A.N: Tell you guys what...I've been getting emails every few days saying to continue this and I will BUT I need ideas for this. I am working on other projects (One of which has been years in writing and editing) such as helping a friend make a video game, teaching those who know English as a second language and editing other people's stories. (One of my betas sent me his script 5 times yesterday and we needed to keep making changes.)

Mentally I am tired of planning and trying to think of what comes next so please leave reviews about things you'd like to see.

I have some ideas like how the Dreamyard came to be and appearances of some established characters when they were younger but beyond that I have nothing.

Character wise for Elesa the only thing I have in mind is that unless I turn her positive mother into a negative role model than that's the only way I can advance her development but I don't want to undermine her as something that easy to write.

So, so far I have her trying to find a purpose in life.

That purpose is unknown to her but her rival Skyla has something already, it makes her a perfect foil. Arty is there for support but Elesa sees him as a friend. I don't want to turn him into some yandere stalker or something since it doesn't flow with his cheerful personality.

Point is I will re-write the last chapter if something can be contributed but unless otherwise I need to focus on my more larger projects.

Also if you've read my "Generation Wars" (One of my projects which I am working on) fic it's gonna star all the female protagonists and it will be repetitive to write unless I can write great action sequences like the Special manga and that's actually one of my top priorities to finish (Besides Variable N and the other fics in the series of "Modified Plot") because I have the Sapphire/May battle ready but not the current one, which is the Dawn/Platnium one. Same with Leaf/Green, I have no ideas for her.

Now you might be thinking; "Your Madoka stuff is so abundant and easy to write!

It is because it has a plot and elements that make it interesting. Pokemon is interesting but among the dark fics, mary/gary sues/stus and crack fics its pretty much all the same and makes it less exciting to read.

That's why the second of Variable N stays true to the game BUT there are 2 twists and the 3rd chapter will have 5.

Mystery Dungeon has long pay offs for being a mystery right? (I've never played the game) Ok...Just read the wikipedia plot and despite its darker aspects it sounds like the teams in Hoenn won where Brandon/Ruby and May/Sapphire failed.

There are a few plot holes there that need to be addressed...It's a great premise but unless you question everything it falls apart plot wise.

Point is that while I had some things go through (Cheren moving away) most things (Elesa's fated meeting with a certain someone) need time.

For those who sent me an email or have shown support to get me to change my mind this is for you:

"Do you know where electricity comes from?" A blonde male with blue eyes wearing green asked.

He was around Elesa's age, 18.

"Fossils of course."

He nodded.

"Ambers, helixes, domes..."

"What are you getting at Volkner?" Elesa asked confused trying to change the subject.

She had asked him for advice for something else.

"Electricity would be easier to come from pokemon. Yet it would be abuse to have a pokemon work at say; a power plant."

"Yet it's ok to endanger a species?"

"It's messed up but true. The same electricity to resurrect pokemon is what is extracted from them. Yet...Dittos are the reason why most pokemon are no longer extinct. Legendaries like Zapados can't give birth for some reason yet it needed to come from an egg somewhere...The point is that no matter how you think of how the world works, sometimes it's best to go with the flow and just live."

Elesa nodded and looked up to the sky.

"About my problem for becoming a gym leader..."

"There are constant shifts in the Unova leader's positions. People retire from old age, some decide to wander around or some pursue other careers. My problem is that what if it doesn't suite me?"

"...Like pokemon, people evolve and adapt. the only way to know if something is truly right for us is to try it."

I've never played a 4th gen game and don't know what Volkner is supposed to be like.