Her life until now had been a roller coaster.

Her mother encouraged her to always be herself.

Her modeling agency said she had to uphold an image of someone who is cool, calm and collected.

She was made fun of by boys in pokeschool.

She was a heroine to those who idolized her.

Most battles she had she won with style but upon being beaten by four trainers, three from Nuvema, twins and Bel and the unknown Alejandro, the long green haired boy, whom could be a model himself but he declined and thanked her for the badge.

She thought back to her own journey which started when she was 13, 9 years ago.

She wore a V white shirt and slacks and a yellow vest, it wasn't really that different from what she wore now, except this was more modest. She lacked her signature headphones, since they were nor part of her look at the time and her hair was a bit longer, up to her shoulder, but she kept it in a ponytail.

Even though all the boys in class made fun of her, Arty the "bug-boy", never did.

Arty had curly brown hair but most would mistake it for an afro and call him after the bull afro pokemon.

He wore a smock because he easily got dirty when playing with bugs in the grass and wore a red bandana and brown pants.

They both were around the same height for 13 year olds.

She couldn't understand why he never did but she was thankful someone in her class was mature enough to not give her a headache.

They discussed their plans for the future and what to do after beating the Elite Four and were stumped. Arty loved being the forest but knew there was no career there unless he became a gardener. Elesa on the other hand didn't have a clue. Her mother could her the sky was the limit yet she knew of the airplane company that pierced through that saying.

She shrugged and hope that her journey would help her come to an answer.

On her 14th birthday, she left her hometown of Castelia and along the way Arty tagged along with her.

"Arty, I know you're my best friend but a journey means, we need to reach our own goals, separately." She said patting the boy on the head.

He had one eye closed and pouted.

"Well...We both need to go to Nuvema to get our first pokemon so..." He said blushing as she tousled his head.

They continued to walk, unfortunately for Arty it was awkward silence, for Elesa she didn't notice that he ran off into Pinwheel forest distracted by a family of Sewaddles.

She finally reached Nuvema, seeing the lovely scenery around her and intaking others playing with their pokemon or battling.

She knocked on the door to Professor Juniper's home and waited patiently.

She noticed that a family was moving in and there was a depressed looking girl with a large green hat.

"Moving sucks..." She thought to herself as she saw the four year old rolling a ball against a wall. She was joined by twins, a boy and a girl with bright blue eyes and a boy with black hair and glasses.

The door in front of her opened and Aurea Juniper, a women in her 20s stood before her.

"You must be Elesa!"

She nodded.

"I hate to inform you of this but the other trainers already got the starter pokemon."

She nodded slower.

"The great news is that I have another pokemon ready to journey with you, but be warned, it loves nuts and flying around. I've tried to tame him but he won't listen to me, maybe he will listen to you."

She gave her the ball and from inside came out an Emolga.

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