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One last curtain call for the reviewers: ashash1996800, TrueLoveIsReal, lafalot22, HeartbrokenTeen, FelynxTiger, Lord Black Wolf, princess apollo, The Cretin, To-the-max, zimeatspotatoes, I'm a Lover not a Hater, acosta perez jose ramiro, pugluv24, Zmflavius, black rose-raven angel, Nardis, and Shift the Wolf.


Robin was walking down the hall when he started hearing yelling coming from the common room. Robin had been looking over files on Red X and he needed to relax a bit. Red X was going to be back someday and he wanted to be ready.

"C'mon! This is sooo not fair!" whined Beast Boy.

Robin shook his head when he realized that Cyborg was probably beating Beast Boy again on the Gamestation. "I guess some things never change," Robin told himself.

"How are you doing that! You've never even played this game before!" continued Beast Boy.

Robin thought that comment seemed odd but he dismissed it once Cyborg spoke up, "Boy I haven't been this entertained in a long time!"

'Enough is enough,' thought Robin as he opened up the doors. He quickly surveyed the room and noticed Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven sitting on the couch. Cyborg was talking quickly and Beast Boy seemed to have ants in his pants because he kept bouncing on the seat. He walked over to the TV and tried to speak over the volume, "Alright team. No need to keep butting heads over video games like this." When no one acknowledged his presence, a vein appeared on his forehead.

Before Robin had time to overreact, Cyborg jumped up and laughed at Beast Boy as a blue car crossed the finish line first. "And down goes Beast Boy!" taunted Cyborg. Then, Cyborg did something that Robin never would have believed: he grabbed Raven's hand and held it up in victory. "The new champion of Titan's Tower: Raaaaaaaaven!"

Robin's jaw may have literally hit the floor when he realized that Raven truly was holding a controller. The faintest smile could be seen on Raven's emotionless face. Robin's voice cracked as he sputtered, "Raven! Since when do you play Gamestation?"

"Since Beast Boy decided to start hassling Cyborg about a little incident we had in the kitchen a few days ago," answered Raven. She glanced over towards Cyborg, who was, once again, shaking his butt in Beast Boy's face. Robin only raised his eyebrow in disbelief. Raven finally submitted with a smile, "OK. I wanted to mess with him."

"So cruel," whimpered Beast Boy. He was staring at the ceiling trying to avoid Cyborg.

Raven walked over to Beast Boy and patted him on the head. "I told you that you were predictable. Remember? Don't worry Gar, I still love you." With that, she kissed him and went to make some herbal tea.

Beast Boy only looked between Raven and the new picture on the wall, "I could live with that."

It all came full circle from the start. I got a tear in my eye. It's finally over. From 5/18 to 6/23. I hope you guys had as much fun in the past month as I have.

Feel free to continue to review at anytime. Thanks to thesoral for proofreading since chapter 5.

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-BB (a.k.a. makingabetterworld)

Achievements Section

Going along with the gaming theme of the story, I decided to give out my own achievements to my readers. Keep in mind that these are meant to be fun and enjoyable. I love all my readers equally but some stood out more than others. Enjoy and have fun with it.

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Most Reviews

Gold – The Cretin and black rose-raven angel (15 chaps)

Silver – FelynxTiger (13 chaps)

Bronze – ashash1996800 (11 chaps)

Right Hand Man – thesoral

Title says it all. Can't thank you enough.

Everyone's a Critic - Zmflavius

Given for the best critical advice in reviews.

Around the World – B00K Freak

Farthest reviewer from my house.

Gut Buster - zimeatspotatoes

For a review that makes me laugh when I read it. (Ch 15)

Mind in the Gutter – xXBlackRavenXx

For having a dirty mind. Haha jk (Ch 4)

Where'd You Go? - lafalot22

Longest time between reviews. (Ch 1 & 15)

Inception – The Cretin

Reviewer who planted ideas and gave inspiration for the plot.

Words Cannot Express – Randomness RoX

Ex: Hahaha... *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge* ! (Ch 10)

You Should Get a Profile Already – The Cretin

Best reviewer without actually having a profile that I can view haha.

Don't Bead Around the Bush – I'm a Lover not a Hater

For the most blunt review. (Ch 15)

Showing the New Kid Around - TrueLoveIsReal

Reviewer wrote a story that I read when I first started skimming FanFiction (before my profile).

Finally, here is a list of every reviewer from the story in the order of most reviews.

Black rose-raven angel (15), The Cretin (15), FelynxTiger (13), ashash1996800 (11), acosta perez jose ramiro (10), Lord Black Wolf (10), xXBlackRavenXx (9), Gretchen123 (8), pugluv24 (8), Zmflavius (8), nacho1sgood (7), TrueLoveIsReal (7), crazynerd (5), Soulfulbard (5), NinjaStar (5), I'm a Lover not a Hater (5), beachgirl902 (4), teentitangirl25 (4), St. Jack of randomness (4), princess apollo (4), Nardis (4), Lunatica Pady Black (3), Celle Qui n'Existe Pas (3), eastcoastbabe (3), lafalot22 (2), Author Penholder (2), Amaya (2), Just Me (2), 9wolf (2), HeatherX30 (2), Lelein (2), wildlife24 (2), To-the-max (2), CheesyyBeans (2), ravenLover, Doidazzleu11, shadow terra, Unversed King, Chico Magnifico, Soos the Moos, Mtsr, katie 996, KB ROCK3R466, ravenwolf777, Ravensoul, Omeganian, Uhrandomperson, sisteroffive16, PLEEEEEESSSSSS, NightHowl1462, Randomness Rox, Me, N-zo, Akemixgrowls, B00K Freak, Nicole Murray, Shift the Wolf, HeartbrokenTeen, zimeatspotatoes, and bookworm1256.


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