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School Spirit

Part Two

I snapped my hand back and felt my heartbeats speed up. It felt as if someone had just dropped an anvil on my respiratory system. I gasped as I saw Francis peek his head under the bathroom stall. The audacity of that blasted frog! I helplessly watched as his glimmering blue eyes widened. He brushed the golden locks out of his face before returning to his standing position.

"Ah, and you call ME the wanker! Ohnohohn~!" He shifted so his back was against the stall and continued laughing his stupid laugh. I instinctively retaliated to his ridiculously childish remark, but found myself stuttering.

"Hey! S-shut up dammit!" I could tell he was smirking. I just knew it. After a short period of silence, I turned away from the door just in case he popped up again and began redressing myself, deciding to just let the erection die down. So much for finally reaching the peak of pleasure that I've longed for...

I muttered curses in frustration and was about to comment on Francis's behavior when two arms suddenly wrapped around my waist. I nearly gasped as I slightly turned to see Francis standing behind me, staring straight at me. Nonononono... Oh god, I could feel my damned body heat up at the thought of being this close to him. Feeling his arms tighten their grip around me and his body rubbing against my back certainly didn't help the growing situation taking place in my pants, so I attempted to compose a dignified reply.

"Ah, uh... F-Francis... W-wha?"

Dammit... Well that failed.

"Hmmm? Are you wondering what happened to my mascot outfit? Or maybe how I got in here?" He continued before I could reply. "I let Gilbert take up the job. He does rather well at it, actually. Secondly, I crawled under the horrible door that separated us. You musn't assume that after seeing that delightful display, I would just simply walk away, now would you? Ohohohoho~"

"Cocky bastard..." He let out another laugh before pulling me closer and swiftly leaving kisses along the back of my neck. I flinched when he grabbed my left hand and twisted my body around so his eyes could meet mine once again.

"What is wrong Arthur? Why are you shaking? You seemed perfectly content with touching yourself after seeing the picture I sent you, non? Would you not rather have the real thing?" The devious smile on his lips made me loose control of my thoughts.

I took a step back, only to have Francis push me against the cold wall and stare at me longingly. Moments passed...

W-what the hell was he doing? Was he just going to stand there, his body hovering over mine, with that damn expression on his face? Wh-What t-th-... The fuck...

I was truly confused. Containing myself would be impossible now. My mind certainly was not in the proper state for thinking. Ah yes, that surely explains what I was about to do...


And out goes the last shred of dignity I had in me.

His lips were warm... Really, really warm... And he tasted like wine... He continued to mumble and shift around in confusion as I pecked his lips and pushed my tongue through. I threw my

arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer.

Yes, I simply wasn't thinking...

Ah Kirkland, you just keep telling yourself that.

After a minute, Francis briskly pulled away, panting. W-was he blushing? No way...

"Ah... A-Arthur..." His wide, blue eyes met mine. It was absolutely astonishing to see Francis in such a state. It was shocking. It was... Kind of s-sexy. To say I wasn't aroused to the point of staining my trousers would surely be a lie.


I needed this damnit. I needed it badly.

"Wh-wha-Arthur!" Ah, how I- blinded by my absolute lust- loved that face he made when I trailed my hand down his chest and abdomen! How I savored the muffled sounds that escaped Francis's lips as I unbuttoned his jeans! Oh, how I enjoyed the way he shuddered as I-

"A-Arthur-ah! You're quite excited, yes? I never expected you to be so- Er, why don't I help y-" I grunted before pushing him away from me and turning so my back was facing him.

"Just hurry the hell up, frog." He yelped in surprise when I leaned back further so his crotch brushed against my arse. Sure, maybe I was a bit impatient but hey, it can't be helped right?

Oh the things a pitched tent can do to fuck with your state of mind...

"Ahah." He laughed nervously. "Alright..." I bit the inside of my cheek as I heard the zipper of his pants slowly slide down. He grunted, struggling to slip out of his pants. I tried suppressing a whimper as Francis slipped his hand across my stomach and haphazardly undid the buttons of my too-tight-jeans.

This was unbearable. The silence was nerve-wrecking. His movements were at a snail's pace. My patience was definitely being tested. I decided to face this dilemma in a gentlemanly sort of manner.

"Francis... Could you possibly- Er... Hurry the fucking hell up?" Shit! As if I didn't already fail enough at life. "W-wait... I mean-ACK!" Before I could correct myself, Francis ripped my boxers off and proceeded to grasp my nether regions.

"If you insist, dear." He laughed his perverted laugh and began rubbing the tip of my erection and sliding his hand up and down the shaft. 'Stroking the tidbits' as my little brother, Peter, would say. W-wait... Why the HELL did Peter know what 'tidbits' were? The fuck?I'm going to interrogate that miniature nuisance as soon as I-

"Do you happen to have lube on you, Arthur?" Francis asked, interrupting my odd thoughts. I paused, registering his question through my head.

"Oh YES, because I would TOTALLY carry lubrication around with me." I retorted, appalled by his lack of common sense.

"Ah! Good thing you DO have some!" Francis replied. I jerked my head around to see if he was actuallygoddamned serious. Staring at his perplexed expression, I let a string of curses escape before taking control of the situation.

He stood, baffled, when I popped two fingers in his mouth and swirled them around. He made an 'ohhh!' sound-which I figured ment that the dusty cogs in his head began functioning correctly- and lightly sucked on the digits. I pulled my fingers out and bent over slightly so I could access my arse easily. Feeling a sudden surge of courage, I lined the two appendages up and plunged them into my hole.

Ah, there it was again. That flabbergasted look on Francis's face. Fuck yes.

Francis's cheeks turned a deeper shade of red when I accidentally let out what was quite-possibly-the-sluttiest-noise-I-have-ever-made as I thrusted the fingers inside and out. I gradually increased the pace and added yet another finger, clearly not giving a damn on how loud I was. I devilishly smirked as I noticed Francis palming his own erection while watching.

"Nnnnggh... Mon Dieu, Arthur! My love-making organ hurts now. Could we please proceed with the-" I silenced his babbling with a kiss- tongue most definitely included.

"Shut up and show me what this 'love-making' organ can do." I groped his self-proclaimed dick and slid his precum down his shaft. He shivered and quickly nodded.

"Oh, Arthur! How would you like it? Doggie sty-"

"FINE. JUST HURRY UP." God! Sometimes that French bastard was just too much to-




Oh of course, Francis had broken my train of thought ONCE AGAIN. He pushed me onto that wretched bathroom floor and positioned me so that I was on my hands and knees. My cheeks flushed in mortification and I tried to detest to Francis's abruptness.

"HEY-OHHHHHHM-MYG-G-GOD." He never ceased to hesitate as he plunged his overly-eager cock inside. Blast! That hurt a lot more than I expected. Stupid fat prickof his. It is quite... Large indeed; and it's also the reason why I'm here in the first place.

He gently pulled out (Ohfuckfuckfuck. It'll get better soon, right?) and rammed back in (OW! DAMNIT!). As I was drowning in a sea of sexual discontent, the Frog was having a bloody good time slamming his dick inside me.

"Ahhhh, A-Arthur! Such a wonderful feeling. Ahhhh, ma belle..." I grunted in displeasure as he continued to speak of his satisfaction.

I could've swornthat guy read my mind because suddenly, he flipped me over, shoved my back against the wall, and began sucking on my neck while leisurely thrusting his cock up my arse.

Hm. Well this felt kind of... Nice. His mouth latched onto a terribly sensitive part of my neck, causing me to whimper. Euggh. Embarrassing.

I squirmed under him as his teeth grated across my skin, holding back all the lust-ridden noises that threatened to escape. One of his hands tightly gripped my waist as the other was lifted.

"Haaaah! Nnnnmmm! F-Francis!" I groaned as his fingers wrapped around my abandoned erection. He slowly (G-god, S-so very slow) moved his hand up and down my cock.

Oh bloody HELL this felt so much better. Francis trailed short kisses up my neck before whispering into my ear.

"How does this feel, love?" He licked and kissed my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I blurted it out:

"G-good... Hnnnnnggg yes! M-more!" Smirking, he answered by pushing his cock in faster and deeper. I hung onto him tightly as he recklessly thrusted, feeling a warm pool of hot pleasure form inside me.

Scatterbrained, obscenities fell from both of our lips.

"You like being completely filled with cock, no? I always knew you were one who enjoyed taking hard, long and dirty things deep." He whispered huskily.

"HNNNNNNG. Oh G-GOD! D-don't..." Sh-Shit… I always crumbled under dirty talk.

"Don't what? Hm? Don't stop fucking you against the walls of the bathroom stall? Ah, if you insist... And I thought I was the only one here with thoughts this dirty."

"Sh-shut your filthy mouth a-and kiss me, dammit!"

He leaned down to kiss me. I took the chance to hungrily attack his mouth with my tongue, making him groan in response.

The sexual noises increased as the heat built up within us. The sounds of skin slapping, my back hitting the wall, the occasional grunt or moan, and the sharp intake of breath before returning to our makeout session filled the room.

Francis thrusted in oh-so-deeply and FINALLY (fuckinslowbastard) hit that magical spot. That's right. Magical. It surpassed every fairytale book I've ever read. Harry Potter could shove that wand up his ass. This was just incredible.

Francis had to cover my mouth in order to silence the constant whimpers and screams flowing out. I bit his palm, causing him to whip his hand back.

He drove his cock into my (magical) prostate until we were both basically teetering on the edge, waiting for the other to climax first.

Odd that our competitive nature got the best of us even during sex, eh? Francis mockingly yanked on my erection, trying to get me off as soon as possible. I inhaled, knowing that he would win this twisted game if I panicked.

"Mon Dieu, Arthur! You're a tough one. I give up. You win." Panting heavily, he dug his nails deeper into my waist as he finally gave in.

I huffed, feeling the uncomfortably warm semen fill my ass. I reached my limit soon after, blowing my load into Francis's hand and chest.

We simultaneously collapsed on the floors, catching our breaths. My eyes flickered every now and then to Francis's. I propped my head up against his arm, simply waiting for a reply. He petted my hair and spoke up.

"That was," He paused to tilt my head up so our eyes met. "Great public bathroom sex." I chuckled at his statement.

"I suppose you're right. Not exactly the most romantic setting, but it was sufficient." Francis perked up.

"Oh? You want a romantic setting?" His eyebrow raised and his grin widened. "That can be arranged."

I smacked that snail-sucker. He laughed and tussled my hair before getting back up to pull his pants back on. I did the same, struggling a bit to get the damn jeans past my thighs, and picked up my book and phone.

"So," he nudged my arm, "I hope you have enough school spirit back in you to return to the pep rally." I sent a hardened glare at him.

"Just because I fucked the mascot does NOT mean I'll go out there, screeching like a buffoon in order to 'support' my school."

Francis only giggled and skipped out with me trailing behind him.

Now, back to my emo corner.


Roderich Edelstein's POV

My gosh . . .Pep rallies are absolutely vulgar. I don't care how much Elizabeta enjoys them, that most certainly does not mean I have to.

I walked down the halls casually, searching for a bathroom. Suddenly, my I felt pants vibrate. Sighing, I picked up me phone and glanced at the screen. Elizabeta had sent me a text message.

'Do me a favor?' I sighed.


'See who's moaning in the mens' room, will you?' I froze in place, staring wide-eyed at her message.

'Wait . . . what? You aren't trying to prank me now, are you dear?'

'I'm dead serious. I was going to the bathroom, and I heard moaning. I even recorded audio. Want to hear?'

'Of course you would.'

'I didn't read a no . . .'


'Damn. Well, gtg. Come back soon?'

'Won't guarantee that, but I'll try and solve your little mystery.'


I shut my phone with a smug eye roll. Did Elizabeta honestly think I would fall for her tricks so easily? Chuckling at my wit, I opened the door to the men's' room. It was a smacking sound that first alerted me to the fact that something was seriously wrong in here.

"Mon Dieu, Arthur! You're a tough one. I give up. You win." I heard heavy panting, and then . . . no, I won't even try to describe the sound to you.

My mouth dropped open as I saw this liquid-type substance drip onto the flow in the second stall, and I peeked over and tried to hold in a wail.

Two bodies simultaneously collapsed on the floors, breathing heavily.


I listened as the two spoke. Oh dear lord . . . I had walked in on a sex scene between Kirkland and Bonnefoy?

Not wanting to hear any more-or worse, have to witness it-I ran out as fast as possible back to the loud gym, for once enjoying the loud noise.

"Did you figure it out?" I turned to face Elizabeta, smirking at me.

"Repulsive . . ."


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