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Chapter 1

This is my first attempt at writing any type of story to be read by others. Reviews would be helpful for getting opinions on my attempts to create a worthwhile story. If it seems novice, that might have to do with the fact that I'm an engineering major with the urge to try something new.

Pairings: BB/Rae with maybe some Rob/Star

I don't own the Teen Titans. If I did the show would still be airing. When I was a kid, that show helped convince my mom to extend my bedtime by an hour to watch before bed. Oh well, now for the story.

It had been about two weeks since the return from Tokyo and the lack of crime was astounding to the Titans. They had all become more accustomed to relaxing with their new found freedom. All except for Robin, he was still Robin, but he was progressing.

Everyone but Starfire was in the common room intermingling and enjoying the day. Starfire was in her room feeding Silkie. Beast Boy and Cyborg were both on the couch playing the Gamestation with a competitive edge between them. Beast Boy was clearly struggling in the race between them. Every time he attempted to pass, Cyborg would block him off.

Beast Boy's frustration finally got the best of him and he turned to Cyborg and complained, "Dude! No fair, you're totally cheating!"

Cyborg chuckled. "Cheating has nothing to do with me kickin' yo butt. This isn't exactly a shock to anyone."

"You're probably analyzing all of my movements with your robotic eye!" fired Beast Boy. "I wouldn't be surprised if you or Robin would try anything to win."

"I'll remember that when we're sparring Beast Boy," said Robin, who was sitting in the kitchen reading some criminal files closely. Beast boy shuddered on the couch.

Beast Boy was about to retort an answer but an annoyed voice spoke up from the other side of the couch, "Beast Boy, I could predict your driving skills. Going left then right continuously in attempt to pass someone is quite predictable. Even five year olds have enough brain capacity to mix it up."

Raven had been reading so silently next to Beast Boy that he hadn't realized that she had sat down on the couch ten minutes earlier.

There was complete silence in the room for three seconds until Cyborg yelled, "BURN!"

"You know Raven, you're only putting me down because you wouldn't be able to compete with me in a video game."

"You know Beast Boy," replied Raven as she rose from the couch, "you may actually be right for the first time in your life, considering I don't play video games." As she finished her words, the common room doors swooshed behind her.

Beast Boy stared at the door she walked through. He was feeling sort of empty now that she'd left the room. He couldn't explain it. She might be sarcastic and emotionless on the outside, but he knew he was having a positive effect on her. Even he couldn't explain why he cared so much to break down her emotional barriers.

As Beast Boy's mind wandered, Cyborg was taking full advantage of the distraction by knocking him off the course entirely and claiming victory. He then proceeded to do a sad little dance that involved him shaking his metallic butt in Beast Boy's face all while singing, "Go Cyborg! Go Cyborg! Go Cyyyy!"

"Whatever dude. Let's just watch some TV for a bit and clear our minds."

"More like put your ego back together..." grumbled Robin. In the corner of his eye, he could see Cy break out into yet another dance.

Beast Boy was only partially paying attention to either of the boys. He was watching the commercial on the large screen that had just came on.

"Tired of playing the same game over and over again? Tired of wasting your money on mediocre games year after year? Well here's your opportunity to play something new and exciting. Darkest Nights is the newest free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) . Are you brave enough to conquer the land solo or will you team up with a friend to tackle impossible odds? The choice is yours!"

"Dudes! We totally have to try this game out!"

"No way grass stain. The last time I played a co-op game with you I almost forced you into unconsciousness when I got you into a headlock." Cyborg recollected. "Plus, it's way more fun beating you than cooperating together."

Robin simply said, "I don't have time for video games."

"Yea, but you find enough time to hang out with Star whenever she asks you to do anything."

"At least my girlfriend enjoys my company enough to want to hang out all the time. Your crush barely even notices you, and that's saying something. She can read minds for god sake."

Beast Boy became flustered instantly, "I..I.. don't like Raven. She constantly puts me down and makes sarcastic remarks towards me!" He began to think to himself. 'Do I really act that much differently when she's in the room?'

"Bro, we see the way you look at her when she's not paying attention. You continuously try to get her to laugh even though you know she'll most likely insult you. She attracts you like gravity. Heck, she might even like you judging by the fact she hasn't sent you to another dimension yet." Cyborg was in full on big brother mode judging by the advice he was giving.

"But, I..."

"You know she's just getting used to showing more emotion. Give her time, maybe she will feel the same way someday."

Beast Boy was still wrapping his head around the fact that he might actually like Raven -witty and expressionless Raven- more than a friend. 'How could he ever get to know her and find out if she acts so reserved all the time?' Well at least he could go test out the Darkest Nights game in the meantime. He didn't need any help.

Like I said earlier, this is all pretty new to me. Feel free to review and criticize. Any and all help is welcomed. Also, if you caught the fact that I was bashing Call of Duty in the story then congrats to you.

-BB (aka "makingabetterworld")

(and yes my initials are BB. I'm not claiming to be Beast Boy)