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Time skip several weeks, later Konohagakure

Naruto and the group had returned to Konoha and received their reward for saving a whole country. Now Naruto was currently training in the training ground of his family's home wielding his scythe Void Reaper. He created around 100 clones to help him in his training.

Naruto narrowed his eyes detecting high amounts of fire youki being released. Naruto spun Void reaper as a barrier deflecting several fireballs.

Several shadow clones appeared before him.

One clone complimented. "Boss you're too good."

Naruto rested Void Reaper on his shoulder and mentally dispelled his clones. He received the memories. Naruto suddenly turned to the right as a long black haired man with dark armor (Think same armor Madara and Hashriama wore) appeared before him in a black flash, he had his eyes closed. Naruto held his scythe in a fighting postion.

The man held his hand in surrender. "Relax Naruto I'm not here to fight you...At least not yet. But it's good to see you again." He replied and opened his eyes which surprised Naruto as they were red with 9 black tomoe and 4 black rings in them and a black slit pupil in the middle. They were like his eyes when they were active only the color scheme was reversed.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and kept his scythe ready. "Who are you? Your scent is very familiar."

"That's because we met once before when you were a baby. I look forward to seeing how your powers further develop, future Juubi."

Naruto looked coldly at his strange guest. A black aura began to surround him, but the same black aura surrounded the other man, Naruto's eyes actually widened at the similar aura. Their auras clashed and two images could be seen above them. Both were of two giant wolves with ten-tails with the exact same eyes, only Naruto's image had blonde streaks in it's fur and the eyes were 9 red tomoe and 4 crimson rings on a black iris with a crimson slit pupil in the middle.

"Heh...I've got to go Naruto...We'll meet again one day when you're even stronger and that's when we will fight...My name is Takeo." The newly named Takeo replied and then he vanished in a swirl of dark energy.

Naruto stared at where Takeo once stood, before vanishing in a black flash himself.

With the girls

Kushina was training with her daughters. They were all training their Sharingan to see high-speed demonic movements.

Sakura was really pushing herself to master her transformed state. Naomi was with her to help her master her power.

Gina was training with Yuriko, but she was also training herself to relearn control over her newly increased powers.

Training ground 7

Team 7 was training hard to catch up with the Uzumaki team well two of them at least.

Sasuke was being exclusively trained by Kakashi in Goken, Konoha's second strongest Taijutsu and the taijutsu style of Maito Gai and Rock Lee. After all the fights with Gai, Kakashi had copied a few of his moves and of course he would teach them to his only apprentice.

Ami was watching Sasuke train with affection.

Sai was ignoring them and just painting.

Training ground 8

Team 8 was also training hard after hearing how Naruto and his group had done an A-ranked mission already.

Kiba rushed at Shino. "Here I come Shino! Passing Fang!" He spun becoming a tornado of blades.

Shino summoned a barrier made of his bugs. They had the hardest shells out of his hive and could basically block any phyiscal attack.

The tornado collided with the hard shield and sparks flew as they fought.

Kurenai threw several kunai at Hinata who had her eyes closed.

She snapped her eyes open with her Byakugan active and began to spin. "Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven!" A dome of blue chakra formed around her deflecting all the kunai.

Training ground 10

Asuma was watching his team with a sigh.

Ino was yelling at her teammates to get off their lazy asses and train.

Choji was eating his snacks and Shikamaru was cloud watching tuning out the troublesome blonde in his words.

Asuma groaned. How would he ever beat the demon if his team was so troublesome?

Training ground 9

Neji and Lee were training in taijutsu Jyuken against Goken.

Tenten was training with her weapons.

Gai watched his team with pride.

with Naruto

Naruto finished his training for today and decided to head in to sort out the memories he got from his shadow clones.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi was watching Naruto through his crystal ball. 'Just how strong are you truly Naruto?' He wanted to know, he remembered back when Naruto was only 8 years old and in the academy and he not only survived a C-rank fire technique but managed to defeat the strongest chunin in konohagakure in just 10 seconds. He was mysterious, silent, cold, and never tried to make friends with the civilians, something Sarutobi was upset about. The Sarutobi clan head also remembered when he gave the C-ranked mission to Naruto's 'team'. Naruto had managed to stop his own mother Kushina who was stronger than even Sarutobi with just a tiny amount of KI. That meant only one thing, Naruto was beyond Kage-level and at the mere age of 13.

Sarutobi clasped his hands together in thought. 'Hmmmm...I need to test Naruto's power somehow...Wait!' He snapped his hand and an Anbu appeared with a bird mask.

"Yes Hokage-sama?"

"I believe the time has come to 'eliminate' Genin Naruto Uzumaki."

The Bird-masked Anbu smiled happily behind his mask. 'Finally we can get rid of the Demon brat!' "Yes sir shall I perform the assassination?"

"No bring me...Tiger...Tell him his unique skills are required." Sarutobi replied.

The Anbu bowed. "Right away sir!" He vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Sarutobi chuckled watching his Anbu leave. 'Soon Naruto I will learn of your strength and find a way to bring you under my command with your power...Konoha can become the most powerful nation in the world!' His eyes lit up at the thought of Naruto helping Konoha prosper just like his father did.

He didn't sense the purple haired cat-masked Anbu watching him with disgust.

Yugao frowned. 'I better let mistress Kushina know of this deceit...She will not be happy.' She vanished in a swirl of leaves.

Bird then reappeared with Tiger beside him.

"I've brought Tiger Hokage-sama."

"Excellent work Bird you may go now..."

"Hai." Bird vanished.

Sarutobi spoke. "Tiger remove your mask...You'll be a Jonin for this mission."

The Anbu did as commanded, he had black eyes and spiky brown hair and a headband that resembled the one Tobirama Senju wore in the old days. "Yes Hokage-sama what is my mission?"

Sarutobi handed him a scroll. "Jonin Yamato, go and eliminate Genin Naruto Uzumaki. I fear he's turning against the village and must be eliminated before he can cause harm. It is a high SS-Ranked Assassination Mission." 'Sorry Naruto, but I must witness your full power for myself and what better way than to put an assassination mission on you?'

The man named Yamato took the scroll. "Hokage-sama, I accept this mission." He vanished.

Sarutobi then activated his Crystal Ball to look for Naruto. Unfortunately Naomi's demonic illusion kicked in. The ball glowed red and then turned off and Sarutobi fell unconscious from the backlash.

With Kushina

Kushina blocked a kick from Hinote and a punch from Tsukiko. "Sorry girls, but your kaa-chan isn't out of tricks yet!" The Uzumaki lead vixen pivoted on her heel and delivered a backhand punch to Tsukiko and a kick to Hinote sending them flying in different directions.

Tsukiko was sent sprawling across the ground and Hinote crashed into a tree.

They both sat where they had landed.

Tsukiko pouted. "We still can't beat you Kaa-chan."

Hinote nodded. "Yeah it's like you became even more powerful since Wave."

Kushina blushed. 'Yeah...I did.' She smiled to her daughters. "Don't worry Tsuki-chan, Hinote-chan...You're strong too...In fact I know you both could fight Sarutobi on even terms!"

Both younger Uzumaki maidens blushed.

Hinote whispered. "Yeah but you could completely decimate him kaa-chan..."

Tsukiko asked. "Um...Kaa-chan...How did you get so strong?"

Kushina blushed deeper. "Um...Well..." Suddenly she sensed the chakra of an Anbu and a swirl of leaves appeared before her kneeling. Thankfully it snapped Kushina out of her flustered state. 'I never thought I would be grateful for an interruption!'

It was an anbu woman with long purple hair. "Mistress Kushina, I have urgent news...Hokage-sama is wanting to eliminate Naruto-kun, so he's sending Tiger after him."

Kushina raised an eyebrow. "You mean that boy who Orochimaru experimented on with the Shodaime's DNA?"

Yugao nodded in confirmation. "Yes."

Kushina narrowed her eyes. 'Assassination my foot, more like Sarutobi is trying to learn Naru-kun's secret. He's known as the professor for a reason.' She crossed her arms under her very ample breasts. "Thank you for informing me Yugao-chan, but it is wasted as my boy can handle an Anbu with no problem." She closed her eyes in thought.

"Of course mistress." Yugao replied and vanished via konoha swirl.

Kushina opened her eyes. "I think I'll go see how Naru-kun's doing." She vanished in a fast blur.

With Naruto

Naruto was walking still sorting out the memories of his shadow clones.

Yamato was watching him from a building. 'He's the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, yet why can't I sense the demon's chakra inside him?'

Naruto narrowed his eyes. The young demon prince knew he was being followed from the start. So he decides to continue his walk heading for one of the training grounds.

When Yamato arrived he noticed Naruto was gone. "What the?! He's gone?! Where'd he go?"

"Are you looking for me?" The brown-haired man turned to see Naruto standing behind him.

"Yes...by order of The Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi-sama. You Naruto Uzumaki, have become a danger to our village and must eliminated."

Naruto narrowed his eyes into a cold gaze. "I see..."

Yamato flinched. That glare was 1000 times scarier than even his own fear glare. "I apologize in advance..." He went through handseals and raised his arm. "Wood Release: Great Forest Technique!" His arm morphed into several trees and shot at Naruto.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Interesting, I thought Mokuton died with the Shodaime."

"I'm unique." Yamato replied.

Naruto dodged as more and more trees and then they all wrapped around him immobilizing him.

Naruto sighed Mokuton was no match for his immense power.

Yamato sent more trees with sharp spikes on their end.

Suddenly he felt something wrong and saw a dark aura surrounding Naruto. The roots began to wither and die.

'W-What! Impossible! How!-!" Was Yamato's horrified thought as the corruption moved all the way towards his arm. "W-What's happening?!"

"I believe my power is killing your mokuton. It is causing it to rot and die." Naruto explained.

Yamato quickly dislodged himself before his arm was ruined. The trees wilted and died. His arm reverted back to normal. 'What's going on? My Mokuton should've suppressed the Kyuubi's youki not be destroyed by it! But that didn't feel like the Kyuubi...I could only feel absolute despair from that power like it was hopeless to even try and fight it.'

Naruto then vanished.

Yamato was stunned as Naruto passed by him.

"It's over." Naruto said revealing his dojutsu shocking Yamato.

'Those eyes? What are they?! They look like the Sharingan but what's with the rings!' Naruto's eyes were black with 4 red rings and 9 red tomoe in them.

Naruto whispered. "Amaterasu."

The 1st trio of tomoe began to slowly revolve around and then increased speed, until they were flying around so fast that they made the ring that they were orbiting around look like it was pulsing. Yamato couldn't even scream as a unholy black flame erupted on his body and reduced him to nothing.

Naruto sighed deactivating his dojutsu. "The Anbu have weakened over the years." He turned his head as Kushina arrived and Gina was coming back from training with her sister.

Kushina smiled. "Hello Naru-kun."

Gina greeted Naruto as well. "Hey Naru-kun..."

"Hey Kaa-chan, Gina-chan...What brings you here?" Naruto asked.

Both blushed at his gaze.

Gina said. "We just wanted to see you Naru-kun..."

Kushina nodded. She and Gina had earlier this week discovered they were both Naruto's first marked mates. They were both surprised and discussed each other's first time with him.

Slight Lime Scene

Naruto stood together with his two marked mates. Kushina and Naruto then kissed each other with lots of passion tongue included, their tongues intertwined.

Kushina moaned into the kiss as Naruto reached up and fondled her right breast with one hand while wrapping his other arm around her waist and he rubbed her shapely round ass causing a shiver of pure pleasure down her spine and more moaning.

To make sure Gina didn't feel left out, Naruto created a shadow 'arm' and it wrapped around Gina's waist bringing her close.

"Oh Naru-kun," Gina blushed.

Naruto then pulled back leaving a saliva trail between him and Kushina before it broke. Kushina panted dazed and feeling wet between her legs as her juices seeped out of her womanhood like a leaky faucet. She had a look of absloute bliss on her face.

Naruto then gave Gina the same passionate kiss. His hand reached fondling one breast while three more shadow 'arms' came from his aura. One 'arm' fondled Gina's other breast, while the other two rubbed and fondled her ass causing her an equal amount of sheer pleasure. Gina moaned muffled by her tongue intertwined with Naruto's.

When they split. Gina had the same dazed blissful look on her face.

End Slight Lime Scene

Naruto then took his two mates home and boy would Gina and Kushina keep the others up tonight with their dreams, this night.

Next day

Naruto and Sakura were relaxing together after a day of tough training. Hinote and Tsukiko were chatting together. Gina was off training and Naomi was in her kit form relaxing on Naruto's lap.

Kushina looked up as a bird suddenly flew by. 'Already?' "Alright Naru-kun, Sakura-chan. We've got to get to a Jonin meeting."

Naruto nodded. "Ok kaa-chan."

Kushina and her daughters vanished via shushin.

Sakura leaned against Naruto with a sigh. Naruto's blood was so nutritious that she hardly needed to feed except maybe once a week maybe twice if she wanted a snack. She had found the perfect mate. Sakura looked up at the sky wondering if her parents were watching over her.

"Hey Naruto-kun! Sakura-chan!" Yuriko yelled as she ran up to them.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "What brings you here Yuriko?"

Yuriko blushed and tapped her fingers together. "Um...I was...wondering...Naruto-kun...If I could hang out with you and Sakura-chan? Onee-sama's off training her powers again."

Naruto gave a slight nod. "As you wish Yuriko."

Sakura winked. "Of course you stay with us Yuriko-chan...After all..." She gave a seductive glance at Naruto. "Naru-kun needs all the girls he can handle."

Naruto turned to the side blushing slightly. "Not funny Sakura-chan."

Yuriko blushed deeper. "S-Sakura-chan!"

Sakura giggled in her hand.

Naruto shook his blush off. "Ok...So what should we do?"

Instantly Sakura glomped his right arm and Yuriko took his left.

Naomi woke up and jumped onto Naruto's shoulder.

Sakura purred. "Take us out on a date Naru-kun..."

Yuriko gave Naruto the puppy eyes and since she was an Inugami the effect was amplified 100 fold. "Please Naruto-kun? Onee-sama told me it would be the best way to understand you better."

Even Naruto couldn't resist the puppy eyes from an actual Inugami demoness. "Alright."

Yuriko squealed. "Thank you Naruto-kun!"

Naruto noticed the villagers avoiding him. He didn't care he hated them right back, he saw them as nothing more than pathetic trash, not worth his time unless they dared to challenge him. Ever since Naruto killed that mob several months ago the villagers now know to avoid him at all costs and any attempt on his life will instantly end with their lives gone. Several parents grabbed their children and ran away in fright. People scrambled all over themselves to stay out of the young Uzumaki's way.

Yuriko noticed. "Hey Sakura-chan, these are the same people that hurt Naruto-kun once before right?"

"Yes." Sakura said in a dark tone aimed towards the civilians.

"How come they don't try anything now?"

Sakura grinned in a way that just radiated pure bloodlust. "Because, Naru-kun taught them their rightful place beneath us." her longer than average fangs gleamed menacingly in the light.

Naomi in her kit form on Naruto shoulder nodded. "Yeah Naru-kun taught them that he won't just take their nonsense."

Yuriko nodded. "I see...Thank you for telling me Sakura-chan, Naomi-sama."

Naruto and the two girls walked together just enjoying each other's company. They even got food from a store who gave it for free as long as they left as quickly as they came. And of course they didn't poison the food as it was useless.

So they were all eating just enjoying their solitude away from the civilians and other shinobi.

Hokage Tower

Sarutobi had gathered all the Jonin-senseis. "Alright the Chunin exams will be begin one week from today are there any on your squads you feel are ready?"

Kushina, her daughters, Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai all stood up. They all announced they believed their students were definitely ready for the upcoming chunin exams. Kushina had no doubts her son/mate/apprentice would easily ace the exam with no troubles at all and he only needed Sakura to help him. Kakashi mentioned Sasuke's Sharingan had been activated during their training and was already at level 2 which made several unnamed Jonin very happy much to the disgust of Kushina and her daughters. Kurenai, Gai, and Asuma also announced their teams were ready for the exams as their teamwork was flawless, although Kurenai had some concerns about Hinata's ice-queen attitude which was way stronger than her own and her obsession over Kushina's son.

Sarutobi nodded and agreed with their choices, the exams were the perfect chance to witness Naruto's true power as Yamato never came back the other day. His Anbu checked the area Yamato was last seen but didn't even see a trace of him.

Konoha street

Naruto, Sakura, and Yuriko were hanging out and enjoying their lunch when they heard a scream. They looked on as a young boy who resembled a mini-Sarutobi wearing a helmet and a long blue scarf trailing behind him was running and screaming as a thin blonde girl wearing a purple outfit was chasing after him with angry flames surrounding her and shaking her fist at him.

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "Naruto-kun isn't that Yamanaka?"

Yuriko raised an eyebrow. "Her hair looks weird."

"Yeah...It would appear she's chasing that child. As much as I'm loathed to intervine...I must. As a shinobi of konoha it is our duty to protect the citizens." Naruto said full of cold venom.

"Damned Hokage." Sakura hissed, her fangs bared.

The three of them got up and then followed the chase.

When they arrived they saw the brat being held up by an older boy with a bandaged object on his back and wearing a black jumpsuit with a hood that resembled cat-ears. Ino was trying to apologize as it was her fault but they were ignoring her.

An older girl with tan-blonde hair tied in four ponytails wearing a violet dress with a closed fan on her back was trying to stop him. "Kankuro! Don't! What are you doing?-!"

The boy named kankuro sneered. "Little brats need to be taught a lesson, he started it when he ran into me."

"But Kankuro...What if HE shows up and see you doing this?" The girl protested.

"Relax Temari, I'll be done before HE gets here." Kankuro replied choking the boy with his own tie.

Temari sighed. "Fine. Whatever, I'm not part of this."

Kankuro grinned evilly and began choking the boy harder.

"I hate getting involved in these foolish altercations...But I cannot allow you to harm that child." Naruto replied as he, Sakura, and Yuriko came up. Naruto had a cute little red fox kit on his shoulder.

Kankuro sneered. "You gonna try and do something brat?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes coldly into a much weaker version of his death glare, but even that made Temari fall to her knees trembling.

Temari thought. 'T-T-That glare! It's like he was piercing my very soul! He's just like HIM...No he's worse!'

Naomi growled at the smell coming off them. "They smell like that perverted tanuki Shukaku!" she jumped off of Naruto's shoulder growling.

Kankuro laughed. "Ooh a little fox I'm so scared!"

Naruto quickly performed handseals and an invisible barrier formed around them cutting them off from the rest of the village.

Kankuro raised an eyebrow. "What did you do that for?"

"So no one will see what Naomi-chan is about to do."

Naomi looked back at Naruto. "Thank you Naruto-kun..." She turned back to face the four before her and was surrounded in flames. The flames grew bigger and bigger and then faded to reveal a giant red-orange fox with nine-tails the size of an african elephant with razor-sharp claws and long fangs gleaming.

Ino was trembling at the sight of the mighty beast. "T-T-That's the...Kyuubi?!"

Naruto nodded. "That's right...Naomi Yoko or as you all know her as the Kyuubi No Yoko."

Kankuro was quivering. "N-No way...It can't be!"

Naomi looked down at them and released a loud roar which sent a massive shockwave throughout the area. Kankuro and Temari were knocked off their feet by the roar and caused Kankuro to drop Konohamaru.

Ino was terrified by the immense power of that one roar. This was the true monster that everyone feared and hated so much and quite obviously, it hated them right back even more. Ino's shocked eyes looked at Naruto before moving back to Naomi and back to Naruto. "T-They don't look a thing like each other! But daddy told me Naruto was the Kyuubi! It's a trick!"

Naruto, Sakura, Yuriko, and Naomi stared at her like she was an idiot.

Naruto nodded to Naomi who walked towards Ino. The frightened girl found herself face to snout with the source of Konoha's every worst nightmare.

Naomi lowered her head to look at Ino. "Foolish girl, Naruto-kun and I are separate beings and we always have been even when I was sealed within him. His consciousness was always kept from mine."

Ino shook her head making her long ponytail move back and forth similar to a horse's tail."No! Daddy's not wrong! Even if the Kyuubi is separate from you Naruto, you were obviously corrupted by it!"

Naruto actually sweatdropped. 'This girl is so foolish.'

Sakura sighed. 'Humans.'

Naomi shook her head in disgust. "It's no use Naruto-kun, this girl is too simple-minded as will be the rest of these humans." Suddenly she leapt away as a wave of sand came at her. "Shukaku..." she growled.

A swirl of sand appeared before them and a red-haired boy stood there glaring back at the fox. He had the kanji for 'love' tattooed on his forehead in blood. He wore black clothes with a huge calabash-shaped gourd strapped to his back and sand gushed out of the gourd waving like a single tail. His normally cold aquamarine eyes had black rings around them and a psychotic bloodshot look to them. "You...Fox..." The boy growled out holding his head. "You are my prey! I'll feed your blood to mother!"

Temari and Kankuro were horrified. "G-G-Gaara!"

Naomi narrowed her eyes. "Why is he calling Shukaku his 'mother?' Shukaku's a male!" She then smirked evilly. "Foolish boy...I AM the Kyuubi No Yoko! I will devour you!"

Gaara grinned equally as evil. "Then please try KYUUBI! Mother shall enjoy your blood!" Gaara and Naomi looked like they were about to rumble.

Naomi lowered into a predator lunging postion her nine tails waving behind her like snakes and her claws digging into the ground. She licked her lips at the thought of tearing this boy apart and devouring him, it had been too long since her last meal of human which consisted of two shinobi from Kumogakure named Kikaku and Ginkaku the Gold and Silver Brothers. Those fools wanted her power for their village and thought they could capture her, too bad for them she had been very hungry that day. It was before she was sealed for the second time into Kushina.

Gaara's sand swirled around him wildly.

Kankuro and Temari were terrified at the immense KI the two were releasing. A trembling Ino was holding a crying Konohamaru.

Naruto released some KI which overpowered the Jinchuriki and Bijuu's own. "Enough Naomi-chan, now's not the time for a battle."

Naomi actually straightened up from her fighting position and reverted back to her kit form. "Right...Sorry Naruto-kun." She walked back to Naruto and stood beside him like how Akamaru stood beside Kiba.

Gaara's sand returned to his gourd. He was visibly surprised and he looked to Naruto. 'He made the Nine-Tails stop...He IS my true prey!' The Shukaku jinchuriki grinned before returning to his usual emotionless look and walked towards Naruto.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as Gaara came up to him.

Sakura was surprised. 'He's just nonchalantly walking to Naruto-kun.'

Gaara stopped right in front of Naruto and the two boys stood face to face with cold emotionless gazes on each other. Two images appeared above them. Above Gaara, a huge tan Tanuki with strange gold eyes, a giant spiked tail and blue markings all over it's body appeared. Above Naruto, a huge black wolf with ten-tails, his dojutsu, and blond streaks in it's fur appeared.

"What are you that frightens mother so?" Gaara asked visible shaking at the immense aura that this blond boy was emitting. He didn't want to truly admit it, but this boy actually terrified him down to his core, it's like he was face to face with a being beyond even the Nine-Tails. 'Mother' was telling him to surrender to this boy's authority. Gaara looked into Naruto's eyes and visibly shivered with fright visible in his own green orbs. Naruto seemed to transform right before his mind's eyes into a massive black wolf with ten-tails and frightening red on black eyes.

Temari and Kankuro were even more horrified, if their younger brother and 'that thing' was scared of this boy, then they'd be stupid not to be afraid.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "So you are Shukaku's jinchuriki. I am Naruto Uzumaki...What is your name?"

Gaara answered shakily. "S-S-Sabaku no Gara."

Naruto looked at Gaara as if he was prey. "I will see you in the Chunin exams jinchuriki." He turned to the girls. "Sakura-chan, Yuriko, Naomi-chan...Let's go...Kaa-chan wants to see us." He walked back to them.

Sakura nodded. "Right Naruto-kun!"

Yuriko agreed. "We're with you Naruto-kun."

Naomi jumped onto Naruto's right shoulder.

Gaara could breathe better with Naruto away from him. He gazed at the pink haired girl. He could smell the blood on her hands. The trio vanished in a swirl of black energy in the shape of flames.

Temari shakily stood up. "I...I..never knew that anyone could be worse than Gaara!"

"I agree nee-chan." An equally terrified Kankuro replied.

Ino lead a trembling Konohamaru away to bring him home then she would tell her father about what she saw.

Next day found Naruto and Sakura entering the academy ready to begin the chunin exams. Kushina had given them the entrance papers yesterday afternoon and of course they signed up.

"Let's go." Naruto replied and the two of them walked into the building.

The two young yokai stopped as they witnessed a scene in front of them before 'Room 301'. Naruto's demonic vision easily deduced the genjutsu as did Sakura's, but they didn't say anything.

Two older genin, a boy with a strange bowl-cut and green jumpsuit and a brown-eyed girl with her hair in twin buns, a pink chinese shirt, and black pants were getting beaten up by two other 'genin'.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. His demonic senses were telling him the two genin getting beat were much stronger than their current condition foretold.

Sakura looked excited at the thought of a fight so soon. Her green eyes turned slitted as her vampire blood began to boil.

"Why are you doing this?" The bowl-cut boy asked.

The other genin smirked. "Because we're weeding out the weaklings."

His teammate agreed. "Yeah...Losers like you die in these exams!"

"Why don't you both beat it and get out of my way?" Said a familiar arrogant voice.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as the stench of foul arrogance hit his nostrils.

Sure enough it was the king of theives and emos himself, Sasuke Uchiha walking up with his loyal bitch Ami and the Ink ninja Sai.

Sasuke smirked with his head held high. "it's just a genjutsu...This is the second floor."

Ami agreed with her idol. "Yeah you heard Sasuke-kun bakas!"

Sai shook his head. 'Dickless teme...That was to weed out the unworthy ones.'

"Not bad...But just seeing through it isn't enough!" The Genin replied and rushed at Sasuke who followed suit. They were a blur to most of the genin, but Naruto and Sakura easily followed the snail like movements.

But just before the two hit the green-wearing boy got in the way blocking both kicks with one hand each.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. 'As I suspected, he is much stronger than he let on earlier...Most Chunin cannot see moves that fast.'

Sasuke was stunned. 'He blocked my kick with one hand.'

"Hey!" said a white-eyed boy as he walked up with the same bun-haired girl from earlier. "What happened to the plan Lee? You were the one who said to downplay our abilities."

"Sorry..." Lee blushed in embarrassment.

Naruto and Sakura decided to leave this area. They vanished and Sasuke and his team followed them. The two yokai were about to enter into the next building when a familiar voice called out.

"Hey you...Yes you with the blonde hair." Lee jumped down from the upper floor and landed in front of the five younger genin.

"Yes?" Naruto gazed at him impassively.

"You are Naruto Uzumaki...The little brother of Tsukiko-chan and the only son and apprentice of Kushina Uzumaki the bloody demoness of Konoha..." Lee inqured.

"And what if I am?" Naruto asked.

Lee got into his Goken pose. "I wish to fight you for Tsukiko-chan's hand."

"You fight against Naruto-kun?" Sakura looked like she would laugh at the very notion of a mere human fighting her lover. Especially since she could barely even feel chakra from this older genin.

"Yes, I also wish to test the strength of her little brother!" Lee replied.

Naruto looked up at the time. They had time to spare. Naruto walked forward. "Fine...I accept your challenge, we will fight in taijutsu only."

"Thank you Naruto-kun!" Lee said happily.

Naruto held his hands in his pockets. "Then come at me."

"Here I come!" Lee rushed and leapt up aiming a kick. "Konoha hurricane!" He swung his leg but Naruto's right hand easily shot out blocking the kick.

Lee was shocked. 'What is this?! He blocked my konoha hurricane with one hand!'

Naruto began to swing Lee around and threw him into the wall. Lee groaned as he slammed into the wall cracking it.

Naruto then flew at Lee not giving him time to recover, but Lee who trained himself to the limit recovered fast and got out of the way as Naruto punched the wall causing it to crumble down.

Lee did some air flips and landed on the floor. He was stunned. 'What terrifiying strength!'

Naruto flicked the bit of debris off his hand.

Lee then rushed forward Naruto meeting him head on. The two taijutsu powerhouses traded swift and powerful blows. The power behind their blows sent shockwaves through the air. And Naruto was only using one hand to easily fight off Lee.

Sakura was watching the fight with excitement. "Go Naruto-kun!"

Sasuke was watching with his Sharingan active 2 tomoe spun in each eye. 'Hehehe...Thanks weirdo...Naruto...' He was trying to copy Naruto's taijutsu style but he couldn't for some reason. 'Damn it! I can't copy Naruto's taijutsu! Then that means it must be bloodline related!'

Lee and Naruto then delivered twin punches creating a shockwave which dented the floor and they leapt away from each other.

Lee panted while Naruto wasn't even a little tired.

Lee said. "You are a most powerful advsary Naruto-kun."

Naruto silently nodded.

Lee was very excited. "Yosh! Naruto-kun your flames of youth burn brightly to make you so powerful!"

Sasuke was gritting his teeth full of rage. 'I will figure out the source of your power Naruto...Once I find it, I'll take it and make your mother and sisters my wives to revive my clan with!' He looked at Sakura and licked his lips. 'She will be the first to bare my children!'

Ami was fuming seeing her idol gaze at the pink haired girl. 'Why can't Sasuke-kun ever look at ME like that?! What does that pink haired bitch have that I don't?!'

Lee got ready to rush at Naruto again but Naruto held up his hand stopping him.

"That's enough Lee, let's save this fight for the exam." Naruto replied calmly.

Lee actually nodded. "Yosh! I accept the challenge my new eternal rival! Just wait Naruto-kun! I'll show you that hard work can beat natural talent!" He suddenly vanished in a blur of speed.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Well that was certainly...Amusing. Now Sakura-chan...Let's go."

"Right Naruto-kun!" The vampiress exclaimed glomping his arm as they walked up the stairs.

They entered the the real room and were met with multiple KI releases by the older konoha genin who all viewed Naruto as Naomi.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and unleashed a tiny amount of his KI only 1% and the whole group all fainted and soiled themselves. Naruto silently walked up with Sakura.

"Yahoo! So we meet again Uzumaki!" Shouted Kiba as he and his team came up to the two yokai. Shino was silent as always and Hinata had her usual arrogant ice-queen look on though her face flushed at the sight of the boy she desired to wed: Naruto Uzumaki.

Akamaru barked and Naruto raised an eyebrow as he heard the dog clearly. Akamaru was warning Kiba about Naruto. "Please Kiba stay away from Naruto! He's dangerous! Very dangerous!"

"Stay away from him? Ah come on Akamaru! I can handle that blondie no prob!" Kiba said puffing out his chest in a macho manner.

"You should heed your partner's warning Inuzuka...It might just save your pathetic life." Naruto coldly replied.

"So troublesome you're all here too?" Shikamaru droned as he walked up with Choji and a hesitant Ino in tow. Ino still had trouble believing what she saw, the actual Kyuubi in the flesh completely separated from Naruto, she tried to tell herself it was just an illusion, but that KI from the fox felt very real and so did the roar that knocked her off her feet, also as a Yamanaka she had the potential to become a sensor ninja and she could sense the difference between the Kyuubi's power and Naruto's. The young mind-walker thought. 'Naruto's power...It...It feels stronger, darker, and colder than the Kyuubi's... It's like a deep dark well that has no limit!' She trembled at the thought of ever facing Naruto in the exam.

Sasuke and his team came in looking rather arrogant except for Sai he was writing something.

Ami and Ino began to argue over who Sasuke loved better.

"You all might want to keep it down and not draw attention to yourselves." Said an older boy with silver hair and glasses as he came up.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he smelled the scent of snakes coming from this boy.

Ino looked at him. "Who the hell are you?!"

"You guys are the rookie nine who graduated this year aren't you? I'm Kabuto Yakushi." Kabuto replied. He adjusted his glasses. "This isn't a field trip there are lots of dangerous shinobi here for the chunin exams."

Kiba bragged. "Tch. I could beat up everyone here with one hand tied behind my back!"

The room turned silent. Every one of the opposing shinobi glared at the loud mutt releasing KI.

Naruto ignored the weak attempt at intimidation.

Ino asked. "Is this you're first time taking the exam Kabuto-san?"

"Nope, it's my 7th." Kabuto replied.

Kiba laughed. "Your 7th time?! you must really suck then!"

"Maybe so. But I have experience on the exams that I can use to help you with." Kabuto said, he pulled out a deck of cards which got both Sakura and Naruto's attention.

"Naruto-kun." Sakura whispered.

"Yeah I know Sakura-chan, those cards are shinobi skill cards and only Kage are allowed to have them." Naruto replied. He looked at Kabuto and narrowed his eyes. 'He smells like a snake.'

"These are Shinobi skill cards. I just pour my chakra into them and I can show the status of any shinobi of your choice." Kabuto offered.

Naruto spoke. "Show me the status of Sabaku No Gaara."

Sasuke replied. "I want to see the status of Naruto."

Kabuto said. "Aw no fair you already know their names. Alright Gaara is up first." He pulled out a card and sent his chakra into it and it then showed Gaara's stats. " Sabaku No Gaara he has completed 8 C-Rank and wow! 1 B-Rank! not many genin get B-ranks! Here's the really shocking thing, he's come from each mission unscathed!"

Everyone was shocked except for Naruto and Sakura.

Naruo looked at Gaara. 'So Shukaku must've been protecting him with it's sand. Too bad that sand is useless against me.'

Kabuto changed the card. "Now for Uzumaki Naruto's status."

Sasuke, Kiba, Ami, Ino and the other rookies all crowded around Kabuto to see the 'Kyuubi brat's' stats.

Sakura was a little worried.

Naruto assured her. "Relax Sakura-chan, my secrets will be not unlocked so easily."

Whenit showed Naruto's status. Kabuto was shocked, nothing about Naruto appeared except for his name and his teammate's name. "What?! This has never happened before! It only shows his name and his teammate, it doesn't even list his number of accomplished missions!"

Sasuke and the other ones who hated Naruto cursed in their minds.

A trio of oto-nin were watching Kabuto especially.

Time skip

The first test was too easy, simply a written test. Naruto and Sakura, along with the other rookies, and the Sunagakure Genin easily breezed through it and now they were waiting for the 2nd part of the exam to begin at a closed off gate.

Anko Mitarashi was the proctor for this one. She explained the rules about the exam. It was basically a catch the flag. Only instead of flags they were hunting scrolls.

Naruto and Sakura received an Earth scroll.

when the gates opened, Naruto and Sakura shot into the trees to get some distance.

"Can we play with a weaker team Naru-kun? Sakura asked.

Naruto looked to Sakura. "You can Sakura-chan, I'm going to look for a heaven's scroll."

"We'll meet back later Naru-kun." Sakura replied.

They both split into different areas of the forest.

With Sasuke's team

Sasuke was jumping through the trees. 'I will target Naruto and his girl. They are the biggest threat to us.'

Ami was swooning. 'Sasuke-kun is the best! He'll crush the demon and his demon bitch this time!'

Sai was watching them closely. 'I have a mission from Kushina-sama to kill off Sasuke Uchih and I will complete it.'

Kiba and his team already set a trap and caught their first victims, the screams brought great pleasure for Anko.

A trio of rain ninja were setting up their trap, but they didn't sense the dark shadows creeping up on them or the sinister red eyes watching them.

With Naruto

Naruto saw team 10 and they had a heaven's scroll. 'Those weaklings have a heaven's scroll. I will just have to relinquish them of it.' He activated his dojutsu amd activated a genjutsu. His body glowed black and then split into several black wolves with his eyes.

A trio of grass ninja were racing towards Sasuke and his team's location. The leader, a strange looking kunoichi had the Uchiha in her sights.

Team 10

Ino complained. "How fair is it that we have to do this exam in the creepy forbidden forest?!"

Choji was eating his chips.

Shikaru sighed and rubbed his shoulder. "It's troublesome but those are the rules Ino."

Ino humphed.

Suddenly a frightening pressure suddenly hit them.

Ino being a future sensor trembled. "D-D-D-D-D-Do you feel that?'

Shikamaru nodding. "Y-Y-Yeah whatever it is it's troublesome and i don't want to meet the person behind this."

Choji was so scared he dropped his chips.

Suddenly they heard dark howls all around before the bushes around them rustled.

A large horse-sized black wolf (As big as Akamaru in Shippuden) with frightening red eyes emerged from bushes growling at them. It was drooling hungrily at the trio of genin.

Ino was so scared she was trembling in the fetal position on the ground.

Shikamaru shook. "Shit this is troublesome!" He threw a kunai only for the wolf to smash it with one large paw.

They heard more growling before more equally sized black wolves emerged and surrounded them.

Giant footsteps were heard and the biggest wolf the size of the Kyuubi emerged from the treelines, it had 10 tails and it's eyes looked differented, black with 9 red tomoe and 4 rings in them, with a red slit pupil in the middle. The wolf was producing an aura of pure darkness.

Naruto was seen by himself standing calmly before Team 10 with his dojutsu spinning. 'They are trapped in my genjutsu.'

Elsewhere in the Forest Of Death

A rain ninja was shocked as a pink haired girl with glowing ominous red eyes emerged and ran at them.

He went through handseals for a water jutsu.

But the girl appeared in front of him too fast and then impaled him through the chest with her hand, coating it in his blood, blood dribbled from his mouth.

The other two were frozen in terror as the frightening girl cleaved their teammate in half with her bare hand alone. Blood sprayed into the air like a fountain coating the girl, yet she looked almost turned on rather than disgusted with being coated in the life-giving liquid.

"W-What is this girl?!

"She's a monster!"

Sakura grinned baring her fangs. This was better than she hoped for finding her first victims so soon.

The other two shinobi made a run for it.

Sakura leapt forward, easily crosing the distance. She formed two red chakra blades and did an X-slash, cutting one of them in many pieces, spraying more blood on her.

The remaining one was horrified. "N-No...Pleae mercy me."

Sakura grinnned sadistically. "I love it when ningen beg for mercy...They realize their proper place at the bottom of the food chain." She appeared before him and lifted him by the head into the air with one hand. With a dark glint in her eyes, she squeezed and crushed his head in her hand. Brain matter and blood splattered all over her body and hand yet she wasn't fazed.

Sakura licked her hand clean satisified. "Mmmm, and to think there are more many pathetic humans to play with." She looked up and vanished in a blur of speed.

Sorry It took so long. I have a couple of other fic ideas going on right now. But Demon King is not forgotten I promise the next update won't take as long. So will the rest of the genin survive Sakura's 'playtime' and will Team 10 keep their minds intact after Naruto's illusion? And who is the mysterious kunoichi after Sasuke (As if I needed to ask this one)?