsty mob armed with weapons. In the lead were two genin. One had pale skin, white hair, and brown eyes. The other had tanned skin, a scar on his nose, black eyes, and brown hair which was tied in a pinapple style.

The white haired genin grinned wickedly. "It's time to die demon brat!" He drew a kunai.

The tanned one sneered. "You killed my parents you damn monster! I will avenge them!" He also withdrew a kunai.

Naruto's glare frightened them cause his eyes turned slightly slitted like an Inuzuka he flexed his sharp nails. The boy didn't speak but one word. "Whatever..."

One man screamed full of hatred and fear. "Kill the demon now everyone! It's glare and nails aren't even human!"

The mob attacked Naruto. They beat him to a bloody mess but not once did the boy even grunt in pain. He wouldn't give them the satifaction.

Little did anyone know but a large silver dog around Kuromaru's height if not a little larger was walking down the very road that led to this secluded area. This dog had silver fur, a flowing elegant tail and a ruff of fur around it's neck. The strange thing about this dog was it's red eyes with green slits. A blue moon was on it's forehead and magneta stripes were just behind it's mouth. 'Hmmmm...this is the village where Naomi-chan was last seen...' Suddenly the dog smelled the scent of blood. 'Blood? What is going on here? I know humans have developed powers similar to some low-level demons now but this blood smells...young...' Quickly the dog picked up the pace racing down the road and to any passerby it was just a silver blur. Something was drawing it towards a certain someone. Soon the dog came across a group of people who were beating on a young child, much to the dog's disgust. 'What! Now humans are beating on their own children! That is not right!' The dog became angry and soon ran towards the area to help the boy.

Naruto never cried once as they beat him. He just took it a like a real man with no crying or whimpering. Soon the mob backed off to see their handy work. Naruto's left arm was twisted painfully but thanks to his tenant he'd be healed in a matter of hours if not minutes. His clothes were tattered and coated in his blood. But his glare never wavered. he was still standing without even been knocked over. Sure enough his wounds hissed and began closing, Naruto ignored the weird feeling of his bones realigning to their proper places.

A genin shivered. "I...I don't believe it! He didn't even flinch! This beating could take down even a Jonin!"

A civilian man screamed. "I knew it! Only a demon wouldn't be hurt!"

The crowd gathered around Naruto ready to deliver the finishing blow.

When suddenly a silver blur shot throughout the crowd and several people suddenly fell to the ground dead. They had some limbs taken out as well.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "What?"

A large silver dog soon made it's entrance known. The ripped out limbs were in it's mouth. But the dog spat them out in disgust. The limbs looked melted.

The people that were left screamed.

"It's a dog! And it's defending the damn demon!"

"Let's kill it and bring it's corpse to the Inuzuka Clan!"

The mob soon charged foolishly to their deaths as the dog easily tore through all of them. Several people were mauled so badly that they died right away. People had their guts ripped out, their manhoods destroyed, even their heads crushed beneath the dog's paws. To their surprise and horror the dog's saliva released a green mist which was revealed to be highly acidic and poisonous when it melted several people down into bloody puddles. Soon where a whole mob once stood there was nothing left but a big bloody puddle laying in the middle of the road. Somehow ANBU came and rescued the two Genin and got out.

Naruto wasn't scared if anything he was impressed. The poison in the area had no effect on him whatsoever. Within him a demonic voice whispered. ''s been a century or two since I've last seen you...'

Then Naruto fell to one knee with blood dribbling from his mouth. Naruto's wounds were much more severe than he originally thought as they spilled out blood. The jinchuriki cursed with a dark scowl to match his glare. "Damn it... It seems they managed to hurt me more than I expected...I'll have to wait for my wounds to heal more." Naruto managed to hobble all the way to the road that lead into the area and leaned against a tree to wait for his family to come home.

The silver dog walked up to him. Surprised by the fact that a five year old was actually using strong language.

Naruto noticed and raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"

The dog stopped right in front of him and lowered its head looking at him in wonder.

Then to Naruto's intrigue, the majestic canine actually spoke back and in a feminine voice. "Sorry...I'm just surprised that a child would know such language..."

Naruto shrugged ignoring the feeling of his arm healing and realigning itself back to normal. "When an entire village hates you then you tend to pick up a few things..."

"I see...and what is your name young one?"

Naruto didn't know why but he could sense that this dog was special and not just because of it's ability to talk or unique size. He introduced himself. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I am also interested in knowing your name...I'll assume by your voice that you're female?"

The dog actually blushed slightly. "Indeed I am a girl...My name is Gina Taisho Naruto and as you can probably tell I'm not your run-of-the-mill dog." 'What is it about this boy? Something about him is drawing me to him...'

"Yes. I can sense much greater power within you than even from those dogs the Inuzuka clan utlize."

Gina tilted her head. "Inuzuka clan?"

"It is one of the many clans in this wretched village that despises my very exsistence," The boy said the word village like he was spitting out something rotten.

"Can you tell me why?" Gina asked. Naruto didn't understand why but he felt as if he could trust Gina so he told her the story of his birth and what happened on that day.

Gina was taken off-guard completely. 'If he has the Kyuubi then that means...Naomi-chan is sealed with him! But if that's the case then he's saved this village from her wrath, so why does the village hate him? Did Naomi-chan really cause that much damage?'

Konoha Gates

Two chunin were guarding the gates when they saw someone approaching and approaching fast. A tall beautiful woman with long bright red hair, blue eyes, and wearing a black Jonin vest, ANBU style pants, sandels, and a blue shirt was seen racing towards the gates. She had very well-endowed breasts that easily rivaled Tsunade's famed figure. She was running at a very fast pace towards the gates using her chakra to increase her speed, her headband gleaming proudly on her forehead, it wasn't the symbol of Konoha but rather a simple swirl the symbol of her homeland. Kushina had threatened Sarutobi to allow her to wear her original Uzu headband. Her uniform was coated in blood but it wasn't her own. This woman was Kushina Uchiha Uzumaki the mother of Naruto Uchiha Uzumaki, Hinote Uchiha Uzumaki, and Itachi Uchiha Uzumaki. Nor was Kushina alone, for running right beside her were her previously mentioned children. Her eldest, a young pretty girl of 18 with the same red hair and exotic blue eyes as her mother. Blond highlights were visible in her hair with the right light. She wore an ANBU captain's outfit which hugged her slim form perfectly. The top was pushed out by her large breasts which rivaled her mother's. Her mask which was that of a Wolf was on her shoulder. Her Konoha headband was wrapped around her left bicip. The second eldest was a tall young man of 10 years old. He had dark red almost black hair and his mother's blue eyes. He wore a blue shirt, white shorts, and sandels. His headband was wrapped around his forehead like most ninja. And of course waiting for them was the youngest Naruto.

They had easily completed their A-ranked mission in just an hour and rushed back here. However, some stupid bandits actually thought that two Jonin kunoichi and a young Chunin would be easy pickings and attacked them on the way back to the village.

The two chunin bowed to Kushina, fearing her wrath.

"Um...Welcome back Kushina-sama..." One Chunin said with a shiver.

Kushina stopped and spoke impassively. "Jonin Kushina Uzumaki returning from the assassination mission in Kusa No Kuni."

"Of course may go right in..." The other replied shakily.

Kushina ran into the gates followed by her two children. All she wanted to do was to go home and see her youngest child. She despised the fact that the council would keep her away from her baby so long with these missions. She knew that if they found a way to get Naruto outside they would take advantage of it and attempt to kill him. If it weren't for the fact that she'd have Hunter-nin on her trail, she would take her children away from this hellhole after slaughtering every civilian and all the other clans in this slimeball and hanging them by their entrails from the hokage tower for all people who visit to see. Kushina's heart wrenched painfully at the thought of losing her youngest son to these monsters. She would not ever allow that to happen.

'Naru-kun...just hold on I'm coming home,' She thought with worry and determination.

'Otouto...please be safe...' Hinote and Itachi had the same thought of their little brother.

Just then the three Uzumaki stopped as they heard several people complaining. They saw two men muttering about something.

One guy muttered. "We were so close to killing the demon brat this time! Yet the creature didn't even flinch as we gave it the justice it deserved! It mocked us with it's healing!"

A second guy nodded. "Yeah until this dog probably another demon defended the beast and killed the others! I lost my best friends today!" He clenched his fists and growled. "That demon has summoned one of his minions! He will die someday I'll make sure of it!" Unfortunately for him three certain people just happened to overhear the conversation.

A red blur suddenly rushed at the two men and slammed them hard into the wall using kunai to pierce their arms and legs to pin them to the wall. The two men were pinned by several kunai embedded in their hands, feet, legs, and arms... the kunai were driven in so deeply that they came out the other side into the wall.

The first guy groaned in agony. "Ugh...who hit us?" He looked only to wish he hadn't for right in front of them was a VERY pissed off Kushina Uzumaki. her EMS was glowing and spinning wildly. The two men cowered under her angry glare. A shadow soon covered them.

The two men looked up to see a massive dark crimson-purple demonic creature hovering above Kushina it surrounded her fully manifested...a very familiar demon fox with Nine-Tails and glowing red eyes. They felt as if their bodies were frozen, trapped by the Kyuubi Susano'o's claws. They couldn't budge even an inch as the claws began to crush them. Several civilians screamed at the sight of the giant chakra being.

Kushina growled out. "!" The Susanoo fox lookalike actually roared similarly to the real Kyuubi. Saliva escaped it's maw.

"W-W-W-We just beat the boy a little to teach him a lesson...but he d-d-d-didn't even flinch! Even when we pierced him with our weapons and two genin pierced him with kunai!" One of the men choked out coughing up blood.

Kushina's eyes widened. 'Naru-kun...' She quickly drew two more kunai and made sure to really drive them into the men's crotches. Before ripping them out quite painfully, these two would never have children ever. Their manhoods were destroyed far beyond even Tsunade's skills to fix. The two men would've screamed if it weren't for the crushing force on their bodies.

The men weakly begged the enraged sadistic mother.

"P-P-Please Kushina-sama! Have mercy on us!"

"Y-Y-Yeah please! We're sorry that we tried to hurt Naruto!"

Kushina looked at them with a cold sadistic look and increased the crushing pressure of her Susano'o's claws. "Why would I ever show mercy to fools who nearly kill my youngest child? My Sochi means the world to me, you people are a threat to him and I end all threats to my baby." She smiled evilly at the frightened men. "And do not speak my son's name you worms! You are not worthy to even utter my sochi's name!" Kushina's grin turned psychotic and with a flick of her wrist the two men were crushed to death by the Susanoo's pawed hands. blood and entrails dripped down and landed on the ground with a sickening squlech.

Several people who witnessed the cruel murder ran for their homes screaming in terror.

Kushina dismissed her Susano'o and burned the corpses with a quick katon jutsu. She turned to her other children. "Come on we have to find Naru-kun!" She ran off followed by Hinote and Itachi following the blood scent.

With Naruto

The boy felt his wounds now healed enough so he could move again. So he got up but the blood was still on his clothes. Naruto shrugged. not even caring about the blood on his clothes. He suddenly sensed three familiar chakra signatures heading this way. Naruto turned his head to the east. "It would appear that Okaa-chan, Aneue, and Nii-san are home."

Gina looked to where Naruto was looking and saw three people, obviously shinobi by their clothes running down the road straight at them.

The lead person, a busty red-haired woman with blue eyes ran straight towards Naruto. The woman instantly hugged Naruto tightly. " Oh Naru-kun! My little Naru-kun! Thank goodness you're okay Sochi!" Then she smelled blood and looked to see her son's clothes decorated in blood. She stepped back to study him her worries overriding her common sense. "Naru-kun! You're coated in blood what did they do to you! I swear if they did anything..." She was flipping out.

Naruto watched as his mother fussed over him. He sighed he did love his mother but she could be just so dramatic some times.

Gina sweatdropped. ' about an overprotective mother...'

Naruto calmed his mother by running his fingers through her long red hair. "Okaa-chan, calm down...they just caught me off-guard that's all...they had a reverse summoning scroll in order to get me."

Kushina turned her face slightly away so her son wouldn't see her blushing and she was enjoying the wonderful sensation of her son's fingers running through her hair. 'Naru-kun...' "Well I'm just glad you're safe sweetie." She smiled towards him before noticing Gina. "Naru-kun...Who's dog is this?"

Naruto replied. "No one's Kaa-chan, she belongs to no one...She just came to me..."

Gina nodded and spoke. "That's right miss..."

Kushina looked to the dog with a smile. "Kushina...Kushina Uchiha Uzumaki!" She bowed to the dog in gratitude. "Thank you for helping my sochi against those people. He means the world to me and I'd be devastated if anything ever happened to him."

Gina smiled well as good as a dog could smile. "You're welcome...I just cannot stand to see a young child being beaten to's not right!"

Hinote nodded. "I agree, but still words can't describe how grateful we are to you for helping my otouto."

So the family went home and invited Gina to stay with them.

Uzumaki Compound a few hours later

Naruto was called by Gina to his room. She claimed to have a surprise for him.

Naruto was just a little curious. He opens his door and looked at the inside of his room ...for their sitting on his bed was a practical goddess...Naruto was speechless just looking at the beautiful woman on his bed.

She had long flowing silver hair that flowed all the way to the bed, her ears were pointed. Her outfit was VERY form fitting and revealing...the top of her cloth was slightly slides off same as Mei, seemingly hanging from her shoulders revealing them and accenting her very large breasts (Larger than Tsunade's)...and she didn't have any sleeves...but she wore sort of detached sleeves of a kimono they are attached from the middle of her arm... the Kimono also had a slit to the side of her leg to reveal some of her long legs and to not hinder her movement... Her eyes were a beautiful amber-golden color with slits. Two magneta stripes similar to the Inuzuka marks decorated her face only smaller and she had four of them. Two under each eye. Two more magneta stripes were on her eyelids heavily resembling permanent eyeshadow. Her lips were a beautiful cherry red color. Her nails were sharp and pointed, they seemed to be more like claws and looked as if they had permanent red nailpolish. On each of her wrists were two final magneta stripes for a total of six stripes. A Prussian blue crescent moon was seen on her forehead. Naruto noticed what appeared to be a long thick pelt of fur wrapped around her midsection about 2 times and it stopped to just a little below her breasts.

Naruto was now showing a slight interest in the goddess before him as he had never seen such a beautiful woman before aside from his mother and sister. She was simply goregous, way prettier than any of those Inuzuka women he had seen trying to kill him, those Inuzka females were much to feral looking for his eyes. Especially their tomboy leader.

The silver haired woman noticed Naruto's surprised expression and smiled. "Well Naruto-kun...what do you think of my human form? Surprised?"

Silence is all she got for an answer as Naruto studied her via his calm cool gaze..before Naruto spoke. "Human form? I knew you were special Gina...what are you exactly?"

Gina then told Naruto all about what she was. She waited to his reaction and then she felt a small hand gently carassing her cheek. Gina saw Naruto looking at her with a slight tenderness that was hidden with his cold gaze.

The young boy spoke in a very slight caring tone shocking the canine queen. " are without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the honor of seeing ..your abilities of transformation are the best I've ever seen too...they're real and not an illusion like the shinobi's are. Your skills are unmatched as well...I can tell that you're really strong in battle Gina...I would love to see you in combat sometime..."

Gina immediately felt a warm feeling flooding her entire being from listening to his truly sincere words. She had gotten compliments from males before but never about her abilities...the past men only complimented her body. Gina felt her face heating up fast...she was a new shade of red by the time a few minutes passed. Gina also enjoyed the feeling of Naruto's hands on her skin and when she felt him stop and let go the canine queen was saddened. Gina held her face blushing up a brand new storm of red. She now knew what the feeling was...she had found the man who will one day father her pups! Her destined mate! The only problem was right now he was much too young for any intimate actions. Also Gina feared how her father the Inu no Taisho might react or kami forbid how her otoutos Sesshomaru and Inuyasha would react. Her little brothers always chased off potential his current age, there was no way Naruto stood a chance against them both.

Timeskip A year later

Naruto is now 6 years old and even stronger than when he was 5. He and Gina have gotten a bit closer in that year. Though Naruto has noticed a change in her behavior such being a little shy around him especially in her human form. She's gone having left to meet with her father, who Naruto learned was as famous as the nine bijuu themselves. She left just a day ago.

Naruto was thinking of her actions yesterday. They were strange for him. His mother and siblings were getting ready to go a mission given to them, just today. Naruto chuckled as he heard his mother cursing the council to the lowest pits of hell.

'Okaa-chan you can be so immature sometimes.' Naruto then thought back to a day ago.

Flashback one day ago

Gina was alone with Naruto. The two were just having a nice conversation although, Naruto noticed Gina's face heating up when she made eye contact with him. Just then a poof of smoke appeared in the middle of the room and soon standing before the two was a medium sized white dog. Gina recognized the dog as one of her father's many messagers.

The dog bowed to her. "My queen, Taisho-sama has summoned you for a meeting with him. He wishes to see you."

Gina nodded but she looked to Naruto. 'I don't want to leave Naruto-kun but I can't just turn away father...' The canine queen was conflicted, but eventually decided to go see what her father wanted. So she knelt down to Naruto's level and pulled him into a warm embrace. Gina nuzzled against his neck inhaling his scent. She raised her head to his ear and whispered. "Sorry Naruto-kun...I have to go and see my father...But I promise I'll be back as soon as possible..."

Naruto nods. "Okay Gina-chan...I'll be waiting..."

Gina smiled and separated from him and went over to her father's messager. Then she became a blue orb along with the dog and flew out the window into the sky.

End Flashback

Kushina was grumbling about the council while pacing back and forth. She was outraged by their auadacity to give them a mission. Kushina growled in her mind. 'Those bastards! How dare they just up and present us with another mission!' The red-haired beauty contemplated beheading a few civilians and non-clan shinobi to vent her frustrations out. The thought of their pathetic cries of mercy brought a dark sadistic grin onto her face. Hinote knew what her mother was thinking and walked over to her.

The younger Uzumaki woman whispered. "Kaa-san, want me to help?" The same dark grin appearing on her own features. "I'm really good with my genjutsu...even that little bitch Kurenai Yuhi is nothing compared to me..." Hinote knew that Kurenai Yuhi was jealous of her own superior looks and skills. The crimson eyed bitch even had the nerve to try and kill her beloved otouto Naruto with a genjutsu. Too bad because of the Kyuubi and his own unique dojutsu, Naruto was practically immune to genjutsu. Hinote took great pleasure in tormenting the little bitch with her own genjutsu.

Itachi was fully aware with what his mother and sister were thinking and was a little scared by their evil grins. 'What an insane family and I thought pure-blood Uchiha were crazy!'

Naruto looked up as his mother looked down at him with worry and then she hugged him tightly to her. His head was being mushed inbetween her breasts...lucky little bastard.

Kushina cried. "Oh my little Naru-kun! I'm so sorry! But we're being forced to perform an A-ranked mission! I'm just scared something will happen to you while we're gone!"

Naruto managed to pull his head from his mother's cleavage and assured her. "Kaa-chan, I promise you nothing will take me away from you or the family. I won't allow it."

Hinote snatched her brother from her mother and hugged him too. "Kaa-san quit hogging otouto! Let others have a turn!"

Kushina glared at her daughter. 'How dare she interupt my alone time with Naru-kun!'

Naruto just stared calmly wondering what's come over his mother and sister these past 6 months. But he was feeling a dark possessive feeling towards them as if they were his alone.

Hinote released her young brother. "We'll try to complete the mission fast otouto and be back as soon possible."

Naruto nodded. "Okay Nee-chan and don't worry I'll make sure to stay either in the house or in the shadows if I do go out."

Kushina smiled. "We'll be back later Naru-kun." She performed a few handseals. Hinote donned her Wolf ANBU mask and Itachi donned his Chunin vest. Kushina revealed her Eternal Mangekyou. Her eyes spun and suddenly they were gone as if sucked into a void.

Naruto was impressed. 'Hmmm...quite an interesting technique I'm looking forward to learning it one day.'

Hokage Tower mission reception

Sarutobi sensed a huge chakra suddenly appearing and in the blink of an eye. Kushina and her two older children stood there.

The Sandaime smiled. "Ah Kushina-chan good to see you've arrived..."

Kushina crossed her arms over or rather under her generous bust. "Whatever Hokage-sama...just what is this very important mission anyways? " She asked in a cold venomous tone.

"Why Kushina-chan, I thought you'd be happy with this one. You are to investigate the ruins of your former village Uzugakure and see if anything's left of your clan's jutsu..."

At the mention of her former village...Kushina's eyes widened. "You want me to explore a deserted and devastated land that I once called home for anything of my clan remaining?"

"That's right and don't worry about Naruto, I'll make sure he's well looked after." Sarutobi said in his most convincing tone...pathetic really even Lee would be able to sense the fake care in his tone. He views Naruto as nothing more than a tool for the village to prosper.

Kushina easily picked up on the false grandfatherly tone that she had be fooled by for her whole career. She snarled and before the ANBU could even stop her... Kushina had Sarutobi pinned against the wall of his office. Her eyes were crimson like the Kyuubi's. She brought her other hand at his throat and her nails elongated into sharp deadly claws with an audible 'shink' sound. Kushina held her claws directly at Sarutobi's jugular vein. Her KI was so strong the ANBU fainted from sheer terror.

"Listen and listen GOOD...Sarutobi...your false promises aren't worth the dirt I clean off my sandels every day. I just know someone will try a half-baked attempt at killing Naru-kun and let me warn you...If anything and I mean anything bad befalls my son...I will kill not only those involved but every person in this whole damned village! Understand?" Kushina got a dark smirk on her face. "Maybe I'll start with...oh I don't know...your newborn grandson? I think his mother named him Konohamaru?"

Sarutobi's heart froze at that. "Y-You wouldn't..."

Kushina's smile turned even darker. "Try me old man...I will do anything to protect my sochi even if I must kill other people's children..."

Sarutobi shivered. "Alright...alright!"

Kushina released him and took the scroll. "Spread my message to the council." She turned to her children. "Let's go Hinote-chan, Itachi-kun, this man's mere presence disgusts me."

Hinote and Itachi both nodded. "Right kaa-san."

The family vanished via Shunshin.

Sarutobi sighed and turned to the hidden ANBU. "You may go inform Fugaku that he and Kakashi can form the mob and as long as they don't kill the boy they may vent their anger."

The ANBU grinned. "Yes Hokage-sama! Right away sir!"

Later that day

Fugaku Uchiha was grinning wickedly. Hokage-sama had given him and Kakashi permission to hurt the demon and teach it it's proper place as their loyal weapon.

Kakashi was practically grinning under both his ANBU mask and face mask. Finally a chance to get revenge for the death of his beloved sensei and back at that red-haired bitch who seduced him or so he thinks. Kakashi thought evilly. 'Uzumaki bitch you will pay for seducing my sensei and having that abomination! I will kill him and deliver his corpse right to you! Then I will take your precious daughter and make her my little bitch!' His Sharingan eye was spinning. Soon they gathered towards the house.

Where a tall older man was waiting for them. He had long white spiky hair tied in a ponytail. He wore a strange outfit for a shinobi and a horned headband with the kanji of 'oil' on it. He also had red tear marks going down his eyes. This man was none other than Jiraiya-sama, the Toad Sennin and Minato's former sensei. He absolutely hated Naruto for being the death of his student even though Naruto was Minato's son, Jiraiya blamed Naruto for the death of his beloved pupil.

Jiraiya went through handseals. His hand covered in kanji glowed and then he placed his hands on the door. "Kai!" The house glowed and soon stopped to show the Security seals have been permanently removed. Jiraiya turned to the mob and nodded. "The security seals are go in there and avenge my student!"

Kakashi bowed. "You can count on us Jiraiya-sama! The demon will not survive this day!"

He then kicked open the door. Naruto knew they were coming and knew they had help from a fuinjutsu master. The young boy looked at them so impassively even the country of Yuki No kuni would seem warm.

Kakashi removed his mask and shivered at the boy's look. 'No way can this freak be related to Minato-sensei! Sensei always was kind to everyone and he always smiled!'

Fugaku then lunged at Naruto with a kunai. "Your bitch of a mother isn't here right now to save you this time demon nor is the rest of your family! Because we council members sent them on a hard mission that will take all day! But we only need these few hours!" He then stabbed Naruto into the arm with his kunai before pinning him to the floor with more kunai. The boy didn't even flinch as the kunai pierced his flesh and held him to the floor immobilized.

Soon the rest of the mob piled in and the torture began. Yet once again Naruto refused to even flinch as they beat him down really hard. This time they were aiming to kill. Soon Naruto was beaten into unconsciousness.

Fugaku shouted . "Now let's finish it off once and for all!"

The mob roared in agreement. The two genin Iruka and Mizuki wrapped paper bombs around their kunai and tossed them at the boy.

Fugaku went through handseals and inhaled. "Fire Release: Grand Fireball technique!" He breathed out a large fireball.

Kakashi went through handseals and placed his hand down. "This is for my sensei and Rin-chan demon!" blue Lightning began to crackle in his hand. "You should be honored demon I just learned this new jutsu a month ago and I couldn't bare testing it on a fellow human but you're not human! I call this...Lightning Cutter!"


Naruto walked down the halls of a giant sewer. He felt a great youki up ahead. Naruto soon came across a massive red gate with a paper tag with the kanji for 'Seal' on it as a lock.

The boy narrowed his eyes as a pair of giant red slitted eyes opened right in front of him. A large mouth filled with razor sharp fangs was below the eyes in a dark grin. Naruto wasn't scared one bit of this giant creature before him.

The demon spoke. "Welcome kit...I am the Kyuubi No Yoko the leader of the nine bijuu."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "So you're alive Kyuubi No Yoko? So you were sealed within me and were once sealed in Kaa-chan."

The Kyuubi smirked. "You're Kushi-chan's son alright kit, you are as brave as she is."

Naruto just stared unflinchingly at the fox demon.

Kyuubi's grin widened. "You are brave kit, but let's see if that bravery holds..." The Kyuubi reached out with one claw and the massive claws barely missed Naruto's head as they smashed into the bars. The force not even fazing Naruto. The Kyuubi's grin got wider. "Very impressive didn't react or flinch when my claws came close to killing you...I'm sure you are smart enough to know how I got here?"

"Yes I even remember kaa-chan begging my father not to seal you in me but he ignored her plea." The boy replied full of cold venom that sent a chill of btoh fear and lust lust down the giant fox's spine.

Kyuubi gasped at his words. 'This boy...he's much darker than any human I've ever met! This darkness I've only felt once before when I was a young vixen...this boy feels similar to Juubi-sama!'

Suddenly when the Kyuubi looked into Naruto's eyes, she saw something familiar. A massive shadow hovered over the boy and formed into a massive black wolf with some blond highlights in it's fur. Ten tails twice the length of the Kyuubi's swished behind the mighty beast. The wolf stood proudly behind Naruto with it's crimson Sharingan/Rinnegan eyes glowing in the damp sewer.

"My father has used both of us for his own selfish desire for power." Naruto said just as coldly as before.

Kyuubi agreed with the boy on that...the fact that she one of the most powerful of the kitsune, their very princess was released and used by that wretched Uchiha named Izuna and then the Yondaime sealing her inside his own newborn son for power was as big a disgrace as it could get. She wondered and feared how her mother the Kitsune Queen, would react to learning she got herself sealed not just once but three whole times! She had even befriended her vessels. Naomi greatly feared her mother's reaction.

"Listen to me don't have to keep calling me Kyuubi for that is just my title among the nine bijuu... call me by my birth name Naomi and you must wake up now and free yourself, they're going to kill you and I will give you as much as my chakra as you can handle..." Naomi was silenced as Naruto walked right up to the gate. He reached for the paper and began to remove it. arm grabbed his keeping him from going any further.

The cold boy narrowed his eyes as he saw an older version of himself gripping his arm. The man wore a Jonin vest, black pants, and a white cloak with red flames on it...this man was the Yondaime Hokage and his father Minato Namikaze.


Minato replied. "Not the best invitation so no thanks."

Naruto felt the man lift him up and leap away from the gate.

Minato spoke full of relief. "That was a close call!" He smiled at Naruto only to get a dark cold look in return.

"What do YOU want?" The boy asked in such a sinister tone even Orochimaru would flinch and yet this blond idiot was oblivious to his son's unmatched hatred of him.

"Listen my son, don't listen to that demon it's trying to corrupt you..." Minato tried to explain.

Naruto pushed Minato away. "Do not touch me again Yondaime...I don't want you anywhere near me and don't call me your son I am nothing of the sort, you are nothing but a sperm donor to my did you get inside my mind?"

Minato's smile never left his face. "I poured a small bit of my chakra into the seal as a safety precaution incase you ever hit the eight tails of the Kyuubi's power."

"Get out..."

Minato looked confused. "What?"

Naruto's dojutsu activated and began to spin. "Get out of my mind now...You're not welcome here..." As soon as those words left Naruto's lips. Minato's chakra began to fade the 'remnant' of him soon fading away into nothing. Naruto then went back in front of the gate and tore the paper seal off with ease. He held the paper in his hands. Soon he was being surrounded by a black youki and began floating backwards into what looked like a pure black vortex. Naomi was stunned to see two very gigantic and familiar eyes...the eyes of the demon king, lord Juubi-sama himself!

Naomi exclaimed in shock. "J-J-Juubi-sama!" Soon she felt herself fading out of the mindscape...she was free once again. Naomi disappeared and the sewer was envloped in pure darkness.


The jutsu and kunai came close to Naruto before a pitch-black dark aura rose up from his prone body. The kunai exploded when they touched the aura and the fireball was extingushed. The mob was horrified as the black energy increased in intensity soon forming a cyclonic shape around Naruto it swirled faster and faster.

Kakashi paled as his Sharingan saw nothing but swirling darkness. He knew what would happen from that Iwa-nin who placed a genjutsu on his former teammate. The ANBU captain yelled. "Get out! it's about to explode!"

Sure enough the mob tried to clear out but they just couldn't get out in time and the house exploded as if many exploding tags had gone off all at the same time...the house was greatly destroyed and the mob had been blown away from the boy.

The ruins were more destroyed by the powerful aura around Naruto. He was now free of his restraints and all his wounds had healed. The boy was on his feet transforming. Several people had suffered third-degree burns. Kakashi got lucky somehow but still suffered painful burns. Iruka and Mizuki were crying like little babies cause their burns hurt like hell.

The frightened and wounded mob also saw a very familiar red energy suddenly appearing right beside him and beginning to take on a sphere shape.

Naruto's sharp canines elongated into full blown fangs...his sharp nails were fully developed very deadly claws...His whisker marks disappeared telling everyone that Naruto was a jinchuriki no more...but a full-fledged demon and to complete the changes. Wolf-ears sprouted on the top of his head as his hair lengthened and covered where his human ears once were...his hair gained black streaks at the tips and even a few bangs turned finalize his ancension to demonhood, from his tail bone sprouted 3 black wolf tails with blonde at the tips his eyes stayed mostly the same but near his pupils there was a black-blue hue which seemed to make his slit pupils look bigger.

The red youki had now formed a large dome and a silhouette was forming inside becoming more feminine in shape.

The silhouette spread it's arms and soon the red dome dispelled revealing a woman of unnatural beauty and the clothes she wore both covered and complimented her curvaceous body. This woman was a goddess unrivaled by anyone except her best friend Gina and her former hosts Mito (In her prime) and Kushina, and of course only beaten in look by her mother. She had long blood-red hair and some fringes covered her left eye and her right eye was a gorgeous ruby-red that made those of Kurenai Yuhi look plain and dull. Her hair stretched all the way down to her ankles... her hair was unique in the fact that some blonde highlights and streaks ran through it. She wore the same outfit as Gina... but this one was red and had golden fox designs all over it. This goddess was none other than Naomi the Kyuubi No Yoko and Kitsune Princess in the living flesh.

Naomi saw the many scared humans. She smirked baring her fangs. "How nice it is to be free again!" She licked her lips excited and ready to cause some carnage...but her attention turned to the now demonized Naruto who looked to be on the verge of passing out from the stress of breaking the seal and awakening his dark demonic powers. But before he did he managed to give the mob one final dark glare that scared them out of their wits. Naruto passed out but Naomi caught him before he fell. The fox princess looked to the mob.

Kakashi groaned. "Ugh. Huh?" He saw Naruto passed out realizing his chances, Kakashi got to his feet and quickly charged forward. "It's asleep now's the perfect time to kill the demon!" He drew his ANBU katana aiming to behead Naruto. "DIE DEMON! I'LL AVENGE MINATO-SENSEI!" He swung his blade.

But then Naomi easily caught the blade with one hand without any resistance.

Kakashi growled. "Woman! Let me kill this monster!"

"Foolish humans, you never were a smart bunch...getting the container mixed up with the your race survives is beyond me..." Naomi said with disgust. "You thought he was the Kyuubi? I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken...that title..." Red youki came out and covered her entire form, her nails turned into sharp claws, Her ears became long pointed fox-ears, her fangs lengthened, and her signature 9 tails sprouted behind her and snaked around her body. "Is mine! I AM the almighty Kyuubi who you humans fear and despise so much...Naruto-kun is something much greater than me! He is the future ruler of Makai!"

Those words froze the mob. This woman in front of them was the great demon fox they hated and feared all this time but that means...oh hell they are offically screwed in so many ways. Looks like the Shinigami will be getting a gift load of many souls today. Naomi noticed several people back away and try to run. But due to their burns inflicted by Naruto's deadly youki they can't move too well. Naomi aimed her pointer finger at the group. red and blue bubbles gathered in front of the tip of her finger. Soon the bubbles fused into a large orb that suddenly shrunk and the ground beneath it cratered deeply due to the level of compressed youki. As expected of the Kyuubi herself.

Kakashi watched in pure terror. 'No..that's way too much chakra! It's enough to kill even me! I have to get out of here!' He saw several terrified people looking to him for protection even the usually arrogant Fugaku was scared out of his wits. The last Hatake clenched his fists. "No! I can't let the demon just kill them like this!" He flashed through handseals and slammed his hands onto the ground. "Earth Release: Earth Style Wall!" Kakashi raised up a brown wall of earth that had five dog heads on it.

Naomi scoffed at the puny doton defense. No way would some puny earth wall ever stop her Tailed Beast Ball. The orb cracked as bits of light shimmered through. Naomi shot ared-white long range beam of raw chakra straight at them. The raw power beam cratered the ground as it traveled towards the shinobi at the speed of cut through the air as well.

Kakashi charged more chakra into his earth wall. But it just wasn't enough as the powerful blast overpowered the wall and enevopled them in a bright white explosion. The civilians and even the ninja screamed as the powerful chakra burned them.

Naomi turned into a smaller version of her full fox form in a flash of fire... placed Naruto onto her back using her tails...then she suddenly rushed off through the gates out of Konoha so fast no one saw nothing but a red blur flying through the village.